Jun 082022

The HORRORS of a Brian Dahle candidacy!

Aaron –

Last night we learned Gavin Newsom’s general election opponent:

Republican Brian Dahle.

Here are the facts on Brian:

He refuses to say Trump lost and called California “Trump Country.”

He gets an A rating from the NRA, is against an assault weapons ban and red flag laws.

He is “100% pro-life” with no exceptions for rape or incest, even.

And you can believe he stood side-by-side with anti-vaxxers and anti-science elements of the far right during the pandemic.

Here is the truth: we MUST take this election seriously. The last thing we can afford is to get caught sleeping during a difficult year for Democrats. So please — help Gavin start the general election strong:

Can you PLEASE use this link to make a $3 contribution to Governor Newsom’s re-election campaign? Become a day one donor and let’s keep California blue in 2022.


Thank you,

Team Newsom

OMG!!! The Horror. (Maybe for the establishment who are waking up to having to support a real conservative for office)

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  One Response to “California Governor Race Meltdown: Newsolini Email About Brian Dahle Plays to the Brandon Crowd”

  1. He schemes money from every state office – I got the fast train to nowhere we got the tiny trailers it’s still sitting in Dodge Stadium we got the $12 billion that he committed to the homeless well I could go on and on probably take me 3 1/2 hours he don’t need no money to get his supporting him let them empty out their pocketbooks

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