Jan 272022

The Gateway Pundit just lit up the CAGOP.

WOW. The Gateway Pundit just stepped on a rake.

It is completely clear that your intrepid blogger has zero love for Jessica Patterson et. al. However, what the Gateway Pundit did to the CAGOP was a cheap shot and shoddy journalism.

The Gateway pundit accuses the CAGOP of endorsing an Ice-Hating Sheriff. They didn’t. They used a selectively edited portion of a conversation between Howard Hakes and Senator Scott Wilk as evidence.

The only endorsements the CAGOP made were in Orange County and all were lay-downs.

The Gateway Pundit also accuses the CAGOP of endorsing democrats and cite a question asked by Randy Berholtz about the rules as evidence. The video? It was edited to remove Patterson saying “No, we can not endorse democrats”. The context of Randy’s question was also removed.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Patterson did say that local parties could endorse democrats (which some have done), but not the CAGOP.

Will the Gateway Pundit retract their story? Or will they allow their actions to delegitimize conservatives further?

Your intrepid blogger wants to know.

P.S. How did the meeting get recorded? It was supposed to be confidential to allow the participants the ability to talk openly? Remember, after Planned Parenthood got burned, the State of CA banned secret recordings.

Blogger’s Note: Thank you Scott Wilk, Randy Berholtz and Matt Heath for responding and quickly providing facts to debunk the story. It is appreciated.

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  8 Responses to “Gateway Pundit Attacked the CAGOP and Completely Blew Chunks. Will They Retract Their Lie?”

  1. For years I’ve been a Prophet in the wilderness in my condemnation of The Gateway Pundit and Jim Hoft…Maybe now all of the knee jerk Republicans will remove this electronic fecal matter from their reading list?

  2. LOL .. I got a good laugh this morning when I checked out the GP article and found out all the GOP SHEEPLE that go to Anaheim will need PROOF OF VACINATION.

    Duh! Are you kidding me? You all might as well support Joe Biden and help him beat his war drums for a war in Ukraine against Russia, a loss that will finish off the USA.

    Maybe the New World “Zionist/Communist” Order is what needs to be? The Bible says there will be 4 things in place when Jesus Christ returns … A ONE WORLD 1) Government 2) Money System 3) Education System 4) Religion … Search Noachide laws of Zion. We are getting closer for those with eyes to see.

  3. No surprise that Clickbait Jimmy would have such an article on his website.

    Pundits like him, big and small, know their audience. They have a generally older, reactionary base that take things at face value, never analyze and get sent into a state of rage and panic. It’s no different than what left wing agitators like The Young Turks do with their heavily programmed viewership.

    When he puts out garbage like this, it retards any attempt that conservatives make towards getting back into power. It gets Q/Bircher/Alt-Right types out there to be more loud, get themselves in trouble and make the rest of the right look crazy. He doesn’t care. He wants you on there, giving him those clicks and ad revenue. That’s what matters to him.

  4. Me thinks Greg listened to Black Sabbath backwards…..lol

  5. To Charlie … LOL .. wrong .. I grew up on Dylan and love Meatloaf.

  6. Greg…its the Hotel, not the Party, that requires the Vax. I am no fan of Patterson and the political machine she is part of, but you missed the mark by a mile, and the Convention is about politics, not church. (Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and render unto God what is God’s). And stop playing those records backwards!!!!! lol

  7. I think the party should of addressed that the hotel asked for the mandate. However I think the base of the party would like to do business with a hotel that does not support mandates like this.

  8. You’re telling me Gateway Pundit isn’t reliable? Shocker.

    Blogger’s Note: They have gotten a lot of stuff right, but they screw up so often that it is hard to give them serious credence.

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