Dec 162021

I am not sure why Dan Brown of Yolo County is being fingered as the puppet master of Michelle Guerra in Solano County. Several sources who have found themselves in the crosshairs of the I-80 West Rampage have indicated that Dan Brown is the brains behind the borderline psychotic actions of Michelle Guerra in Solano County.

One thing I find amazing is that Brown purged Rob and Allison Olson off of the Yolo GOP. Those two were mainstays of that County Party and while they are squishes, they are good people and have generally been productive for the Republican cause. I like them both. I have more respect for them supporting Jessica Patterson over Steve Frank because they were honest about it. Dan Brown was not.

While Brown’s portion of the I-80 West Rampage has been smaller than that of Michelle Guerra, he was present and ran a recent meeting where Guerra was able to finally exact final revenge on the last holdout members of the Solano GOP.

Why does the rampage of Michelle Guerra matter? She sold her soul to Jessica Patterson in the Chairman’s election and is now in Solano County on a rampage against RINO’s. Got it, she supports the queen RINO and is now going full Bannon on her local county party.

And, note – I had a front row seat to see the Bannon People take over the Washoe GOP. Washoe is the swing county in the swing state of Nevada. It will be a labratory for weather this national effort is constructive or weather it is the tea party on acid.

Several of your intrepid blogger’s sources believe that Guerra’s near psychotic rampage is related to purging undesireables to purify the Solano GOP to conform with what she thinks is Bannon’s mission.

Too Damn Hot Sale

Guerra has publicly attacked and threatened Republican Electeds in Solano County. (Remember Solano is about 28% Republican)

Guerra publicly attacked a disabled member of the Solano GOP threatening them in front of a lot of witnesses.

She staged a public lynching of a long time Solano GOP member that was presided over by the aforementioned Dan Brown.

I was sent a list of former Solano GOP members who endured withering attacks from the crazed Guerra before they resigned. I recognized several of the names and all are recognized conservatives and leaders within the Solano GOP. They are gone now.

What I have also found is that I no longer know who to trust on SCRCC or even our local republican community.  I now find myself wondering  I’ve seen aggressive behavior by newer persons who are supportive of Michele, but who have been antagonistic toward certain elected members – specifically XXX and XXX. I felt Michele was dismissive and disrespectful to (three names deleted). I even suspect this other group is starting to try and permeate the Solano Republican women’s group.
They’re entitled to their opinions but I do not trust their intentions, whatever they are revealed to be.  Hard to know because at this point in time, they keep their intentions to themselves. (BLOGGER’S NOTE: Classic tactics of the Bannon Precinct Strategy Types)
New associate member Bonnie Horn’s comments and recent placement as a Education committee leader, the absurd trial-like central committee hearing against XXX, the heated and disparaging comments toward (XXX and XXX) by Michele and members who align with her, the disrespect shown toward XXX, XXX, XXX, Earl and Tamika Hamilton, the ZOOM electronic interference coupled with Michele’s efforts to manipulate bylaws for her needs … these all combine to take the elected central committee in a different direction I’m not comfortable with.  It is becoming a committee of followers and there is no decision making power but with Michele, no planning or any communication or authority for decision making with the elected district reps themselves.  It’s more like the elected reps are considered to be in the way until Michele can somehow remove them and appoint those who align with the other group’s agenda.

Then a different source said this:

One example, Bonnie Horn has been with SCRCC for less than 1 month; however, Michele has placed Ms Horn in charge of the Education Committee (we’ve never had an education committee) and of course, you saw Ms Horn’s widely circulated email, extremely biased against Tamika and encouraging “happy hunting” of RINOS.

If Tamika Hamilton is a RINO, then most Republicans are communists. Hamilton is guilty of aligning with Patterson, and that is the extent of it – but apparently, Guerra gets a pass for what she did.

It should be noted that the rampage queen has gotten her 30 pieces of silver for betraying conservatives in February. Guerra is on the CAGOP’s coveted Rules Committee – and has participated in the cover-ups of the by-law violations your intrepid blogger exposed.

Guerra is on the proxies and credentials committee and participated in lynching at least 20 legitimate conservative delegates to the CAGOP at the Feb Convention. So, it appears she used the CAGOP as a test lab for what she was going to do in Solano County.

Guerra is on the CAGOP’s Executive Committee.

Guerra is also on the new “Blind and Disabled” committee. Do they know what she recently did to a blind member of the Solano GOP? Several people witnessed Guerra verbally abuse this blind woman reducing her to a blubbering mess. As Jessica Patterson is known to be quite mean herself was this some sort of interview for the position?

