Jan 042022

With the upcoming 2022 Election and absurd optimism about Republican prospects – the stupid party is on overload. We already know that Republicans stubbornly refuse to understand electoral strategy. Heck, the 2022 Nevada Republican Governor Primary has 11(!) contestants. At least 9 will be at a debate in Reno on Thursday.

I hate to call Chris Bish a grifter, but after getting a bizarre email about Trump’s social media network getting blocked that was dummied up to look like Trump (until you saw Bish’s disclaimer on the bottom of it), I have to add her to the roster.

Bish is running in either CA-06 or CA-07. She ran for CA-06 previously which more resembles the new CA-07. I thought nothing of the email because gimmicks like this are done all the time in campaigns. Then, there was the Christmas Card.

Not addressed. Nothing.

Second photo provided for more context.

Jason Paletta is apparently running for CA-04. It looks like a fundraising platform may have already caught on to his grifting:

Too Damn Hot Sale

Well, that’s kind of a whoops considering you just sent Christmas Cards out…

But, not to be outdone – one of my favorite crazed grifters of all time. Omar Navarro folks. He’s baaaaaaaaaaaack… fresh out of jail for stalking and domestic abuse that is:

Mr. Omar Navarro is going to run for CA05. He has run against Maxine Waters and lost a primary to the grifter of the year 2020 Joe Collins (who raised $10 Million and got about 20% of the vote).

It appears that Mr. Navarro may have been the Republican AOC was referring to with her bizarre rant about sexual frustrations motivating attacks on her. AOC may have confused Omar’s stupidity and insanity for some sort of Freudian issue. (but, I digress)

I trust that any candidate running against Navarro in CA-05 should have a little fun with this photo. We’ve even cleaned it up for said candidate:

Dear CA-05 Candidates – you have our full permission to use this photo.

It is a new political season and a new (old) crop of Republican Grifters with stars in their eyes await the political universe. CA-04, CA-05, CA-06 and God knows who and where else await 2022.

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  2 Responses to “2022 Our First Grifter Update Post!”

  1. I spoke with Chiis Bish last night. She is running for CD6, where she actually lives…and the only reason you are calling her a grifter is because you are supporting Hamiliton (again) who doesn’t live in CD 6 and will have to cross the river and counties lines to runnin an area where she is totally unknown. Aaron you are not fooling anyone. And Bish has a lot of people helping her this time, including me!

  2. BTW Arron, I have sent two donations to Bish so far, and I am ‘Mr. Cheap’, who knows what is going on…. I don’t donate to grifters. And I will be walking precincts for her—she has me ‘on the record’ on that pledge!

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