Jun 272022

Check the CAGOP’s Social Media. You will see a tweet from Scott Wilk (along with Matt Klemin cost the GOP SD04) and other tweets about Gas Prices and Inflation.

Why are you scared of major national news?

It appears that the disease that has infected Scott Wilk and Matt Klemin is not unique to them. The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure Virus is rampant among the “elite” of the CAGOP.

Don’t take my word for it – Check the CAGOP Facebook and Twitter Accounts. As of 9AM 6-27-2022, there is nothing there. The decision was handed down on 6-24-2022 and was the biggest story in quite a while.

I will say one thing in closing. I do not like Donald Trump as a man, and I think his behavior is way beneath the office he held. I decided years ago that I’d never hold office to have the freedom to do what I do in politics. However, I loved Donald Trump’s policies, with few exceptions. He has turned out to be the conservative everyone said Reagan was. Roe V Wade was rightly overturned because Mr. Trump appointed the kinds of Judges he promised he would. For that, Donald Trump deserves credit. (FYI – If Trump is the nominee in 2024, I will support him as I did in 2016 and 2020)

And that is the second reason why I believe the CAGOP Oligarchy is hiding from the issue. #1 is a social issue they are terrified of, and #2, it makes Donald Trump look good. Why expect any different from the crew whose Chairwoman is a #Nevertrumper and whose leaders were too cowardly to intervene in #SD04 the right way?

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P.S. Don’t look now, but BOE #4 will be another bright shining example of failure to lead and cowardice.

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  8 Responses to “Did you know that Roe V Wade Got Overturned? I Guess the CAGOP Missed the Memo”

  1. Nathan Hochman knows about it and recently tweeted that there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between him and Rob Bonta on this issue…

    Looks like this is another Arenio Hall moment….

  2. You’ve seen the polling, right?

    I believe W said the real fight about abortion was in people”s hearts. The majority of Californians are just not pro-life.

  3. Anonymous – the CAGOP represents Republicans. Nice try. Avoiding the issue is a slap in the face to the base, but you knew that.

  4. The polling I have seen of Republicans in California is less lopsided, for sure, but still far from unanimous in supporting overturning Roe v. Wade.

    We agree there’s a large share of the base for whom the pro-life cause is very important.

    Should a political party target the base or the persuadables? Age-old question.

  5. Heckler…We have been living (and dying) by those damn polls for nearly 20 years. Where has it gotten us? We were a party of leaders and leadership…and leaders don’t give a damn about polls. But not we are a party of consultants and weasels…and it’s taken us from the Minority Party in Sacramento to a Minor Party (that is a laughing stock!). Time to lead again!!!!!!! (Before what is left of the GOP backs their bags too and leave the State for greener pastures)

  6. Aaron, I head Patterson in a report on KFBK today…she was saying something about the Court Decision….but she kept saying ‘I’ (Leaders say ‘We’ and ‘Us’ and ‘Our’…not ‘I’)…So I tuned out on what her ramble was about.

  7. At least 80% of Republicans in CA are pro-life, believe in the sanctity of life from conception, same thing in the Hispanic community, blatantly murdering unborn babies should NOT be embraced by people of faith. SOO grateful for President Trump’s leadership, courage and commitment to the right to life of the unborn, moreover for the appointment of the three Supreme Court Justices.
    Aaron Park, I DO like President Trump and should he decides to run again I WILL vote for him over, and over…. (Primary and General).

  8. The CAGOP is missing a great teaching point on how our Democratic-Republic is working. The Supreme Court corrected a 50 year old error to put the pro-life, pro-choice in the hands of the States where it belongs. Nothing was taken away by the Supreme Court. It empowered the people with the opportunity to choose. Unfortunately California is under one party rule by the Democratic Party, the party of death. It is unlikely we will have common sense laws. There lunacy will result in our rising Hispanic and Asian population to move away from the Democratic Party.

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