Mar 302022

But he did stay at a Maryott Inn Express Last Night…

Via the Coast News Group:

REGION — 49th Congressional District candidate Brian Maryott has officially changed his ballot designation after a complaint filed by Republican primary challenger Supervisor Lisa Bartlett alleged the former San Juan Capistrano mayor misled voters about his professional employment status.

Wait. I thought this was a dirty campaign stunt? So Bryan Maryott lied on his application to run for office and got caught? Say it ain’t so, Joe.

“The decision by the Secretary of State to force Brian Maryott to change his ballot designation only further confirms what we already knew – Maryott is deliberately misleading voters and pretending to be someone he’s not,” Bartlett said in a statement.

However, Maryott’s campaign has strongly denied Bartlett’s allegations and said he voluntarily made the change as a result of issues unrelated to the complaint.

“We recently and pro-actively amended our ballot title with the Secretary of State’s office, making a change unrelated to any threats from desperate candidates,” said Megan House, Maryott’s campaign manager, in a statement. “The CFP Board of Standards does not allow Certified Financial Planner professionals to advertise our credentials without the trademark, and the Secretary’s office does not allow the use of trademarks.”

Let me help Ms. House out. The CFP Association will prosecute anyone using the designation that is not eligible to. The part about the trademark is pure BS as we have all seen other candidates with the designation. Please do a better job of spin later.

“We don’t approve/disapprove a ballot designation based on 3rd party complaints. We do receive them, but don’t base our review on them,” said Joe Kocurek, a representative for the state office. “We review the ballot designation worksheet and any accompanying materials provided by each candidate, then we reach out to a candidate if we find there is an issue of any sort with their proposal. We spoke with this candidate and we came up with a ballot designation that was acceptable for him and us.”

Translation – the SOS office got the complaint and talked to Maryott about his BS. Target hit.

Maryott has previously denied any wrongdoing in his campaign filings, arguing that his certification as a financial planner still remains active. Maryott acknowledged that he no longer practices financial planning or provides investment advice and that he is not active with any brokerage.

Well that’s a lie. Maryott’s Securities License has been lapsed for 4 years.

In order for a ballot designation…to be deemed acceptable by the Secretary of State, …each proposed principal profession, vocation or occupation submitted by the candidate must be factually accurate, descriptive of the candidate’s principal profession, vocation or occupation must be neither confusing nor misleading,” the law reads. “…The candidate’s proposed ballot designation is entitled to consist of the candidate’s current principal professions, vocations and occupations.”

According to Robert Stern, a retired attorney and former elections counsel to the Secretary of State’s Office, the successful result of Bartlett’s complaint is a win for her campaign, as such ballot designation challenges are rarely so swiftly resolved. What impact the challenge will have on the June primary is unclear however, at least for now, Stern added.

It’s very unusual for the Secretary of State to deny a candidate’s occupational status,” Stern said. “I’d guess it only happens a handful of times each year. So yes, it’s a win for the candidate filing the complaint. It’s also significant in the sense that voters get a lot of information from the three-word title candidates use to describe themselves on the ballot. If a candidate doesn’t raise a lot of money or isn’t as well known, that can really be something that identifies you to voters and lets people know who you are.

Maryott got beat down. Since Bryan Maryott won’t have a pot to piss in for his campaign, the loss of his deceptive ballot title is devastating. Tick. Tock.

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Then there is this nugget:

Bartlett’s campaign may also challenge Maryott’s new ballot designation as a businessman/nonprofit executive with the Secretary of State, according to her campaign manager Tim Lineberger.

Bad Bryno. Stop lying about your occupation man. Just use “Unemployed” or “Aspiring Career Politician”.

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  3 Responses to “#CA49 Update: Fraud Has Consequences, Maryott Forced to Change His Deceitful Ballot Designation”

  1. Well what’s the lie? A Securities License expiration is probably unrelated to a Board of Standards Certification status. If you want to make accusations of lies, don’t cite unrelated facts just because they they sound similar.

    Blogger’s Note: This is an argument you will not win with me. I have worked in the industry for 25 years and Bryan knows exactly what he did and he got caught and called on it. If my insurance license was expired I can not call myself an insurance broker. Period.

  2. Did a little searching on my own: Per “Verify a CFP® Professional” page, MR. BRIAN L. MARYOTT’s CERTIFICATION STATUS is Certified, he has NO CFP BOARD DISCIPLINARY HISTORY, and his COMPANY is not applicable. I’d call him a Certified Financial Planner.

  3. Eric Early went to court and won That’s worth a story don’t you think?

    Blogger’s Note: Whomever came up with that Idea deserves a raise from Mr. Early.

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