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The CAGOP Establishment will be quick to point out Mark Meuser and Nathan Hochman’s campaigns. Hochman appears to have just enough to survive the millions Rob Bonta spent attempting to nominate Eric Early. Both Hochman and Meuser had name ID and goodwill leading into their respective campaigns and the CAGOP support was in addition to, not the key part of their campaigns. In fact, Hochman’s resume is so incredible that it spooked Rob Bonta something fierce. Meuser is well known in GOP circles and did not need help from the CAGOP.

People who may or may not be Luis Buhler, Andy Gimmecandy, David Stafford Reade, Scott Winn, and others were alleged to have recruited vote sponge foils for statewide office in an attempt to sabotage more conservative opponents. This was done by splitting the CAGOP delegation preventing the 60% needed for an endorsement. The aforementioned and other staffers were all circling like flies around the city dump at the convention during the endorsement process.

In the case of the Secretary of State’s race, it did work. Rob Bernosky beat Rachel Hamm handily. I believe that Hamm’s hair-on-fire approach to election issues made Bernosky’s job easier.

The first example of how the establishment got its face kicked in is with the Superintendent of Public Instruction race. This screenshot was taken late 6-8-2022. There is about 45% of the vote outstanding but George Yang and Lance Christiansen jousted back and forth all night. The problem? They are fighting for 3rd place. Note that Lance Christiansen is the former Chief of Staff for John Moorlach, I tried to be nice to him at the convention as I have no issue with him but both he and his brother were frosty at best. Now it does not matter as it looks likely that Yang or Long will settle into 2nd place to face off with the communist union-owned Thurmond.

The grassroots love George Yang.

Similar to so many other deliberate failures – the theme is the same, who cares about the results as long as I am in control and the checks cash.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Next up, the insurance commissioner race. With their top lackey Rob Bernosky committed to running for Secretary of State, the establishment (think Luis Buhler) turned to Greg Conlon. The 89 year old Conlon pulled his candidate filing late Thursday and filed for office the next day (which was the last possible day to file). It was made clear to me that this was specifically to screw over Robert Howell.

Howell’s offense? He had the audacity to file for SD15 in 2020 when the political establishment were trying to run turncoat Republican turned NPP Johnny Khamis for State Senate. The Santa Clara GOP Chair Shane Patrick Connelly was the campaign manager for Khamis at the time. (Cozy, huh?) Howell filed, beat Khamis (albeit missing the SD15 runoff) and the rest is history.

There are a special class of morons obsessed with running NPP candidates thinking they will do better than Republicans in blue areas. Ask Howard Schellenberger and Ann Marie Schubert (who is refusing to prosecute Bill Brough) how their NPP campaigns went?

Howell enjoys a 1% lead over the far-left Levine for 2nd place. Conlon is in 4th. The problem for Levine is that he faded as the night went on, suggesting that Howell will advance his margin as the 3.3 Million outstanding ballots are counted up.

You’d think the political establishment would get someone younger than age 89 to run for office? Or has the well run that dry? (Speaking of the brain drain, David Stafford Reade has moved to Texas, I’ve been told)

Then there is the Treasurer race. Jack Guerrero, once a darling of the establishment got screwed over by them in 2022. Guerrero who has been supported heavily by Grow-Elect and other consultant paycheck PACs was also screwed out of a CAGOP endorsement by a concerted establishment effort on behalf of Andrew Do.

I like Andrew Do a lot on a personal level. In this case, he allowed himself to be used as a puppet. He will get to serve his final two years as an Orange County Supervisor and then weigh his options from there.

Jack Guerrero is a City Councilman in the City of Cudahy. Cudahy is 11% Republican, yet he wins handily at the ballot box there. This is who the CAGOP establishment screwed over. It is all about control and Guerrero must have forgotten to kiss someone’s ring.

When you add this to the SD04 debacle you have a fun narrative about the control agents and the oligarchy of controlled failure that infest the CAGOP.

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  7 Responses to “CAGOP Establishment Humiliation. Three Targets of Their Insider Garbage Appear Headed for the Runoff”

  1. Thanks very very much, Aaron. Without your blog, we wouldn’t have the full story of what the CRP is pulling….this is very very revealing.

  2. I could not agree more with Joan Leone’s comments.

    Aaron, thank you for your reporting!

  3. David Stafford Reade has moved to Texas? Oh gawd I will warn my friends in Texas! But as a consultant he can still ‘muck up’ California Politics…He just can’t be a delegate anymore and screw up the Rules Committee. He will still be able to ‘harvest’ proxies…but he will not be able to sit on the convention floor directing them. Hummmm…interesting! (Any chance he took Jim Neilsen with him??? LOL)

  4. Guy holds a city council seat in a city with less than 9,000 registered voters. When was the last contested election? I couldn’t find one in the past several years on L.A. Elections’ website.

    If this is your evidence that he’s a winning candidate, it’s thin sauce, man.

    As for Rachel Hamm, I heard her speak and while she’s a very nice woman with a certain charisma, if you’re campaign line is that elections weren’t just rigged in 2020 but have been rigged for at least 20 years, then you’re a loon who has no business in office, let alone as the endorsed nominee of a major political party.

    We do need to recruit and support candidates. Your “grassroots” candidates aren’t them.

    Blogger’s Note: Heckler – go back and re-read my post. #1 the point is Guerrero used to be a darling of these people. You deliberately ignored that in your reply. Strike 1

    I did not highlight the SOS race except to say that they got Bernosky nominated. Hamm helped make that happen. You decided to make that your main point when I did not in my post. Strike 2

    Strike 3 is your blanket statement about recruiting. The candidates you mock filed first and the establishment filed opponents in a last minute panic. So your last attempt falls flat in the face of what actually happened. Again, read the post before attempting to pick it apart.

  5. Guys, please keep me in your prayers. There are a lot of Socialism being taught in our schools and we need a Crusade to reclaim our schools on behalf of parents and for the principles that made America great.

  6. I voted George Yang and Anonymous Heckler, go bleep yourself. You’re too much of a vajayjay to list your real name. Typical BS talking fool but won’t say who he is.

  7. George, I voted for you too. And I get a gut feeling that Anonymous is DSR or a crony….

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