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#CA49 Bryan Maryott’s endorsement was delayed a month by the actions of one of the most giant alligators in the California Swamp, Howard Hakes, and his David Stafford Reade-linked assistant Mark Spannagel. While I think Maryott is a fraud and an empty shirt, he was chosen by the county parties, and the state party had no business denying him the endorsement he earned. (WARNING – Mr. Maryott, that endorsement will be the high point of your campaign because your intrepid blogger is coming for you)

Allow your intrepid blogger to opine on Bryan Maryott. He appears to be a deadbeat, a loser, and a complete fraud. Mr. Maryott may not realize that your intrepid blogger used to have a securities license. Your intrepid blogger sold mutual funds and investments as part of his insurance business in a previous life. CFP is a neat designation to have. (Certified Financial Planner) With the said designation, you can charge for fee-based financial planning, and it takes education, a license, and continuing education to maintain it.

Apparently, Bryan Maryott forgot this key detail when attempting to lie to voters on his ballot designation. The Coast News lit Maryott up

REGION — Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett has filed an official complaint against fellow Republican candidate Brian Maryott, accusing the former San Juan Capistrano mayor of lying to voters about his employment status.

Per the complaint, which Bartlett’s campaign filed on March 21 with the California Secretary of State, Maryott’s proposed ballot designation as a “certified financial planner” is “false, misleading, and unlawful because it does not accurately reflect his current profession, vocation, or occupation.”

Whoopsie. Looks like a local media outlet picked up on the feckless Maryott’s latest attempt to embellish his personal failure into a resume.

According to the complaint, Maryott retired from working as a financial planner four years ago to “become a part-time politician.” Since then, Maryott’s certification has lapsed and he has not earned any income from the profession, making his ballot designation claim fraudulent and misleading, Bartlett alleges.

Until his retirement in 2018, Maryott was a regional manager for Wells Fargo and served as a registered broker and investment advisor over the course of his career.

“According to public records, Brian Maryott has no job, no income, no business, and no license – he is not a certified financial planner, he is a fraud,” Bartlett said in a statement provided to The Coast News.

But he stayed at a Maryott Inn Express last night…

In her statement, Bartlett lambasted Maryott for “deceiving the public” regarding his ballot designation and for allegedly violating ethics rules during his time on the San Juan Capistrano City Council.

“The last time he had a job as a City Councilman, he cost the City of San Juan Capistrano $500,000 because he violated ethics rules, in addition to improperly using public resources to campaign,” Bartlett said. “There is too much at stake for our country in the upcoming election to pin our hopes on a dishonest and unqualified candidate who is a perennial loser in the 49th district.

“America is headed on the wrong track, whether you are talking about rising inflation, skyrocketing crime, failing education, weak foreign policy, and rapidly decreasing quality of life. We need an immediate change in leadership to address these crises, but if Maryott is able to advance to the general election by deceiving the public – yet again – it all but guarantees Mike Levin keeps his job in November.”

Maryott has no job and no money but he has a California Republican Party endorsement!

Conservative Mugs 970×250

According to Tim Lineberger, Bartlett’s campaign manager, Maryott’s statement concedes the crux of the complaint by admitting financial planning is not his current “principal profession” as required under the law.

“The mere existence of a certification doesn’t mean that you’re able to engage in actual financial planning,” Lineberger said. “The requirement for ballot designation is that your title has to be your current occupation, he concedes that his occupation is currently not a certified financial planner. So, he’s conceding our argument in the complaint that he’s not engaged in this activity, and in fact that he’s not even licensed to do it.”

The complaint itself includes more than 50 pages of exhibits that Lineberger says demonstrate that Maryott hasn’t worked in a financial planning capacity since 2018.

According to Lineberger, not only did Maryott misrepresent his employment status in campaign filings with the Secretary of State’s Office, but he also lied to voters on his official ballot statement, which is publicly available online.

The ballot statement lists “certified financial planner” directly underneath Maryott’s name on the statement.

Bryno lied.

In Maryott’s case, Stern said that it seems as though Bartlett’s complaint has a reasonable chance of success since the former mayor acknowledged that he doesn’t currently practice any financial planning.

“The fact that he’s certified doesn’t really matter here,” Stern said. “I mean up until a few years ago I was still an attorney, but I’m not practicing law anymore so I’m not an attorney. It’s not your current occupation if you’re inactive in that field even though you’re licensed, that just doesn’t persuade me. If I was at the Secretary of State’s Office I would tell [Maryott] give me more facts and show me that you’re a CFP, or I won’t approve this.”

(Stern is a campaign law expert quoted in the article)

Bryan Maryott’s campaign has now begun the slow, painful descent to oblivion. Perhaps he should have maintained his license, because he won’t be getting a federal government job anytime soon…

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