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Pre-Note: The Orange County Republican Party took in $57,500 in Union Money. The OCGOP once had a policy of never taking union money.

In addition The Sheriff’s Union poured $167,000 into Diane Harkey. OCGOP Chair Fred Whitaker via his business chipped in $9,200 of his own money in a vain attempt to save the crooked Harkey. ($3100 of the money does show up on his major donor report though)

The OCGOP will try to claim that the union money helped Todd Spitzer, but a check of their reports shows significant assistance for Harkey as well. Checkmate.

Buh-Bye Crook Loving Commies (That’s Peter Hardon on the Right)

What is fascinating about the union money poured into Harkey is that Harkey’s campaign attacked Pat Bates 100% of the time and the union went positive 100% of the time. Typically, outside money is used to attack the target while the candidate stays above it all. This bizarre flip is what keyed most people that the political insiders who were on tilt to back up a terrible decision were coordinating their efforts. (Tough to prove, easy to allege)

Those of you that read Right on Daily know that I took it on as a personal mission to remove the shameless and ruthless Diane Harkey from the political gene pool. However, she had a lot of the same people who have helped Bill Brough reinvent himself as a lobbyist in her corner. The gang of egos in the establishment were behind Harkey as well.

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Katrina Foley is the socialist incumbent. The unions wanted Harkey because of her horrific opposition research file. Similarly, the corrupt local media refused to run any stories on Diane Harkey, basically telling everyone they were whoring their publications for Foley by rooting for Harkey to make the runoff. Ultimately, your intrepid blogger learned that the evidence we provided here about who Diane Harkey really is helped seal her doom. In summary, Harkey’s husband Dan got lit up for running a Ponzi Scheme and lost a 7 figure judgement. The Harkey’s hid their money, got a sham divorce and successfully avoided paying the victims a dime. As a bonus, Dan Harkey is now sporting a $1,000,000 tax lien, but everything is now in Diane’s name only. Cozy.

I am not enamored with Pat Bates, especially with her rage/ego fueled defenses of Bill Brough, but she will prevent a socialist takeover of the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

Your intrepid blogger was also proud to help flatten Pete “Hardon” Hardin. Hardin’s campaign went completely limp:

OUCH. The local Orange County Media took it on the chin. Their pathetic attempts to parrot the rantings of a disgraced former Huffpost reporter in to a scandal failed. Their biased reporting giving Pete Hardin a pass for abhorrent personal behavior failed. The Voters of Orange County rightly recognized that a DA is supposed to prosecute crime – not use the department as a dating service.

Hardon was the George Soros candidate for OCDA, which is why I believe the local media where whoring their publications out to him.

Do note that Todd Spitzer is reputedly extremely difficult to work with and thusly, he made it easy for the local media to do what they did. One piece of unsolicited advice for Spitzer, CLEAN HOUSE. Some of the maggots’ that you left in place in your department post T-Rack made your life hell during the campaign and fed the LA Slime and other leftist get out of jail free media narrative.

It seems every cycle there is another exorcism in Orange County Politics that your intrepid blogger plays a role in. Bill Brough, Diane Harkey – who’s next?

(Hint: Google the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce / Disney / Stadium / Harry Sidhu corruption scandal for a list of possible future targets)

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