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Hannah Holzer is proving that she is a typical liberal hack. The truth does not matter, research is for the bourgeois.

Here is 100% of the agenda from the BS article:

How egregious was it? A chunk of Roseville was shaved off from the rest of the city in a way that made no sense apart from cynical political calculation. In another questionable change, a supervisor previously approved of a configuration of a district primarily because it contained his house.

Here is the truth that Holzer denies because it is all about Scott Alvord (a democrat) being drawn in to Sup D2. MAP A WAS THE MOST LIKE THE CURRENT LINES!


Just because a lot us did not like Map A, “egregious” is a leftist whore-out term to create controversy in the wrong spot. Egregious was what Jim Holmes did to inject drama in to the entire process. No Holmes drama, no Sacramento Bee whore-out op-eds whining because there was no Democrat seat drawn in Placer County. Whenever the Bee Editorializes, imagine it is being written in Beijing. This is because this floundering enterprise has decided that going in to Pravda communist territory is the way to regain relevance.

Oh and the supervisor Holzer refused to mention by name in the above snippet? That would be Jim Holmes… whom I’d imagine this loser would want to retain in office given where he generally falls on County issues. But mentioning Holmes by name would undermine the fake controversy that the Chinese Consulate in downtown Sacramento is trying to gin up.

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Further illustrating what a complete fool Mz. Holzer is, is her reliance upon Suzanne Jones for many of the quotes in the article. The “Hybrid” Map looked like one of Holzer’s UC Davis sorority party drinking games. Those that supported it did not realize that even your intrepid blogger could have written up a lawsuit and trashed it as the flaws were that obvious. But this is what ass-backwards reactionary compromise does to people.

Crazy Suzy was only pissed because Carol Garcia remains in Sup D4 and Garcia (or someone else for that matter) is going to blow her ass out of office. It would be funny to see the Bee endorse Jones who is a social conservative with an IQ roughly equal to the sidewalk. I should start posting photos of Carol Garcia on the blog to give Jones nightmares… good Lord. Who the hell knows what 2024 holds?

So, to my dearest plant-life supervisor and lazy commie “reporter” – let me show you what real research and opinion looks like. I give you Rocklin Mayor Joe Patterson:

Supes can right the wrong districting decision this Tuesday <<< NOW TAKE NOTES, see how Polite this title is? You guys are a so-called journalists. Act like it. I am a blogger and I am not constrained by any so called veneer of objectivity. Or perhaps you should put “Sponsored by the CADEM Party with Major Funding From Chairman XI” at the bottom of your crap if you had any integrity.

Supes can right the wrong districting decision this Tuesday

Joe Patterson
Rocklin City Council

Every 10 years after the Census is completed, the Placer County Board of Supervisors is required by state law to redraw district boundaries to account for population changes and ensure every supervisor represents an equal number of residents throughout the county.

Earlier this week, on a 3-2 vote, the Board of Supervisors moved forward a proposal that does not consider the public’s testimony and weakens the voices of every resident, particularly those who live in cities.

Why is this important? Because the Board of Supervisors has a $1-billion annual budget and is primarily responsible for addressing homelessness, libraries, veteran services, mental health services, jail facilities and coordinating emergency services.

This process, called redistricting, is complicated and usually politically charged. Politicians are often motivated to draw district boundaries that protect their jobs. That is why voters created an independent commission on the state level which takes that power away from politicians. For the first time ever, the supervisors had an opportunity to create a truly independent commission where the decisions would be made by residents. Instead, they appointed an advisory committee of their choosing and ultimately dismissed their recommendation and virtually all public testimony. The approved map is very clearly against the will of the people.

One county supervisor, Jim Holmes, who represents most of Rocklin and all of Loomis, went as far as going to the Loomis Town Council to admit that he asked county staff to draw a map to ensure his job would be safe. Despite video evidence of this unethical and perhaps illegal request, he now denies it happened or was taken out of context.

After several months of hearings and receiving public input, their hand-picked advisory commission recommended a map that incorporated public testimony and would not split cities while also respecting rural areas. Emails, calls, and testimony from approximately 500 people overwhelmingly supported these goals. However, Supervisor Jim Holmes made a motion that dismissed this process and adopted the staff-created plan without changes requested by the public. His motion flew in the face of what the vast majority of his constituents asked the Board to do via official public comment: keep us together.

The map supported by Supervisor Holmes splits Rocklin into two different districts and it does so by separating the most diverse part of town, thus diluting the voice of Rocklin residents. It also rejects a desire by the town of Loomis to be matched with the rest of the Loomis Basin and distinct from the city of Rocklin.

In Placer County, 72 percent of the population lives within cities (Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, Loomis, Auburn and Colfax) yet four of the five supervisors live in unincorporated areas. This matters because decisions are being made on how to spend $1 billion every year and city residents have very little input on how it is spent.

Take for example, $77 million that Placer County received from the federal government intended to help assist residents and businesses impacted by the pandemic and various state-mandated lockdowns. Our supervisors allocated $28 million of those funds to install sewer infrastructure in parts of the county that are largely uninhabited. While your kids were stuck learning from a computer screen, your favorite business was closed at the peak of the pandemic or you lost your job, our supervisors decided to spend millions of dollars to get new people to move to Placer County rather than helping residents who already live here and pay taxes. This should infuriate city and rural residents alike.

Only one supervisor, Bonnie Gore (who lives in a city), supported keeping cities together while also creating some independence to drawing the lines. However, the majority of the Board chose to draw their own lines.

This year gave supervisors a unique opportunity to engage the public and help give you a bigger voice on matters that keep you safe and healthy. Unfortunately, the majority signaled a lack of concern for your input and decided they could do a better job.

Fortunately, this is not over quite yet. The Board of Supervisors can right this wrong and adopt a map that respects your wishes. They will be meeting on Tuesday and you can email the County Clerk at and ask that they throw out Map A and keep cities and rural communities together.

Joe Patterson is a Rocklin City Councilman and former mayor. His contact information is 916-297-4822 and

Please note, I supported Map B. I am being told there is a Map Z in the works that will pull more of Rocklin proper in to Sup D3 and it is possible that the final Map will have almost all of Rocklin in Sup D3. Map B would have put all of Rocklin in Sup D3.  If Map Z gets passed, Bill Halldin will end up in Sup D3 and in my opinion would be the favorite to replace Holmes in 2024. Patterson will still be in Sup D2 under Map Z.

Holzer should be in Map CCCP.

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  1. Wow, I love it! Tell the truth and shame the devil.

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