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Pictured – Gene James Truck backed up to a homeless man’s tent blowing exhaust in to it. What a peach of a guy James is. Also note the ego plate on the truck too.

Stolen Valor Act of 2013

A revised version of the statute, the Stolen Valor Act of 2013, specifically amends the federal criminal code to make it a crime for someone to claim they have served in the military, embellish their rank or fraudulently claim having received a valor award specific in the Act, with the intention of obtaining money, property, or other tangible benefits by convincing another that he or she received the award. Under this act, fraudulent claims about military service can be subject to a fine, imprisonment for not more than one year, or both for an individual who, with intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefits, fraudulently holds himself or herself to be a recipient of:

  • Medal of Honor
  • Distinguished Service Cross
  • Navy Cross
  • Air Force Cross
  • Silver Star
  • Bronze Star
  • Purple Heart
  • Combat Action Ribbon
  • Combat Infantryman’s Badge
  • Combat Action Badge
  • Combat Medical Badge
  • Combat Action Medal
  • Any replacement or duplicate medal for such medal as authorized by law

Provided above is a summary of the federal law about Stolen Valor. Next up is the actual language:

‘‘(b) FRAUDULENT REPRESENTATIONS ABOUT RECEIPT OF MILITARY DECORATIONS OR MEDALS.—Whoever, with intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit, fraudulently holds oneself out to be a recipient of a decoration or medal described in subsection (c)(2) or (d) shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than one year, or both.’’.

The referenced part of the Federal Code has far more than the above list in it.

There was a complaint and a lot of controversy about San Clemente Councilman Gene James and his stolen valor. There is now video proof he did it. Gene James never earned the Legion of Merit. His DD214 confirms as such. Yet TWICE he was at events wearing said medal. 2016 and 2019.

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Here is the original video featuring a news article with Gene James on broadcast TV with the indicated medal on his lapel.

The second video contains still shots from both USO event appearances in 2016 and 2019.

Your intrepid blogger is aware that the OC DA’s office was alerted to this when Gene James was a candidate. Did they have this proof then? What will they do with the complaint now that it appears to be substantiated?

Please see a previous post about the Stolen Valor Charge here.

See a post from May of 2021 about the Stolen Valor issue and an ongoing lawsuit related to it.

There is an active and ongoing lawsuit from a mail vendor whose reputation was allegedly injured from printing the Stolen Valor lie. Gene James actually asked the City of San Clemente to defend said lawsuit!

To be continued…


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  7 Responses to “San Clemente Gene James Update: Proof He Committed Stolen Valor (Where is the OCDA?)”

  1. I have never seen anyone blow the rank of Colonel (07) or very senior enlisted (E9) get a Legion of Merit. What was James’ Rank? Not saying it can’t happen, I just never seen it done. If by some reason it did not get listed on his DD214 (granted after discharge or other odd circumstance) he would have the citation signed by the granting authority.

  2. Charlie – he claims to have been a Sgt First Class. That adds to your comment.

  3. Thank you for doing the right thing here. The local newspaper is a joke. All of the Facebook groups in San Clemente are run by pawns of developers who delete posts and comments. Sad!

  4. That rank, Sgt First Class (E-7 Army) would be listed on his DD214 if he was active duty. I have never seen a E-7 get a Legion of Merit…Under normal DOD ‘unspoken rules’ he would have needed to earn the Army Achievement Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Meritorious Service Medal and likely Bronze Star first (they normally award you the lowest award you have not yet been awarded). Not saying it can’t happen…but it would be damn rare. His DD214 would be loaded with medals.

