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I need to start by saying that I love Eric Eisenhammer like a brother. I have known him since he was a teenager (literally 22+ years). Over the years, he has been a reliable political ally.

I can’t endorse him to run for office. This may be shocking to some as I have known that man for over half his lifetime.

In short, Eric does not understand why Roseville is one of the few liveable cities left in California. The very reason why Bay Area Liberals are re-locating to Roseville and the vigilance that the Placer GOP and others need to keep more people like Scott #wearadamnmask Alvord from taking over the City of Roseville is one of the main reasons why I could not support Eric Eisenhammer at this time.

As Conservatives, we lament the fact that West Roseville is very purple because of Bay Area transplants. Has anyone taken the time to explain to the new residents of Roseville why it is such a good place to live? Has Eric Eisenhammer researched why Roseville is such a good place to live? Does he understand the planning that started 30-40 years ago (by a majority Blue-Dog Democrat City Council no less), that led to the city that Roseville is today?

When I spoke to Eric, he could not tell me what Boards or Commissions he served on. He could not identify community groups he participated in. He has been a member of the Roseville Chamber of Commerce, but not active. This sort of activity are the basics of a run for local office.

The good news for Eric is that he can fix all of his deficiencies in the next four years. Right now, if he shared the stage with Pauline Roccucci she’d eat his lunch as she has intimate and detailed knowledge of how Roseville and the surrounding area works. Eric does not.

Too Damn Hot Sale

Eric Eisenhammer is a career political operative. He has a lot of political friends and boasts some endorsements from a co-worker in local office and friends in local office in Sacramento County. Speaking from my own personal circumstance, career political people make terrible candidates. We think we know how to drag votes out of precincts but because we are now the candidate there are blank spots. I believe that Eric is stepping out of his wheelhouse in to an area he is not strong in. When someone decides to take on a job or a project that is outside of their skillset, this usually does not end well. Again, Eric could fix this problem by spending the next four years sitting on boards and commissions, charities, chamber of commerce, etc.

I know Pauline Roccucci well. She was a democrat until 15 or so years ago. Like many Blue-Dog Democrats, she was driven out of the democrat party by the #wearadamnmask authoritarian socialism that party now represents. As as special bonus, Scott Alvord is not a fan of Roccucci either which should make anyone that cares about Roseville warm and fuzzy inside.

Roccucci is Pro-Life. Roccucci is also Pro-Gun. She held these values even when she was a democrat.

While I disagree with her endorsing local Bond Measures, take a good look at who else supported them. Many known, local conservatives did as well. Pauline has reputation in the City and the Community as a fiscal watchdog often times admonishing her colleagues to exercise restraint in spending. Wrongly chided as too close to the Unions, Roccucci came down on the side of the City when the public safety unions hired bay area union thugs to try and bully the council in their contract negotiations.

This is why trusted conservatives like Bonnie Gore and Tracy Mendonsa have chosen Pauline Roccucci.

Pauline Roccucci is an old-school politician. She was born in Roseville, actually within the same district she is seeking re-election in. It is not common when you can elect someone that has actually lived in the sought for district their whole life.

Lastly, I want to address the Jack Duran issue. Pauline has been a loyal friend and supporter of Jack Duran for years. There is a personal relationship there. As the readers of this blog know, I proudly led the charge to run him out of office and overhaul him multiple times. The Roccucci family is allowed to pick their friends and I am not going to prejudice my decision for the future of Roseville because of one nimrod. (And I hope my conservative readers agree)

I will continue to be friends with Eric Eisenhammer for the rest of his life as well. I also care enough about Mr. Eisenhammer as a man and as a lifelong friend to tell him straight up why he should not make the mistake of running for Roseville City Council.

Just so you understand this better, all of the above reasons why Eric should not run for Council would be true if Aaron Park tried to run for Roseville City Council. (and I still lived in Roseville) I have no history of direct service to the city of Roseville nor a resume of being involved in any boards or commissions. I made a conscious decision that I would dedicate myself to influencing who gets elected and thusly have worked half of my lifetime (25 of 51 years) in the political campaign arena.

It is possible for Eric Eisenhammer to switch roles, but it takes time and a five month campaign sprint is not enough time to do so. In contrast, Pauline Roccucci knows the city of Roseville inside and out, has the experience and frankly a Republican record as a councilmember. The city remains well run, and the utility rates are among the lowest in the state. Despite the whining of the public safety unions, they are well-paid and the city is one of the safest in California despite the efforts of the crime coddling communists in Sacramento. There is no reason to replace Pauline Roccucci.

With that, your intrepid blogger endorses Pauline Roccucci for Roseville City Council.

P.S. Pauline told me on the phone that this is her last term in any public office should she gain election.

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  2 Responses to “Roseville City Council Race Update: Why Your Intrepid Blogger is Endorsing Pauline Roccucci Over Eric Eisenhammer for Council”

  1. You’ve made some great points in this post. Would your logic about Eric also apply to Matthew Oliver running for Rocklin City Council? Oliver has never been involved with or served the city of Rocklin or the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce, he chose to open two business in other jurisdictions. If he loves Rocklin so much, why not open them in Rocklin? He lacks the knowledge of how the city works, what makes Rocklin and desirable place to live, and most of his statements aren’t focused on City of Rocklin issues. When he does talk about Rocklin he does so in a way that implies nobody on the council currently is doing anything to address issues, which I think undermines the collaborative spirit the current council has successfully developed and maintained. Just to give you one example of this, see his recent comments on fentanyl, in which he HE will work with the police chief and start addressing the issue rather than working with the council to continue addressing the issue. He also erroneously states that the police chief was elected. He should know better than that if he wants to serve on the council. I think a lot of issues are being overlooked when it comes to Oliver, perhaps because he has a couple of big names behind him and he raised so much money out the gate. Simply put, Oliver is bad news and bad for Rocklin. I’m a loyal reader of yours and appreciate your thoughts on this.

    Blogger’s Note: Oliver is a pastor and thusly has a huge connection to the community. The other issues you raise about Oliver are outside the scope of this post and need to be addressed separately.

  2. The three most important things about running for office is “name recognition, name recognition, and name recognition”. One gets this by community involvement, such as working on nonprofits, getting on a board or commission, attending meetings, etc. If someone is going to run for office, they should build name recognition for at least two years before making the official announcement. It is a lot of “showing up” and a lot of “engaging”.

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