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I thought Matt Rahn was the RINO? But he got yoooooonyun money! But he was a democrat until 2014? But, but, but Kate Sanchez is the only (barf) True Conservative in the AD71 race!?

Whoops, Kate got $9800 from Kevin Spillaine. Here is Spillane in the LA Times attacking the CAGOP, because apparently the CAGOP leadership are not anti-trump enough.

But acclaim for the president didn’t resonate with all in attendance. Longtime GOP consultant and self-proclaimed “never-Trumper” Kevin Spillane joked that he was a “man with no country,” noting the sharp rise in new activists in the state party since 2016.

“These folks are excited and animated by Trump,” Spillane said, adding that while changes in the party have caused more moderate Republicans like himself to step back, he believes new leader Patterson “is doing her job, which as chairman of the California Republican Party is to support the Republican president and reflect the wishes of Republican activists.”

I have consistently been at odds with Spillane for years. He is pro-choice, supported Gay Marriage and has been known to consult for tax-increase measures. BONUS: He was an Arnold lackey too.

Spillane is apparently so liberal that he does not realize the party leadership are moderates, but when you celebrate every Trump-endorsed candidate who loses as well as re-tweeting Steve Schmidt (who is actually a democrat now, good riddance) your view of the world is polluted.

This is hardly the profile of a double max-out donor that a “True Conservative” would want. But hey, money talks, huh?

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However as they say on TV, BUT WAIT! There’s MOOOOOORE!!!

Frances Barraza! She is one of my favorite flaming leftist Republicans. She is a full portfolio Trump-Hater, establishment liberal and SHE WORKED FOR KEVIN FAULCONER!

On his behalf, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s campaign manager Francis Barraza replied in short order as follows:

Hi Gene,

Here’s a quote from the Mayor.

“I am not endorsing Mr. Trump. I reject his divisive rhetoric, including that toward women and Latinos. We need to be building bridges and bringing people together. That’s how we do things in San Diego. Mr. Trump has not earned my vote.”

Thank you, FB

Are you seeing a trend?

And there is Grow Elect – run by trump haters and the squishy Moises Merino on the list too!

Moises is the founder of the Latino Leadership & Policy Forum and GROW Elect, an organization that has recruited, trained, and elected over 200 Latinos to public office. He has served as political director and advisor on a number of high profile campaigns, including Meg Whitman for Governor, John McCain for President, Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor, and George W. Bush for President.

What a pedigree!!!

Steve is a candidate for School Board.

So if you are curious what the OCGOP was smoking when they endorsed this disaster, it is simple – a bag of dog waste would have been endorsed for AD71 if it was from Orange County. AD71 is 45% Orange and 55% Riverside and that xenophobia and provincialism will be a central theme in the race.

Even with the RINO patrol on her campaign report she raised a whopping… $53,000 year to date. Ouch.

Trump hating squishes vs yooooooonyuns. The Yoooonyuns are probably more conservative than the Kate Sanchez donor list with few exceptions.

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  2 Responses to “#AD71 Update: The Kate Sanchez RINO-Trump Hater Donor Brigade!”

  1. Who would endorse Sanchez she is not qualified, has not held office. Goes around thinking she’s entitled.Funny seeing Steve following her around like a little doggie waiting for her to drop food off her plate. True fact: If she gets into the office we will lose that seat to the Democrats, she’s weak has no idea what she’s doing.

  2. Finding the right candidate to represent the people of AD71 has always been and will continue to be a top priority. In this case Sanchez is not qualified. She has not proven herself and has been riding on everyone else’s coattails. Sanchez is a train wreck and we will lose that seat to Democrats if people don’t wake up.

    Here’s a clue: Congressman Darrell Issa Comes In Strong For Matt Rahn For Assembly !!!

    Blogger’s Note: Kate Sanchez worked for Darrell Issa.

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