Apr 242022

Blogger’s Note: I did more investigating of George Andrews. He really is a rino, not just a squish or a hack. I mean, look at him. He was wearing a lame Hawaiian Shirt on Sunday Morning too.

If you have ADHD or just like reading the first 100 words of a blog, here is what happened. The Establishment got everything they wanted. If you read on, you will realize there is more to this than these first two sentences. It may require an open mind and critical thinking skills. (I know, an anathema in politics)

One important note: Consistent with the entire reign of her majesty Jessica Patterson, the California Republican Assembly, was relegated and shunned. The old Pete Wilson crew that hated the CRA in the 1990s are reliving the past in the 2020s. The CRA has doubled its membership and is adding three new clubs. This is the correct way to respond to the abuses of consultants and party leadership.

I was in the floor session until the Governor’s race endorsement was completed.

I was pretty accurate at predicting the outcomes of the convention – but way off on the margins. I will explain that in a bit.

Mark Meuser beat Cordie Williams for US Senate Endorsement 58-31 on the first ballot and 71-21 on the second. The explanation is straightforward:

Meuser spent thousands on a convention drill, passing out shirts, stickers, etc.
Meuser got 20+ county party endorsements.
Meuser is known very well in the small subset of the CAGOP universe
There were the usual whisper campaigns as well

The delegates voted for the devil they know vs. the devil they don’t know. Relationships matter. Oh, and the party leadership did not attempt to influence the outcome of the endorsement in that race either.

I snagged a couple souvenirs of the convention. I guess the CAGOP system cannot print the word “Washoe.”

I thought Lance Christiansen would run away with the Sec of Ed endorsement, he didn’t. He got 62% on Ballot 2. George Yang pulled an astounding 45% on ballot one. More on this in a bit. While correctly predicting Christiansen as the winner, it was not by the margin I had believed. I am unsure if Christiansen can make the runoff election.

There were three instances with a Ballot 2 via reconsideration. The CAGOP rules allow a simple majority motion to reconsider a failed endorsement with just two candidates left. Usually, reconsideration takes 67%. I have a problem with this, speaking of the process being broken. Reconsideration is when a failed motion is brought up a second time. The parliamentary procedure allows for reconsideration once, then the action has to be re-noticed and started from scratch. But reconsideration usually has a high bar to succeed, not 50+1%.

Insurance Commissioner – the 89-Year-old Greg Conlon beat Robert Howell 41-37, well below the 60% threshold. I heard that Howell was not acquitting himself well with his presentation to delegates all weekend. As I previously wrote, Conlon killed himself at the main floor speech session. The establishment succeeded in stopping Howell as much as Howell stopped himself. A non-republican likely makes the runoff against Ricardo Lara.

Treasurer – I underestimated the effect of Jack Guerrero’s presentation and efforts. I believed that Andrew Do was well-positioned to walk away with the endorsement. While I indicated the outcome was in some doubt, Guerrero fought Do to a draw. Do could only muster 50%, and there was no will to attempt a second vote due to the margin. My guess is neither of these great candidates will make the runoff.

Update: I was also alerted by a reader that Assemblywoman Janet Nugyen intervened heavily to thwart an endorsement of Andrew Do as well. There is quite a rift in the Orange County asian community.

Secretary of State – The Establishment recruited Rob Bernosky specifically to thwart an endorsement of Rachel Hamm and most likely will result in no Republican making the fall. Hamm beat Bernosky 48-37, again well below the threshold.

Attorney General. Nathan Hochman missed winning on Ballot one by 5 votes. He had 59.5%. I missed that prediction as I believed he’d win on Ballot one outright. Amazingly, after pushing a reconsideration for Meuser and Christiansen with no opposition, the Conservative coalition leadership attempted to thwart a reconsideration of this race. This inconsistency was lethal as the motion to reconsider passed handily, and Hochman was endorsed on the second ballot. I believe that Hochman can make the runoff election.

Controller. Lanhee Chen was endorsed with no opposition. He has a good shot at making the California Runoff election.

Lt Governor. Angela Underwood Jacobs was endorsed with minimal opposition. The conservative coalition rightly recognized that David Fennell was a loser (he did not even qualify for a CAGOP endorsement) and did not include him on their slate card.

