May 092022

So, your intrepid blogger got shelled with text messages after Paul Joiner got lit up by Shanti Landon.

I went to Mr. Joiner’s Facebook Page and saw that he was complaining over getting lit up with a mailer sent by Landon. I am not sure if he checked with Mr. Gilliard (his campaign dude) before making the facebook post, but usually, the candidate responding to getting hit themselves is not a good thing. We are going to see why shortly.

Let me answer Paul Joiner’s question and then follow with one of my own: (A special thank you to the reader that texted me this screenshot of Joiner’s own words.)

The context becomes complete with the next comment below that is delineated with the arrow. His praise of Newsom was sincere and at least one non-Democrat commented and recognized it for what it was. Read Joiner’s words as many times as is necessary.

Now, problem two for Joiner who decided to highlight the hit in the mailbox is this. There is a second side to the mailer that he did not post. I also got that via text from multiple people:

Why wasn’t Paul Joiner complaining about this? I mean, he went down to Sacramento to complain about the State Auditor’s findings on this very subject matter? Perhaps getting hammered by the grand jury and the state auditor is a problem?

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When you are a candidate and you complain about a hit piece against you, it usually makes it worse and blows up in your face. Here is the latest example.

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  One Response to “Placer SUP D2 Update: About that I Love Newsom Comment by Paul Joiner. See His Own Words Here. (And the other side of the mailer too)”

  1. Some of this stuff is just,… unbelievable. It’s bad enough to see how a city screws over it’s own citizens in the name of ” we know better because YOU ( the citizens ) don’t. ” The sham of governance FOR THE PEOPLE becomes the scam of government of FOR ME DESPITE THE PEOPLE.

    I understand that WE collectively have much on our plates: kids, schools, jobs, Costs of living, rent, mortgage etc., but come on people. WE need to start taking a long hard look at WHO we decide to represent us. This item here is just,… despicable.

    Is Mr. joiner moving up because he really WANTS to serve the public? Or is he just playing musical chairs and moving up to get ahead for himself? And the PCRA endorsed this man?? Amazing.

    Sad that politics in California has degraded into ” what can I screw from YOU, so I can move up the political ladder”. Sadder still, that Republicans aren’t demanding better from our own side, but instead seem to endorse this kind of crap.

    I hope that the PCRA isn’t ‘ really ‘ a bunch of ” good ol boys ” who only seem interested in keeping THEIR status instead of advancing real and decent candidates. Bad enough that the R-side confirms their status of ” the party of irrelevance ” by these stupid stunts. (my opinion ).

    Who in the hell ( pardon my french ) believes that gov. dumdum is an ‘ intelligent man with merit on how California can return to prominence with his ideas? ‘ Really?!?! My god, this mans idea’s have: driven up energy costs dramatically ( thanks PG&E crooks ); cranked up gas/fuels costs to ungodly levels; seen our state LOSE enough people to LOSE a congressional seat ( and the ONLY reason I believe we didn’t lost TWO, was because U-Haul couldn’t keep up with the demand for their trucks ); on HIS watch, lost BILLIONS due to the EDD fraud debacle; didn’t call up the NG during our state emergencies due to fires/snow, but sure as hell called them up to help give out Covid shots at the local welfare office in Sacramento; appears to worry MORE about illegal aliens than of the CITIZENS of the state; seems to worry MORE about conferring citizen status to people unlawfully here, coddling criminals while he hammers business’s for covid violations, attempts to hammer gun owners, and on and on……WHERE has this moron come up with ANY idea that is CA helpful? Wow mr joiner, you seem clueless, and god bless you folks in Placer county on making the decision on who to vote for in your area. If this is the man you chose, however,…..I don’t know what else can be said.

    ( My apologies to Aaron in advance for the wording on this topic)

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