May 122022

This is a special post from your intrepid blogger. I have endorsed Kevin Kiley but have not said much about #CA03. The conventional wisdom has been that Kiley will win this primary due to the lack of action by Scott Jones.

The alleged IE PAC that had formed for Jones has gotten token support – thus far.

Sources I have in the swamp indicate that it has changed. Kevin McCarthy is alleged to hate Kevin Kiley with a purple passion. I am not 100% sure why; it may be because of comments Kiley made during the recall when he derided incumbent politicians.

It has been made clear that McCarthy has put the word out that anyone who helps Scott Jones will receive consideration from the soon-to-be speaker. This is not illegal; this is how the insider game is played.

Secondly, I have chosen to endorse Kiley, primarily out of respect for all of my political friends.  Also, note that I both got nothing and expected nothing in return.

When this email hit my inbox this morning, it made the insider information much more meaningful:

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Congressman Troy Nehls (TX-22) Endorses Sheriff Scott Jones for Congress
Nehls is the Former Sheriff of Fort Bend County, Texas

(Sacramento, CA) – Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones today announced that he has secured the endorsement of former Fort Bend Sheriff and current Congressman Troy Nehls in his race for California’s 3rd Congressional District.

“As a former Sheriff myself, I know that Sheriff Scott Jones is exactly the type of backup I need in Congress to keep America safe. He’s not one to back down from a fight, and will work to hold our Government accountable to the people. We need law and order in our Country, and Sheriff Jones is the partner I know I can count on. I’m honored to support him.” — Congressman Troy Nehls (TX-22) and Former Sheriff of Fort Bend County

This came on the heels of Larry Elder, which I was told about a week prior. Again I have no specifics of the insider machinations behind that endorsement.

Some may wonder why Kevin McCarthy continues to fight and pull the levers of power. I remind people to never underestimate ANY political leader. McCarthy is powerful; we may find out just how powerful he is in the waning moments of the CA03 race.

If you are supporting Kiley and reading this blog, consider yourselves warned. Get off the computer and make calls and knock on doors.

Two final thoughts:

You want a powerful speaker of the house for better or for worse. That position is a big deal for a political party. If McCarthy becomes speaker, we should all cheer for him to succeed.

Your intrepid blogger will be fine with Scott Jones or Kevin Kiley in Congress. Both have negatives and positives that, in my opinion, balance out.

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  9 Responses to “#CA03 Update: Some Congressman Endorses Scott Jones and Insider Chatter Suggest The Race is Far From Over”

  1. McCarthy is a product of the Thomas/ Abernathy Bakersfield machine. They are the group in control of the CRP and have run it into the ground. I hope for the future of California and the CRP that McCarthy doesn’t become speaker. Hopefully the members of the House will look past him for better leadership.

  2. Kiley has more intelligence to keep his feet on the ground.
    Why support Jones who is supported by Larry Elder (who by all press accounts have been accused of domestic abuse…Google it!)
    McCarthy has a tendency to put his foot in the mouth without thinking rationally who should realize the power he has rather than giving it to the dolt at Mar-A-Lago!

  3. My understanding is Kevin Kiley supported Ted Cruz in 2016 and refuses to say if he even voted for Donald Trump. That, in my mind’s eye, puts him on the never Trump side of the fence. In addition, when asked questions on a national level, Kevin Kiley responds he works at the state level and does not get involved in national issues.

    Scott Jones, on the other hand, is a strong supporter of President Trump, someone who would not be letting our national health decisions be SOLD OUT to the WHO, as they are today, with our national sovereignty turned over to the WHO and the CCP by November.

    Based on that, I will endorse and vote for Scott Jones, who seems to be MAGA like me.

  4. McCarthy is a RINO and tied to the long running do nothing Repub machine in Calif and the CRP! Kiley will be a great Congressman!

  5. I find some of this commentary bewildering. Despite the fact that he was up against a democrat super majority in the state legislature, I can not think of any other legislator who was more effective at fighting and putting up roadblocks for the out of control, insane Newsom administration than Kevin Kiley. I have nothing against Scott Jones but find it incredibly disconcerting that the state GOP leadership is working so hard to knock a proven fighter out of the race. McCarthy and his ilk should stay the hell out of this race and let it run its own course!

  6. McCarthy is exactly what is wrong with the CA republican party. He might as well be a Democrat. I don’t want him as speaker of the house,he does NOTHING for the cause. My vote is and will always be with Kevin Kiley.

  7. President Donald J. Trump gave his full endorsement for Kevin Kiley. Just received the email from Trump — not Kevin Kiley — today.
    Kiley went up against Newsom. Kevin McCarthy has backed the CRP chair, Jessica Patterson, who does nothing for her $250,000 plus annual salary. No voter registration. No support of candidates. Only goes against those who don’t kiss her A. All the CRP does is send out emails and letters asking for money. McCarthy is a conceited jerk.

    Blogger’s Note: The Trump Endorsement is a game ender. Kiley is the nominee

  8. Hopefully Trump will back someone other than McCarthy for speaker next term! That would greatly help the staten delegates get back the control of the CRP.

  9. Hopefully Trump will back someone other than McCarthy for speaker next term! That would greatly help the state delegates get back the control of the CRP.

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