Jun 162022

Rhonda Baldwin-Kennedy claims to be a conservative but 100% of the time appoints and hands her delegates to Jessica Patterson and CAGOP Leadership.

I was told that Patterson and crew got the foul-tempered Baldwin-Kennedy who has lost several races in other districts to run against Adam Schiff. It is my belief that the nexus was to make sure Johnny Nalbandian did not get any delegate appointments. Nalbandian endorsed Steve Frank and appointed two delegates for him in the last cycle.

I was re-acquainted with Baldwin Kennedy in this election cycle when she was up to her old antics. She was heckling another Republican candidate while they were on the stage at an event. When that candidate came off the stage and asked her what the hell her problem was, the all too familiar refrain of “You’re a racist” came out of her mouth. It was later repeated by grifter in chief Joe Collins – he who raised $10 Million against Maxine Waters and spent a bunch of it on travel and luxuries.

Note that Joe Collins is listed on the CAGOP Website as an endorsed candidate again in 2022 despite the documented scandals. He did his duty and endorsed her majesty as well.

What a nice group of grifters the CAGOP establishment use to keep power.

Well, in this case, Baldwin Kennedy will go from five delegates plus herself to one (herself only) While Nalbandian was beaten, thus eliminating 3 delegates (Johnny +2) from the opposition, the loss of 5 by Baldwin Kennedy’s failure will leave a mark with a net loss of 2. I take the time to write these things because people like David Stafford Reade, Andy Gimmecandy and others are paid a lot of money to manipulate outcomes in order to keep the oligarchy of controlled failure in power.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Baldwin-Kennedy failed so badly that she did not make the runoff, losing to G Maebe a Girl Pudlo.

Adam Schiff’s opponent.

The sad irony is that Maebe a Girl does a very good job of looking like a girl. The below is a photo of Baldwin Kennedy at the event where she heckled the other candidate and called him a racist for being upset over the way she treated him.

Maebe a Girl appears to be more attractive than Baldwin-Kennedy.

Baldwin-Kennedy also tweeted on election night not realizing how California Elections work. She has not had the presence of mind to remove the following tweet:

No Rhonda, you’re not.

I am getting tired of hearing about Baldwin-Kennedy and her foul temperament – and I can only conclude that she is kept alive by the establishment to produce delegates for the regime in charge of the CAGOP.

As a post-note, I take it as a badge of courage when losers play the race card against your intrepid blogger. Baldwin Kennedy has left a trail behind her over the years and she finished third behind a freak-show. She should never be taken seriously by anyone again, including any hyperbole that comes out of her mouth.

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  8 Responses to “CAGOP Update: Another Disaster #CA30 Candidate Rhonda Baldwin Kennedy HUMILIATED (9%)”

  1. Maebe A. Girl needs to teach both Ronda Kennedy and Caitlyn Jenner how to dress.
    The first time I laid eyes on Kennedy, I thought she was a cheap streetwalker in the ridiculous get yp she was wearing…She poured her size 18 body into a size 6 dress…YUCK.

  2. If our chair and her staff spends all this energy on races like this, they should be spending more energy on the swing districts more.

  3. This race also shows how weak the California Republican Party has become. Even with the endorsement of the LAGOP and the CRP, a self proclaimed drag queen beat out the endorsed Republican. How weak is the current CRP? It endorsed Joe Collins for Congress–a deadbeat DAD, and rectly had to e escorted out of the Nixon Library for trying to start a fight. And, he MARCHED with the BLM and said he had an AK-47 and there would be “pain”. With no voter registration,,over 30 partisan offices in November without a Republican on the ballot, GOP’ers appear to be on their own.

  4. The CAGOP inside elitists will sacrifice the good of the party for delegate appointments to stay in power. Getting Republicans in the top two should be a priority over delegate appointments.

  5. I guess the Party Vice Chair, Peter Kuo, has ‘had it’ with the ‘elitists’…. He told me will NOT run for Vice Chair again since Jessica got the bylaws put aside so she can have a 3rd Term. Next thing to look for is whom Jessica tries to hand the Vice Chair position too… (They are likely thinking 2026!)

  6. Well, it’s all said and done now (water under the bridge on this foolishness)….But it would be hilarious to see ‘Schiff for Brains’ defeated by a drag queen….lol

  7. It’s funny how the worst grifters tend to run in the least winnable seats. Of course Omar Navarro is back to siphon money that should go to swing districts, but is failing. Collins has raised twice as much as Lieu and will lose 2-1, regardless.

    Republicans running in these deep blue districts, especially against high ranking Dems or The Squad, seem to have criminal records or severe personality disorders. The worst part is that there are people who are stupid enough to keep giving them money.

    “It doesn’t matter that Dems win with 75% of the vote! We can win! Those races are just rigged!”

    Funny enough, RBK raised 45K and Maebe raised half of that. Wow.

  8. So much drama, no wonder we can keep losing election, after election with those type of pathetic candidates that CRP and the LACRCC endorsed.
    Sadly and I hope I’m wrong, but we’re going to suffer a Republican bloodbath here in CA in November 2022, however I pray to be wrong.

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