This is the conservative coalition voter guide that was distributed.

It was as dicey as I had predicted in the Governor’s Race. I did not know if Senator Brian Dahle would make it to 60%. He did on ballot 5.

Dahle was 40% on Ballot one, Trimino at 22%, Collins at 20%, and Jenny Rae Le Roux at 10%. It was clear that blasting Dahle for purchasing the CAGOP endorsement backfired on Le Roux and the delegates penalized her for it.

On Ballot two – Dahle climbed to 43%, and Collins was third.

On Ballot three – the CAGOP staff committed a poorly timed blunder; they forgot to eliminate Collins as an option internally in their system. Delegates only saw Trimino and Dahle as options – but when the votes were displayed, Dahle’s 56% showed in the Trimino Column, and  Collins was getting the no endorsement votes in his line. This gaffe by the staff will cause conspiracies for years to come.

ON Ballot four – Dahle was at 56+% and Trimino at roughly 40%.

There was then a motion to reconsider, similar to the previous 3 I wrote – but this time on Ballot 4 after a 4-person race was cut to 2. On ballot 5, Brian Dahle was endorsed.

The bylaw amendments were a different story than the endorsements. The Conservative coalition lost most votes by 57-58% against.

On the all-important Rule 5 that gives Jessica Patterson a third term, the vote was 64-36.

Finally, after the rules report took 2 hours to get to rule 5 – rules 7,8,10, which were also pulled for debate, were all tabled to get to the endorsements. Why the control agents of the CAGOP put the committee reports before the endorsements is beyond me.

Here are my takeaways, and these should be the silver lining for the CRA-Tea Party alliance.

  1. The 45% that Yang got shows the ceiling for this group when unified on a message or issue. This should be a severe cause for concern for the control agents within the CAGOP. Their margins were once 20-25% easily now; it has been shrunk to 10.
  2. The Conservative Coalition need to pick their battles on the convention floor better. Fighting every by-law backfired as the margins against them grew as the rules report continued. It may also have had an effect on endorsements as well.
  3. The CAGOP did not help themselves with the significant blunder in the GOV endorsement. They did not help themselves by cutting people’s microphones off. These two actions will fuel attacks on the CAGOP staff and processes for months, if not an entire election cycle.
  4. The establishment did not help party unity by recruiting Rob Bernosky (a puppet) and an 89-year-old man named Conlon for the purpose of disqualifying another candidate. While effective political strategy, such a tactic’s ruthless and abusive nature creates lasting resentment. All the consultants have done with these moves is legitimize the grievances of the opposition. Better candidates would have mitigated this obvious argument.
  5. The varying numbers show that in endorsing conventions with more interest and more proxies, the ability of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure to Control an outcome is no longer an exact science. There was as much as a 20% deviation in results.
  6. The Conservative Coalition now knows that they need to gather 200 or more proxies to have a voice at the CAGOP Convention. This is a low bar if they are disciplined and organized.

As a paid consultant for Cordie Williams and Jenny Rae Le Roux, I credit Anthony Trimino and Mark Meuser. Both turned the tables on what happened at the CRA and did to their opponents at the CAGOP what was done to them at the CRA. They worked the CAGOP hard and spent a lot of time and money. It does have a payoff, and Trimino nearly blocked an endorsement of Brian Dahle.

People I was talking to commented about the seemingly volatile nature of the endorsement voting, with large numbers of people switching votes. What really happened is that people within the rank and file of the CAGOP delegation believed that the CAGOP needed to render endorsements. So several people changed their votes on the last ballot to give the leader enough to make it over the line regardless of their first choice. This happened to Meuser. This happened to Hochman, and this happened to Christiansen.

Your intrepid blogger sitting in the cheap seats.

Do I think there was election fraud at this convention? No. The staff made a legit screw-up in the middle of the Governor’s race endorsement. The results were consistent with what I believed them to be, but the margins were much closer than I thought. This suggests that the votes of the opposition did indeed count and add up.

Was there manipulation? Absolutely. There was ample evidence that the Reade / Gimmecandy / McCarthy crew had spent the requisite time to script committee outcomes and choreograph the convention.  Once again, while effective, legal, and unethical, these tactics are being discovered more readily and add to the grassroots’ brewing resentment.

