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Concerning #CA03, I have no horse in the race. It is, however, fascinating to watch the insider machinations. Welcome to the Sacramento GOP – home of David Stafford Reade (who actually lives in yoyo county) and friends.

It appears that Kevin Kiley’s CAGOP endorsement push died at the Sacramento GOP who deadlocked and did not endorse in CA03. I was told by at least one person present that David Reade was directing a couple of people with no clue about the parliamentary procedure how to act. My first experience with Reade was in 2002 with Fake CRA units and was pretty much the same drill. 20 years later some things don’t change.

Sacramento County represented 16-17% of the vote in CA03. Mono and Alpine have no Central Committee. Plumas is going to endorse Scott Jones. The wildfire-ravaged county is something like 2.5% of the population. Mono (which includes the communist enclave of Mammoth Lakes) is about 1.8% of the population of CA03. It looks like Kiley will finish somewhere around 78% of the population when he gets Inyo County’s endorsement. You need 80% to get the CAGOP endorsement. David Stafford Reade deserves credit, he literally singlehandedly killed a CAGOP endorsement of Kiley. Reade gets paid a lot of money for what he does and in this case, he was able to accomplish the mission.

#CA06 is another fascinating race. At one point Jason Paletta was a candidate in #CA06. Paletta was recruited by yoyo County Chairman Dan Brown to run against Tamika Hamilton in #CA02-04 as the machinations of the MALDEF-led Citizens Redistricting Commission wound. The yoyo GOP is a fascinating story unto itself with an out-of-control chairman ruling a fiefdom, but since he is now aligned with the regime in charge of the CAGOP he is pretty much safe there.

It appears that Tamika Hamilton got rewarded for her service to the regime as well. As you recall, I was sharply critical of her for abandoning her grassroots supporters that helped her beat Sean Feucht in the prior primary. Hamilton got endorsed by the Sacramento GOP, which has 100% of the district in it. Given that Sacramento’s Central Committee is almost 100% staff and consultants it is impossible to not draw any other conclusion.

Roger Niello picked up the rest of what he needed for his CAGOP endorsement.

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ON 2-28 El Dorado’s GOP committee is having a special meeting for Joe Patterson only. My guess is Jason Paletta will get skunked at that meeting, but who knows. Paletta ended up in #AD05 after shopping for offices all along the I-80 corridor.

In San Joaquin, the crazed Scott “Grimace” Winn appears to have gotten CAGOP Vice-Chair Bay Area Jonathan Madison to move to Stockton to oppose Tom Patti in #CA09.

Winn, pictured above has three family members on the San Joaquin GOP. That County Committee is almost evenly split and will now hang up on an endorsement in #CA09.

I have been told that Joe Day in Stanislaus is a puppet of Grimace as well, I don’t know. I just know that these unnecessary antics dramatically reduce the Party’s chances of picking up #CA09. Scott Winn is part of the same Oligarchy of Controlled Failure as David Stafford Reade and the laundry list of people your intrepid blogger lampoons on Right on Daily.

With regard to Madison, Her Majesty Jessica Patterson gets to make an appointment to replace him. You can make bank it will be one of Luis Buhler’s butt-monkeys.

Then of course there is always this disaster (and paycheck for the Oligarchy) that is rumored to be popping back out of the political sewer:

It is political season baby.

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  5 Responses to “California Political Update: Central Committee Follies”

  1. Yolo is not in step with the ‘Regime’ and I am glad they are not. In CD6 they have endorsed Chris Bish(who lives in the CD6), not Hamliton (Who lives in Solano County and is District shopping). And I have watched Dan Brown closely. He is one of the Best Leaders we have had in Yolo County in Decades (I have been with that Central Committee for almost 30 years outside of military deployments)

  2. I will send you some interesting news re Chris Bish, CA-06, next week

  3. Agree with Charlie Schauup comments. I was at the Central Committee meeting on February 16 and Tamika Hamilton was endorse with the assistance of 4 “Alternates” [re CAGOP] members

  4. Agree with Charlie Schauup comments. I was at the Central Committee meeting on February 16 and Tamika Hamilton was endorsed [hate lack of edits] with the assistance of 4 “Alternates” [re CAGOP] members

  5. Chris Bish, CA-06 candidate, was invited to and attended the Candidate Forum and Dinner, Mar-A-Lago, Florida on February 23, 2022.

    She was also invited to and attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC 2022) in Orlando, Florida on February 24-27, 2022. At these events, she was widely recognized as the only viable candidate who could beat Ami Bera in the November election.

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