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Your intrepid blogger has been interested in the upcoming Placer County Waste / Trash / Dump contract. After exposing the attempts of the staff to give the current provider a no-bid 20 year contract for services – despite the mismanagement and substandard services they provided, it appears that the staff of the Western Placer Waste Management Authority are up to their tricks again. Fortunately, the level-headed WPWMA insisted staff put the contract out to bid. And it’s good thing they did – the current provider’s bid came in dead last when compared to others.

Undaunted by the previous exposure – they are trying to ram down a contract with a provider that has a history of screw ups, underbidding, fines, poor service and that is just some of what a google search reveals. Read on…

Then, a few days ago – this missile hit my text message threads.

A top Roseville wastewater official has been charged with five felony counts of diverting public funds to personal use, including two counts alleging he used money from the South Placer Wastewater Authority to pay for the moving expenses and law school tuition for a woman he arranged to have hired, The Sacramento Bee has learned.

Kenneth James Glotzbach, 54, Roseville’s assistant director of wastewater utilities and the executive director of the wastewater authority, was charged in Superior Court on Nov. 8 by Placer County District Attorney Morgan Gire’s office and an arrest warrant was issued, court files say. He was arrested at his Carmichael home Friday and booked into the South Placer Jail before being released on $20,000 bail, Roseville police spokesman Rob Baquera said.

Glotzbach is accused of arranging to hire Marisa Tricas, a 32-year-old U.S. Environmental Protection Agency worker he met at a conference, without permission from the city and eventually of having her hired in 2018 by a consulting firm paid with city, county and utility funds, court records say.

He allegedly arranged for more than $300,000 in public funds to be used to pay Tricas, funded her moving expenses from Washington, D.C., by putting them on his city credit card and had the city pay for her tuition at Lincoln Law School, court records say.

It looks like Placer County Staff across departments has ongoing issues beyond those I have written about for years. While a lot of people working for Placer County are great people, one of the most consistent issues with County or any government staff is their proclivity to try to run the government by proxy.

It appears that Placer County Staff pulled a classic trick – they put out a detailed report recommending a flawed, substandard provider for services. IT appears they were looking at price only without doing due diligence on the voracity of the provider. (Or perhaps daydreams of a Christmas junket to the headquarters of the preferred vendor in Spain are indeed true and a factor in the recommendation. Conozco que Espana es tanto bonita en la invierna!)

WORSE – THEY PUT THE REPORT OUT AT 4PM ON A FRIDAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING WEEK… WITH THE MEETING TO VOTE ON THE ISSUE IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THANKSGIVING WEEK!!! This is unethical at best and MAY be indicative of some undue influence or out of control egos inside the bowels of government.

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On The Monday following Thanksgiving – the 5 member Western Placer Waste Management Authority board is going to vote on a contract between “FCC” and “Green Waste”. It is the opinion of this blogger that FCC is a disaster and is a substandard provider. The FCC company is like Three Mile Island in a google search.

The first thing that pops out to me is on a major contract with the City of Dallas – this provider appears to have UNDERBID the contract. This is common – especially when coupled with a nearly immediate request for a cost increase. IT appears they Bid about $71 a ton and within a year went for a “Variable” per ton rate increase. There was another bidder within $3 a ton when FCC won the contract. You tell me what this looks like? See their initial bid here. See the request to jack the price here. In layman’s terms, when you ask for a variable market based fee increase, it means your current prices are under the market – as in you underbid and are not charging enough.

Do note that my understanding of California Law is that underbidding a contract is illegal. Bidding a contract at cost is also illegal. Given the pattern of FCC you have to wonder if this is at play here.

Secondly, it appears that FCC is a pretty big provider – but amazingly has no experience in California. Given the EXTREME regulatory environment in California and virtually non-existent regulations in Texas – how are the staff of the district going to look at a scandal-plagued and fine-plagued provider seriously? (It can’t be as simple as a taxpayer funded trip to Spain, is it?)

According to another source, FCC will be using a composting system called the “Gore System”. (More like AlGore and not Supervisor Gore of Placer County)  You could literally say that FCC and their partner “Gore System” are piles of s–t. Just ask Utah.

AMERICAN FORK, Utah (AP) – Several Utah County cities and businesses are raising a stink over compost piles made from human waste at a sewage treatment plant, saying it’s no way to treat the neighbors.

They filed a $425 million lawsuit against the Timpanogos Special Service District in American Fork seeking relief.

“As the foul odor permeates the surrounding areas, it regularly causes physical illness among residents, workers and visitors,” says the complaint in 4th District Court. It was filed earlier this week by American Fork, neighboring Pleasant Grove, the American Fork Chamber of Commerce and businesses including a BMW dealership and an RV park.

So – do you want this coming to Roseville?

Third – these people have failed to perform. In Orange County Florida, they got massive fines for blowing chunks on their contracts.

FCC proposes to use the same old “Gore System” that is fraught with issues – we will get in to that more in a bit – but suffice to say where was the staff of the Waste District when I was able to find a TON of stuff with a simple google search:

The county slapped fines totaling $19,400 on the hauler, Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas or FCC, which provides sanitation services for about 85,000 residential customers in unincorporated Orange County.

That may not seem like much – but wait, there’s more:

FCC customers registered more than half the 1,135 service complaints received by the solid waste division in the final two weeks of February, when the county started assessing fines for missed pickups and other missteps.

That is a lot of screw ups in a two-week period.

So – The Staff of the Western Placer Waste Management Authority appear to be attempting to Jam Down a contract for FCC.

FCC is based in Spain. Green Waste, the competitor is based in California.

FCC has never done business in California.

FCC literally got sued over piles of s–t in Utah.

FCC literally got fined for hundreds of screw ups in Orange County Florida.

and it appears that FCC has a history of under-bidding contracts and then going back to the well for more.

Is this what Placer County Wants? But wait -there’s more…

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