  5. This is 100% true! Thank you Charlie, you are right with your comment!! Everything about this man is a fraud, and there are many more people associated with this criminal who are apart of OC’s political criminal organizations, and even the court systems (I have black and white proof of this). These politicians are part of a very large Synthetic Identity Theft ring that extends everywhere in the U.S., and involved in a lot more criminally then Synthetic ID theft. His first wife is the one who is the veteran! She is now a nurse in Florida. However, before I bash him OR the REST of the ID stealing, political, criminals throughout OC I would like to introduce myself. I’m a true military police veteran of the USMC with 5 real college degrees from the OC area with one being in paralegal studies and my highest degree being my BSN. My roommate was in real estate, and an OC native, who currently lives with me still after we packed up a left SC because of what we learned, and being in fear for our lives. My training and education, along with her job is what made us able to discover what is really going on out there with what we have to add to this story and how much further it extends. We moved into SC from Capo beach almost a year ago today. Unfortunately, for myself and my roommate we did NOT finish our lease in SC due to being afraid for our lives. Myself and my roommate packed very minimal belongs, and left SC in Feb. to get out of there! We packed up in a frantic hurry once we fully realized what we were facing due to what we established. Our fear originated from the street we were living on, Loma Ln., behind the 7-11, right off of the Palizada exit from the 5 south. There is a lot of criminal activity being committed on this street which all focuses around Synthetic Identity Theft, falsified deeds to properties, Money laundering, drug dealing and overdoses, 3 people getting there heads cut off (2015 time frame), and much much more, all of which I can show. My roommate and I started going to the SC Times coffee meeting on Friday mornings right by the firehouse in SC, along with attending one of the public safety committee’s meetings (many people sitting at this table are frauds also) to bring this information to light, along with the proper attention necessary, in order to reach out for help but due to what we were facing. We tried, but us finding out about this story, and other weird stories that surrounded these political figures, caused us to start looking into everyone associated with these Horrific stories. Scary enough to us it was extremely easy to find many connections that caused us to start fearing for our lives. Now, back to the pathetic, fraudulent, Gene James. I have documentation showing his first wife is the one who received this medal of valor for her service as a medic in the ARMY, and as far as the OC DA’s office looking into this I would be very Skeptical that anything would ever surface about this. After all, I can show many people associated with the court system, having multiple Synthetic identities, forged real estate documents, and this sadly enough extends to much higher authorities out there in California. Besides this award being fraudulently showcased, I can even show that some of the properties which Gene James has foreclosed on (written about in a previous article) are now owned by other aliases associated with his name. Let’s not forget about his current wife who is a doctor, “supposedly”! They were running a business, or two, out of their SC which was ran like a start up by someone who has no idea with what they are doing. Coincidentally, they stopped paying for this company right around the time my roommate and I were shouting from the roof tops that they were all frauds, and when I say the roof tops I mean literally, but that is a story for another day. Gene, and his current wife, are actually close friends with a women, and her husband who live on the wonderful Loma Ln., which oddly enough you should see the borrowing of money done through the property that this lady lives at, not to mention where the people who lived at before moved to in the U.S., and what is going on there. I am going to jump around a bit here and I URGE the RightOnDailyBlog to reach out to me for a real story which extends much further then these local criminals of San Clemente. My information comes from different Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) programs, and is all factual in nature. I also urge someone to look into the Captain of Orange County Sheriffs Department, Tony Benfeild, along with the previous Captain of OC Sheriffs Department who was moved to their air wing. I am curious why he always had the OC sheriff’s department helicopter flying right over my house on Loma Ln. constantly! Be warned, Tony’s information surrounding himself only leads to a lot of scary information! Also, I had the city, code enforcement, come out to look at, 133 Loma Ln., where I was living and let’s just say Bret Pollard is another one who has a bunch of aliases attached to himself. For the sake of wanting to do what is right, I hope what I found about Captain Benfeild, and his Identity is the workings of the FBI, if not my roommate and I are in serious trouble. Honestly, I hope I am safe due to almost, everyone, where I lived at, at 133 Loma Ln. San Clemente CA 92672, is pretty much dead. My research even showed me that I was living at 133 Loma Ln, in 2010, however, I can assure you that I was living As a single marine in the barracks aboard camp Pendleton during this time frame, and dating a women who I am now divorced to who is sadly enough tied right into this all. Also look up the YouTube video by the Junkyard News from the stand off on Sept. 1, 2020 at my house ([133 Loma Ln.] before I lived there, obviously). If you look it up on OC sheriffs blotters it is established as a breaking and entering however this is not true! OC sheriffs department served a warrant for a man named Carlos Berber, who now resides at 133 Loma Ln. Unit B, at the time Carlos