Did the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure put its fingers on the scale to influence outcomes? Yes, they did; they always do. Did they sell CAGOP endorsements at this convention? I can not prove that.

Did the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure sell proxy votes at this convention? One can make the argument, and people also know it has happened in the past. But remember, while many were accusing Brian Dahle of buying proxy votes, yet at the same time, some of Mark Meuser’s people accused Cordie Williams of buying proxy votes. When there is this sort of disparity in accusations, it makes it impossible to validate any kind of conspiracy theory.


Apr 242022

Let me start out by saying George Andrews is the biggest Rino Squish Moderate Establishment Hack I have ever met. He even tried to keep me out of James Gallagher’s hospitality suite. He was really begging to be mentioned in Right on Daily so I wanted everyone to know what a loser he is.

Once again, there is a California Republican Party Convention and once again there is drama.

ON the super-negative side, I ran into Matt Klemin twice, he works for the Senate Caucus as a strategist/consultant. He was terminated by Shannon Grove and then immediately re-hired by Scott Wilk when Grove was deposed as Senate Minority Leader. Mr. Klemin is by far one of the most foul people I have met in politics and the second time I crossed paths with him, he appeared to be wanting to instigate a physical altercation. Grow up Matt and stop being stupid as your actions only validate my criticisms of you.

Your intrepid blogger had several interactions that were of note.

Your intrepid blogger talking to Doug LaMalfa’s Chief Mark Spannagel

I met Mike Netter in person. He is a fascinating man. West Walker was in town from Florida.

I also met Bryan Watkins and Sarah Nelson in person for the first time. Watkins was clearly still angry with your intrepid blogger over the virtual altercation in 2021 when I was working for Steve Frank against Jessica Patterson. However, he went out of his way to be polite and I engaged both Nelson and Watkins in a conversation lasting 15 minutes. Watkins was defending his staff like a good boss would and Sarah was quite easy to interact with. The rest of the details of the conversation will remain with the three of us, but it was a good and worthwhile interaction. The significance of this conversation was the fact that the altercation I had with the CRP staff resulted in the FBI visiting my house in Feb of 2021. Nelson and Watkins are the most senior staff of the CAGOP at this time.

The Convention was replete with the control agents milling around it, all are names you’ve seen ad-nauseum on this blog.

One of the frustrations I have vented about the California Republican Party and its’ processes for years is that scripted and pre-planned conventions. This convention is no different. It appears that the Rules Committee met several days before the convention to pre-determine the outcomes of the by-law amendments. The Rules committee meeting at the convention was a drama filled disaster, featuring a lot of heated debate and outbursts.

The CAGOP Process is messed up.

There are several endorsements that the CAGOP will be considering for Statewide Candidates. They are not without controversy. It appears that Robert Howell, Racheal Hamm and Jenny Rae Le Roux all had their microphones cut off before they had completed speaking. My guess is the reason given will be about exceeding time or violating some Reagan’s 11th Commandment thing.

Le Roux lit off a bomb against Brian Dahle accusing him of buying the CAGOP endorsement. This is a practice your intrepid blogger has long believed has existed. The basis of the charge was a $40,500 check written to the CAGOP on Friday by Megan Dahle on 4-22-2022 to the CAGOP and tweeted out by Rob Pyres. When I asked Brian Dahle’s crew about the check, they said it was a max-out contribution to the Assembly Caucus via the “One-Ask” program where money is raised in to the CAGOP and split in thirds between the GOP, the Assembly and Senate Caucus. These checks are common, but the occurrence of this check and the timing is terrible and looks really bad.

It has been alleged by many beyond just the Le Roux Campaign that this was payment for the 300ish votes that the party establishment controls via proxies.

There are various opinions about the outcome of the CAGOP endorsement for Governor. It will be a mess.

Lt. Governor – Angela Underwood Jacobs will get the endorsement.

Controller – Lanhee Chen will get the endorsement

Treasurer: I am not sure why Jack Guerrero – once a darling of the establishment is now out of favor, but he is. Andrew Do has the full force of the establishment now. Is it enough? It should be noted that Jack gave one of the best candidate speeches there was in the session.

