May 192022

IN the mind of Kate Sanchez, #AD71 is unique. We don’t want Common Sense or to keep it purple. It is Red or Dead!

Kate Sanchez, in her own words on video, folks. I found this handy reference about AD71 from Matt Rahn’s website:

First off – 42% Republican is a “Likely R” District because you can lose this seat under the right circumstances.

When Kate blathers about keeping the district Red, not purple, and not common sense, she sounds like a moron. It is already light red and heading purple. Given that Kate barely has enough money for Gas in her campaign account, how does she propose to keep #AD71 red?

People present at the event indicated to your intrepid blogger indicated that Mz. Sanchez attacked common sense because Mr. Rahn had talked about it earlier. Whatever the scenario, Kate swung and missed so severely that the bat was flying down the third base line.

In another part of the forum, my favorite part was that she indicated that Orange County does not have homeless issues – only Riverside County. She should talk to Gene James in San Clemente about the homeless issues in Southern Orange County.

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I guess the stupidity of that comment is borne out of the snootiness some in Orange County go through life with. If she made comments like those in the North of California or the North of Nevada, she might not be heard from again.

We won’t have to listen to her anymore in about three weeks anyway.

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