Berber lived in Unit A (my apartment which is currently empty, and should have combination locks on the front door and garage door, as the place is still in my name). Carlos lived with his sister and brother-in-law, the tenants before me, due to just being Paroled from jail. His brother-in-law died of a supposed drug overdose 12-13 days later after this police raid. However my roommate reached out to the OC Coroner’s office which claimed that Coroner’s office was called out for foul play. 129 Loma Ln. is where the 3 people were living before they had their heads cut off (this house should be empty; it is a duplex and a build that is a mirrored image of the duplex at 133 Loma Ln.). The family that moved out when I was living there a few months ago are the same people who were the family of the 3 people who had their heads cut off (OC sheriffs has a case number involving this case also). The 25+ people living there have threatened to kill me and my family. I called the police 40+ times, had this on video, and weirdly enough they would never do anything. Weirdly enough, One of the three people who had their heads cut off were named Sylvester and what I found is that this man, per the real estate documents I have, is still alive, and owns properties in Washington and even in Mission Viejo with one of the women who women who moved out of 129 Loma Ln. when I was living there. Also, there is only one man on the rental lease who lives in Unit B, at 133 Loma Ln., and my records show he came from Mexico to the U.S. with all the the original group of people living in 129 Loma Ln., all of whom have these same exact patterns of Synthetic Identities as Gene James and many others associated with the courts in Orange County along with the political figures throughout Orange County. The current owner of 133 Loma Ln. is a Vietnamese man, who introduced himself as Jay Thoi, but has many other names associated with himself. His first name is really Chay. He also has one name that has no timeline attached to an aliases, of his, which is Chay Cuu Cumthor. Chay Thoi’s lawyer who represents him goes by the name of Denis R. Hebert and he also has a stack of aliases attached to his name, along with millions of dollars in properties across the country. Also, the man who still is on the lease, that lives in unit B at 133 Loma Ln., has 9 children, and some even live in SC. My ex-wife, since us separating, has lived next to two of his children ( they are grown adults). Some of his other children live in Texas Right by the entry point from Juárez in Mexico (can anyone say Cartel) into the U.S. especially when you can find multiple people on the street of Loma Ln. with Texas plates on their vehicles that come back to these same areas in Texas. Sadly enough, for my situation, I can find my ex-wife’s hand writing on multiple different deeds to properties tied into this all where her writing is attached to these people properties and many others. Her, a lot of her friends who reside in SC, and her family all have these same fake, Synthetic, aliases all attached to there names. My ex-wife is doing the forging of the notary work. Some even claim they own houses in the area but when you pull the deed’s to their house they are owned by some other name. These deeds are so pathetically forged you can find exact replicas from different properties online. The county clerk definitely has a tie to this all. The deeds just have the address changed, and show handwriting which 100% belongs to my ex-wife for the notary work. I can match my ex-wife’s handwriting from our divorce paperwork alongside the deeds to these properties and it is an identical match to the multiple different notaries who have their names being forged. Did I mention Xuan Nuygen, one of the head workers for OC child support services is connected to the county clerk who is also tied to a real estate company who is connected with the owner of the property I was living at. I barely tipped the iceberg with information I have, in this comment but I Urge people to believe this blog and see that Gene James is not the only criminal involved in this scheme going on in OC, and our country, and realized that while being a fake military award recipient is sickening to think about, especially relating to our counties history and the men and women who deserve these awards, but instead see there is a much BIGGER criminal organization associated with this all. Everyone Please look up Synthetic Identity Theft online, or YouTube, TransUnion explains this quickly and easily on YouTube, I know I am a victim of this, but who knows who else may be! Lastly, I ask that the RightOnDailyBlog please reach out to me for all the information I have on what is really going on. SC needs help, along with OC, multiple different parts of the country, and my roommate and myself!

  6. This information is all just pieces of everything I know and have documentation of which surrounds way to many Coincidences that need to be looked at by a much higher power than the orange county sheriffs department.

  7. Look up Gene James’s college year book online. He will not be found in that either. His degree is about as fake as his DD214. Not to mention his wife’s degree as a doctor. When you do background checks on Gene James you will see that his current wife has been one of his associates before his first wife. You can use Been Verified or Instant Check Mate to do this research. You will also see that most of the properties he has foreclosed on are still owned by another one of his associates. When you are done with looking him up then go ahead a check out the public safety committee who reports to him. Most of them are just as crooked. Let’s not give Doug Chaffee a chance either. His connections with AdvancedOC (the company that did not have to bid for the government contract but still got it). They have built an app that tracks low income and elderly giving them all the information they need to keep stealing peoples information

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