Attorney General – I believe Nathan Hochman will get the endorsement as it appears the establishment has rallied behind him. Eric Early has a full team present who have worked hard in the days leading up to the convention, but the proxy drill that has been run by the establishment has been effective and robust. My guess is they have more than double the number Early’s crew control.

Secretary of State – the establishment clearly recruited Rob Bernosky to run against Rachel Hamm both to lock Hamm out of the general election by splitting the vote – but also to deny her a CAGOP endorsement that she would have gotten as the only Republican running for SOS. Hamm’s egregious offense was talking about election fraud, etc. My guess is Bernosky will be endorsed by the CAGOP or the endorsement will get killed.

Insurance Commissioner – the 89 Year old Greg Conlon was recruited to run against Robert Howell. Similar to the SOS dynamic, this was about stopping a CAGOP endorsement of Howell and will also result in no Republican on the fall ballot for that office. The likely outcome is no endorsement as Greg Conlon is very old and acts very old.

Superintendent of Public Instruction – Lance Christiansen will crush George Yang. I like Yang, but he is outclassed by Christiansen and of course Christiansen has the full force of the establishment.

US Senate – Mark Meuser vs Cordie Williams. This will also be a barn burner. Does the Establishment choose a side or kill the endorsement? It should be noted that your intrepid blogger got several notations that Cordie was superior to Meuser in his presentation at the convention.

The CAGOP process is messed up.

These conventions are almost always scripted out and the results are sat on heavily by the establishment. This will be no exception and the drama was also consistent with past conventions.

Your intrepid blogger was silent for almost two weeks assessing the movements and actions of many. The silence is broken on many fronts.

This series on the CAGOP 2022 will continue…

Apr 122022

Blogger’s Note: I am simply posting his emails without comment. Also note, I did not edit them or re-format them so as to prove their authenticity. 

Aaron Goodmorning – Doug Hassett here.

We are two men that have much in common and I wanted to make sure you understand more of who I am and how Libelous your comments about me are.   First, like you I’m a Christian, I’m a hiker, I’m preparing to hike the Catalina Trail, and I just started in the insurance business. It’s my brand new career in insurance that was the absolute reason I stepped away from the Rivco GOP. I just got my P&C License in 2021 and my Life license earlier this year. I’ve gone to work for (REDACTED) and I’m currently enrolled in a 20 week high paced training while selling at the same time. I think you can easily grasp that if I’m just starting in the insurance biz, training for a 40 mile backpacking trip, caring for my family, and serving my church that maybe my time is limited. The GOP leadership is a full-time job and that’s not something I can tackle at this time.  I don’t know where you got your information, but I know you never asked for a statement from me.  You actually chose to believe the lies of others, without asking me. As a Christian, it would be proper for you to print a retraction and an apology and do so immediately.  It would also be appropriate to name the people spreading such horrible rumors so that others don’t fall into the trap that you did.  If you are the Christian you say you are, I’ll be expecting to hear from you and look forward to letting you know that I accept your apology.

Lastly Aaron, the GOP needs activists to further the conservative message, but that message can’t contain lies.  America’s greatness must be built on America’s goodness and there’s nothing good or great about suffocating good people with falsehoods about their character.

Kind regards,

Doug Hassett

Blogger’s Note: I followed up by asking for details on the Website debacle and got this:
I meant to offer you some details concerning the rivco gop website.  Don Dix wanted to spend $7k developing a new website and said that the GOP had $7k in an account somewhere, but we never found this account.  In a unanimous vote by the executive committee we voted not to spend $7k noting that it required further review and an income that would support the expense.  My daughter, who has a digital marketing and advertising degree and is an expert at coding, offered to help fix our existing website for a minimal hourly rate.  When Don was still with us, he rejected that offer and the current executive committee including myself noted that we would have to acquire additional bids before accepting any one bid, especially a bid from a family member.
Everything concerning this matter was handled in a total above board manner and no contracts were cancelled and then given to family members.  Again, you chose to believe and print lies being told by others and you never requested information from the source.  You’re not reporting in a fair and unbiased manner and this should be your entire focus.  I don’t get where you’re coming from.
Over the years I have had experiences that have familiarized me with building websites and have built several of my own.  On a regular basis I use a very complex graphics program and I really understand how these things work.  In the end, once I had access to the website, and after Don’s Memorial Service, I eliminated the images of Don, fixed a few minor items and then left it alone.  All this at the direction of the Executive Committee.  Decisions concerning the website have all been matters of running a proper business and living within our means.  Had you been in the room with the rest of us, I think you would have been grateful to see our care and caution.
One more time, please be careful who you listen to.  Again, I’ll be looking for a retraction of your story and your apology.
Blogger’s Endnote: Hassett called me directly and indicated that he was not contacted by anyone with regard to resigning.
Apr 072022

