Jun 092022

In the Wake of the extremely strong showing by Shanti Landon on election night, several local political leaders are stepping up and sending a clear message of unity.

This is the election night final.

There is a slim chance Paul Joiner overtakes Scott Alvord on the final count, yet at the same time, Shanti Landon has less ground to catch 50%+1 than Paul Joiner has to catch Scott Alvord. Let that sink in for anyone thinking Paul could overtake Scott. Should Shanti make it to 50.01%, the race is over without a runoff.

The Placer County Republican Party – previously Neutral has now endorsed Shanti Landon.

Congressman-Elect Kevin Kiley – previously Joiner has now endorsed Shanti Landon.

Assemblyman-Elect Joe Patterson – previously Neutral has now endorsed Shanti Landon.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Former Congressman John Doolittle (Neutral) and Sitting State Senator Jim Nielsen (Joiner) have also joined Team Landon.

I am expecting more powerful local leaders to begin to fill out Shanti Landon’s team.

Meantime, Scott Alvord boasts the support of Bill Lauritsen who physically assaulted Matthew Oliver and got stripped of his titles, committees, funding and got censured.

Your intrepid blogger with one of Shanti’s Children, and the soon to be supervisor.

P.S. as an exclusive to Right on Daily, we have been leaked a secret video of Scott Alvord’s Campaign Theme Song.

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  2 Responses to “Placer SUP D2 Update: Unity Breaking Out, Shanti Landon Picks up Several Powerful Endorsements”

  1. Firstly, long time reader, first time poster! You continue doing an excellent service to the community, so kudos to you sir!
    I no longer live in the area, but grew up in Roseville and still keep tabs on current events. Overjoyed with Shanti taking the lead, and the resulting high level endorsements that have followed.
    There were some surprise endorsements for Joiner, which included one outspoken critic of Alvord’s…perhaps, as you noted earlier, the Joiner backers will stand behind Shanti in November!
    Keep up the good work

  2. Shanti Landon is a very solid human being with useful experience to boot. Placer County will be lucky to have her as a supervisor.

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