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Speaking of things you will never see in the Sacramento Bee, the alleged citizens redistricting commission has a member “Trena Turner” liking the post of Josh Harder. Non-partisan and independent? Yeah right. It has been put to me that the racist gerrymander of the commission was at the behest of MALDEF. It should be fascinating to see what happens in court, and this time I believe that Kevin McCarthy is not going to derail efforts to sue over the lines like he did in 2011. I will certainly be interested to see what the Lawsuit accomplishes.

CA-06 (Bera) – it appears there is a feeding frenzy. One Catherine Baker of extreme leftist trump-hating Republican variety has parachuted herself there. Tamika Hamilton (who is actually a Republican) has also moved over there. If I get a chance to burn Catherine Baker’s house down I will take it. Also, take a look at who is boosting Baker, it is a list of the same vultures that circle around the CAGOP. Right on Daily endorses Tamika Hamilton – who despite supporting Jessica Patterson learned a quick lesson about how the CAGOP leadership operates. CA-06 is the North Sac County District.

CA-05 (OPEN) Does McClintock run here? If not Kevin Kiley SHOULD (and I think will). Please also note that the crazed and convicted domestic abuser Omar Navarro has parachuted himself in to this district. I guess every open seat needs a clown. CA-05 is the District that goes south in the foothills from Sac County.

CA-03 (Technically McClintock) This is where Kiley announced he is running. For the record, I think Kevin Kiley made a very poor move by announcing his run while the incumbent Tom McClintock is still grieving the loss of his wife. When I posted a bit ago, I asked people to shut the hell up and let the man grieve. Kiley’s announcement has touched off a series of corresponding moves furthering the agony for McClintock. CA-03 is the district that has Folsom, Placer, and the counties along the Nevada Border in it. People are expecting McClintock to roll to CA-05 because it is a more Republican District than CA-03. (My opinion is that CA-03 is full of flaky Republican voters that voted for Biden because they could not stand Trump’s twitter account, but McClintock does have favorability issues in Placer County and Nevada County adding to the reasons for him to jump elsewhere)

It appears that the talented Kiley is destined to make every mistake he can politically even as he does so many things right. Secondly, Mr. Kiley should call all of those people who volunteered dozens of hours for his governor campaign. I’ve been getting the same complaints about Kiley ghosting his people similar to what he did when he was elected to the Assembly.

Kiley will be an effective Congressman in terms of policy no matter which district he runs in. Governing and working the district will be a work in progress.

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SD-06. Roseville Planning Commissioner Sam Cannon has an account open and has spent $30K. Your intrepid blogger has heard nothing about any other customers in this gerrymandered district that was drawn to pack white voters in. SD-06 Goes from Lincoln to Galt along the eastern end of Sacramento County. Please note that Sam Cannon has paid your intrepid blogger. Please also note what that means for any potential opponents.

AD-05. I’ve gotten emails from some candidates. All except Rocklin Councilmember Joe Patterson are unknown with no former elected office. Whoops. Please note that Right On Daily is endorsing Joe Patterson CONTINGENT upon Kiley vacating AD-06(now AD-05) to run for congress. (which I believe is a foregone conclusion)

I will be invading Orange County and perhaps Riverside County in 2022. I will write about those in separate posts later. Please also note, that I have not dropped the William “Bill” Brough issue as that scumbag (my opinion of him based on facts I have laid out) is working in government in Orange County despite the public expose’ of his actions.

Placer SUP D-1. Right On Daily is endorsing Bonnie Gore. One of my favorite political efforts was causing permanent psychological injury to Jack Duran, the pot lawyer that ROD and others helped oust in 2018. I do believe that the public employee unions will attempt to unseat Gore with some sort of marionette. We will be very interested and will be tracking this race closely.

That is Duran on the Right, by the way…

Placer SUP D-2. This is going to be a World War 3 donnybrook.

Contestant 1: Shanti Landon (the District Staffer of retiring incumbent Robert Weygant). Shanti is a conservative in the mold of Bonnie Gore. She is outspoken in her faith, well-liked and packs a long list of endorsements suggesting the four years she has spent working with Weygant were productive and established trust and rapport with local stakeholders.

Contestant 2: Paul Joiner. Paul has been a friend of many years. I know him to be a conservative Republican, and as such I am mystified at his current strategy that suggests he is running as the union candidate. In addition, Joiner appears to be ingratiating himself to Doug Elmets and the Thunder Valley folks. Astute observers of this blog will remember that Elmets spoke at the DNC convention. Elmets abused his status as a low-level staffer in the Reagan Administration to attack President Trump in the 2016 election. It appears that Joiner is attempting to curry favor with the left and the Sacramento Bee who love to use Elmets as a “republican” anytime they need to bash Republicans.

Contestant 3: R Scott Alvord. Yes, undaunted, Alvord is going to play third man in the Placer County Sup D2 race. I can’t imagine this makes the union people very happy, but Scott is on the minds of people. Just ask him.

Paul – if you are reading this blog, please understand I am supporting Shanti Landon because I disagree with the decision you have made and the direction you are going in your campaign. It is not personal. I had to choose between two friends and people I have worked with and Landon gets the endorsement from Right on Daily because of her stands on issues and the effort she has put in over the last several years to cultivate relationships.

And of course last but not least is that dammed Western Placer Waste Management Agency debacle. Something smells, literally and I am not letting go of this.

Oh and Right On Daily has picked up a key endorsement:

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  1. You did not touch on the new CD4. Which includes Hamilton’s real residence. Garamendi it jumping to CD8 (super safe Democrat) but that now leaves CD4 open..(Yolo Napa, Lake, part Sonoma)…But its 49%D and Democratic safe (Yolo County got screwed by the Citizens Commission in CD, SD and the AD). I expect the Democrats will run someone like Dodd-Napa Democrat that jump ship on the Republican Party in 2013. You also didn’t bring up that Matsui is jumping down to the new 7th CD..Bish has been on her tail for years for actually living in Maryland and not even owning a home in California. But Bish, last I heard, will be running in CD6, where she actually lives, making both Baker and Hamilton ‘Carpetbaggers’ in the GOP looking for a seat.

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