Sean Mill re-registered Republican in 2017. There are some that think he walks on water. Your intrepid blogger has been on to this fraud since 2019.

Why is Sean Mill promoting Democrat Billionaire Rick Caruso – while seeking to become Chair of a Major Republican Party?

Election Code Chapter 7, specifically section 7413 says: A committee may remove any member, other than an ex officio member, who during his or her term of membership affiliates with, or registers as a member of another party, who publicly advocates that the voters should not vote for the nominee of this party for any office, or who gives support or avows a preference for a candidate of another party or candidate who is opposed to a candidate nominated by this party.

The Riverside GOP can and should remove Sean Mill.

Sean Mill has recently come back on to the radar screen of your intrepid blogger. Mill has been calling and intimidating people and has made it a point to tell people his fellow RINO Doug Hassett who resigned as chair recently, did not resign because of any activist effort. Perhaps Mill was rattled by the weeks-long effort against Hassett that was triggered by Hassett abandoning a $7K contract on a nearly complete Riverside GOP Website in order to have one of his children do the job instead.

Hassett resigned due to an activist effort and Sean Mill is next.

Mill has also been heard saying, “I don’t care if a communist does the website, if they have the cheapest bid”.

Mill is also a Trump-hater:

Dear Sean Mill – Powell endorsed Obama over McCain, perhaps you forgot about that detail. Oh, wait, you voted for Obama twice.

In this post – you see proof that Sean Mill voted in every election through 2016 as a democrat. We’ve even provided copies of 3 of his voter registration cards for validation.

In this post – you can see Sean Mill celebrating Michelle Obama and posting his vote against Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do! Do, a Republican, is currently running for California State Treasurer.

Why the Riverside Lincoln Club gives Mill the time of day is beyond me. However, seeing Mill promoting democrats in 2022 does not surprise your intrepid blogger one bit. His social media is like three-mile island.

Less than 6 years later we are supposed to take Mill seriously as a Republican? He still bashes Trump, and he still promotes democrats.

“Proud to have them (the Obamas) representing our country” – Sean Mill

It is also alleged that Mill is good buddies with communist Democrat State Senator Richard Roth and the fetching Mrs. Roth. Mrs. Roth runs the mask-nazi Riverside Chamber of Commerce.

Those that know Mill best believe that he is all about getting as many titles as he can get. The one that matters? Democrat.

Sean Mill got destroyed by Left-Wing Blogger Dan Chimelewski and for very good reason. Quoting Dan:

I have to wonder if the Republicans in Riverside are aware of Sean’s “liberal” past.  Here’s a blog post from 2015 after we filed an FPPC complaint against Mill for failing to adequately complete his form 700 disclosures.  In particular, he was called out for homophobic comments in an LA Times letter he wrote in the late 90s.  Watch him address the audience in this YouTube video.

Mill continued: “Folks that pick and choose comments — cherry picked them — taking them out of context to try and make their point failed to get the newspaper articles I’ve written in support of the LGBT community — scores of them as a matter of fact — but those never seem to make their rounds.”

Mill continued: “I own what I say. When hearing what people have to say, for every article they’ll come and show you, and ‘oh look what he said’ after they take it out of context, I can show you articles I have written  with my name published in the newspaper in which I support the LGBT community. So be very careful of folks telling you things.”

Mill continued: “I usually sit here and be quiet and take it, but when I see an organized effort based on a pack of lies to come down here and attack myself and Commissioner Alderete I’m not going to remain silent.”

So where are these “scores of articles” with Mill’s byline in support of the LGBT community?  If you can find one published in the newspaper, send us a scan of the print edition or a link to the website.  We can’t find a single story.