Guerra is a unique breed, she sold her soul to the squishes and the establishment to make a name for herself and get on committees within the State Party. In Solano County she is on some sort of false crusade masquerading as a Bannon-ite. She is a fraud and both Patterson’s people and Bannon’s people should be extremely wary of her and Dan Brown.

Then people wonder why the hell the CAGOP is headed south of 23% registration?

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  7 Responses to “A Labratory for the Extinction of the CAGOP – The Rampage of Solano Chair Michelle Guerra With a Side of Yolo Yoyo. Guerra is also a Leader in the CAGOP”

  1. Why do I view this as an anti-Bannon rant? All my life I’ve watched feckless Republicans who go along to get along, what is commonly called the Uniparty, a term that describes the globalist establishment’s control over politics and policy to the extent that every or nearly every major political party or politician are controlled by them and, thus, have far more in common than different, policy-wise. Today I am a PROUD Steve Bannon Posse MEGA Republican I will eventually figure out what the Placer Counter Republican Party is about, other than being a very secretive organization that only seems to be open to local insiders.

  2. When will our party members understand that we win elections by adding, not subtracting? Even feral cat colonies stick together. Unfortunately, the CAGOP does not mentor and nurture County Central Committees and CCCs do not mentor and nurture their members. The job of CCCs is to grow the party through voter registration, electing candidates, and making the Republican Party relevant; raise money; make endorsements; and get out the vote. We do this by showing up in our community, learning the process and knowing the players, and engaging effectively.

    Chairs control the agenda. All ideas are worthy of attention. If it requires a vote, only those that have been vetted and appear to have committee approval should make it to the floor. If you have been around for a while, you will learn that the person you disagree with today may be on your side tomorrow. Tomorrow will be much easier if you were professional and respectful on the day you disagreed, and it is OK to maintain your principles and values.

    My one experience with Michelle Guerra was positive. She is a member of the Rules committee. I attempted to champion an amendment to the CAGOP bylaws to make CCC Secretaries self-appointed delegates. She was the only one on the Rules Committee that would talk to me before the convention. She made the motion to move my proposal forward for discussion. No one else on that committee would second the motion. Why, because the Rules Committee is stacked with people that are there for one purpose. That purpose is control. Passing this amendment was a great opportunity to set up a Secretaries Association, similar the Treasurers Association. Making CCC Secretaries self-appointed delegates and forming a Secretaries Association would send a message that the CAGOP wants to nurture and mentor CCCs.

  3. Thomas, I think there is one CRP board member who is a county party secretary, maybe we can get it passed at the next convention we have.

  4. You are totally wrong about Dan Brown and Yolo GOP. The committee is at 50+ members and growing, razing funds, expanded into a huge permanent Headquarters (large enough to host dinners of nearly 300) and is reaching out to Yolo GOP Voters—who are starting to show up at committee meetings. Dan is in line with most of the rural county Chairs and has the committee planning monthly dinners and events—something they never did in the past.

    I am no longer affiliated with the Solano Committee but I think Guerra has learned a lot via the ‘school of hard knocks’. I had some short chats with her at the last Convention and I think she ‘Gets it’ as to what is really going on in the CRP.

    Charlie: people change.

  5. Guerra was a hardworking, dedicated volunteer/leader for Travis Allen for Governor. We were not only focusing on him but knew we had to rid ourselves of the cagop swamp. That was the goal!! I’m stunned she later sucked up to Jessica and the cabal and we will no longer trust her. Is she in the cool lunch table for now on some sort of mission? 3D chess?

  6. Guerra was a hardworking, dedicated volunteer/leader for Travis Allen for Governor. We were not only focusing on him but knew we had to rid ourselves of the cagop swamp. That was the goal!! I’m stunned she later sucked up to Jessica and the cabal and we will no longer trust her. Is she in the cool lunch table for now on some sort of mission? 3D chess?

  7. I am not sure that Guerra is so much of a supporter of Jessica currently. Noted that –Guerra chewed my butt hard when I refused to support Hamilton in the CD primary but there were and still are reasons I will not support Hamilton. But Michelle seems to be learning in the school of ‘hard nocks’ that being a County Chair is not easy. There are a lot of ‘users’ in politics, and Aaron, if she has changed, it seems to be a change for the good because she seems to realize who the ‘users’ are now.

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