May 092022

From a confidential informant (Typos left in to confirm authenticity):

I mentioned that I and a buddy hired an attorney to send two letters to the Lincoln City Council .  One of the letters was sent prior to the council voting to approve tiered water rates and the second letter was sent to the city council after they had approved the tired water rates.  I was told by one of the council members that the city attorney informed the city council that even though the tiered water rates may be in violation of Prop 218, that they should pass it because “no one will sue you anyway”.  For your delectation, the attachments below include both of the letters and a copy of the lawsuit
Joiner and the council members refused to meet with us, so our LIFT Group was forced to sue the city of Lincoln for violation of Prop 218.  Through mediation, we were able to negotiate a full refund of the over $7M that had been overcharged to the citizens of Lincoln.  But it took a lawsuit to force the city council; including Joiner and Gilbert to do the right thing.  Disgraceful!!!
I sent you the below transcript of the May 16, 2018 JLAC testimony of both Lincoln City Council members Paul Joiner and Peter Gilbert.
And here is the state auditors report dated March 20, 2019:
Either Joiner and Gilbert were lying during their testimony before JLAC or they were completely oblivious to the horrible financial condition of our city. 
These are just two of many examples of how Joiner doesn’t have a clue about how a government functions or about doing the right things for his constituents.  I have more information if you need it including the complete Fiscal Sustainability Committee Report dated February 24, 2012, that has been ignored by the city council since we presented it to them.  I doubt that any of them even read it.  One of the issues concerns information about the losses incurred by the Lincoln Airport that exceeds many millions dollars.  The loses continue to spite recommendations from the FSC and more recently the Placer County Grand Jury.
The presentation of Paul Joiner to the State of California was absurd. I have known firsthand for years that Lincoln has been a mess. In addition – the City of Lincoln got hammered in court for what they did with the Water Rate Gouging.
Here is the key question – what will Paul Joiner do as a Placer County Supervisor. At best he is completely disconnected from reality and believes that Government has a right to flout the law. At worst he bald-faced lied to the State Auditor. Neither are a good look and both possibilities are a clear departure from the conservative he claims to be.
It actually pains me to write this stuff about Mr. Joiner, a friend of many years, but this stuff is a very clear expose’ of failure in government and has to be considered in light of the current campaign. I can’t support him for supervisor and people should not vote for him, period.
To Be Continued.
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  One Response to “Placer Sup D2 Update: Paul Joiner Actually Was Not Missing, He Went to Sacramento to Argue Why Lincoln Was Justified in Ripping Off Its’ Residents!”

  1. I have a question on this piece:

    WHAT part of that so-called, discussion, was held in closed session?
    For a lawyer to make the kind of statement that one supposedly did, it would hint to the whole thing being in closed session discussion. Sad that the public can’t even trust elected officials to CHECK that kind of attitude from their own council; sickening that those who had a seat on that table went along with that Bull**** at all after being TOLD, it was in violation of the standing laws.

    And people wonder WHY politics suck and why most folks don’t wish to run for office.


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