Mill never says which newspaper he’s published “scores” or articles and, from his speech, we’re almost certain he doesn’t know that a “score” means 20 articles and “scores” would be 40 or 41.  I challenge Mill to produce “scores” of stories…I just don’t think they exist. I’d be happy to see one or two, but “scores” of pro-LGBT articles with Mill’s byline are simply hot air.

I still can’t find a single article written by Sean H. Mill that supports the LGBTQ community published anywhere.  I do have a comment where he called the former publisher of this site, Chris Prevatt, an HIV+ gay man, “you infected little shit.”

For voters in Riverside who don’t know Mill’s party-switching, political vendettas and honesty about his LGBTQ support, Santa Ana residency/Riverside residency, and his Airport Commission appointment date.  Does this man have the integrity to serve you on the city council of your city?

And Dan C also had this to say about Mill’s ethics and title-seeking behavior (Reference the above linked blog for more context):

When last seen, former Santa Ana Planning Commissioner Sean H. Mill resigned from his seat in July 2016 after a private investigation discovered he was no longer a resident of Santa Ana (more details on this to come).

Mill has switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican and is running for City Council in Riverside.  But stretching the truth is something he’s applying in his campaign for voters in Riverside who don’t know him as well as we do.  And he has a long track record of being less than honest.

Mill resigned from the Santa Ana Planning Commission on July 13, 2016, about a week after his wife saw a private investigator taking photos of Mill’s car outside her home in Riverside.  When Mrs. Mill confronted the PI, on July 5, she told him, “My husband lives in Santa Ana.”  Mill’s resignation letter reference he had moved to Riverside in “late June” making one wonder if he was hiding in his wife’s home or did she not get the new script.

It’s entirely possible Mill was residing in Riverside for months while he remained on the Planning Commission and enjoyed all the perks that came with that sans residency.  Here’s the Voice of OC story on the resignation.  Remarkably, Mill was appointed to the Riverside Airport commission less than a month after leaving Santa Ana, leading many of us to wonder if there’s a real shallow pool of candidates for commissions in the area there.

Take a peak at Mill’s fundraising flyer.  He states he was an airport commissioner from 2015 to 2017.  Now the rules for being on commissions require residency.  How could Mill be on this commission in 2015 when he was a Santa Ana Planning Commissioner in 2016?  That’s actually a crime — fraud I believe.  But knowing Mill as we do, we’ll chock this up to an attempt by him to make voters believe he’s been a factor in Riverside longer than he has.

—- It is time for everyone in the Riverside GOP structure to do a gut-check. Sean Mill is a disaster. He is a democrat. He is a liar. He is unethical. Look at what is easily available out there and you will draw the same conclusions I did.

The Riverside GOP need to expel him for giving aid and comfort to democrats.

No GOP group should take him seriously ever.

The Riverside Lincoln Club should ostracize him as a traitor.

Apr 042022

As of Today 4-4-2022 Your Intrepid Blogger has received nothing from the Scott Jones Campaign.

Immediate Release

April 4, 2022

Contact: Dave Gilliard

Email: Dave@GBACampaigns.com


11,053 individual donations drive Kevin Kiley’s

$1.1 Million First Quarter


ROCKLIN, CA – – Republican congressional candidate Kevin Kiley (CA-3) raised over $1.1 million in the first quarter of 2022 from 11,053 individual donations. Kiley began his campaign on January 6, so the funds were raised in less than a full quarter.

“The support Kevin has been able to generate in 12 weeks and the enthusiasm for his campaign has been nothing short of astonishing,” said Kiley for Congress campaign consultant Dave Gilliard. “With thousands of donors and hundreds of volunteers already working on the ground, we have the resources, the momentum and the winning message.”

As the official Republican Party endorsed candidate, Kevin Kiley has established himself as the clear frontrunner in the new 3rd District, a great portion of which he already represents in the State Assembly.

First elected to the California Assembly in 2016, Kevin is the author of groundbreaking new laws on freedom of speech, artificial intelligence, privacy, criminal justice reform, and protections for sexual assault victims, along with introducing the most significant school choice legislation in recent years. Kiley is a former prosecutor and Deputy Attorney General.