Nov 172021

I will be catching up on the disgusting Sacramento Bee article tomorrow. Suffice to say, calling them whores for the left may not be a strong enough insult. Parents – Stay Strong, the Bee, the Left, the Teacher’s Union, Gavin Newsom, Joe Biden and others are literally fighting to keep control of the minds of your children. This is also why the FBI has abused its’ resources to label parents protesting at leftist school boards as terrorists… While Antifa and BLM are given a free pass to riot.

However, sometimes those on the right can’t help themselves. Enter one-time Presidential Candidate Julianne Benzel who also ran against Congressman Tom McClintock at one point as well.

Benzel got her 15 minutes of fame when she got herself in Hot Water with the Rocklin Unified School District over the leftist inspired 2018 Gun Control Walkout. In a post from 2019 I lampooned Ms. Benzel’s Congressional Campaign.

Benzel did manage to get 12,000 votes in the primary against Brynne Kennedy and Tom McClintock. I am no fan of McClintock – but I believed that Benzel was trying to help the democrats by softening up McClintock for the well-funded Kennedy.

Benzel has recently been part of a local election oriented group that features several people I respect. I am not sure how they did not vet Ms. Benzel who has now apparently found a new outlet for her anger against the Rocklin Unified School District.

In 2020, with considerable effort, the Placer GOP (with some help from your intrepid blogger, but they did MOST of the work) led the effort that ousted Camille Maben, Rick Miller and a complete loser attorney Republican that rolled over and voted with Maben and Rick Miller. Miller was helped on to that board by the leftist charter school people and promptly went Mao-Tse-Tung.

However, Julianne is going postal on the 5 Republican Roseville Joint Union High School District, the 5 Republican Rocklin USD and the 6-1 Placer County Office of Education. She is doing so as the Sacramento Bee has gone on a rampage Jihad against those boards and any others that refuse to teach racism to our children or force them to take injections of untested poison.

I have helped elect almost everyone in these two pictures – far beyond anything Benzel or any of her cohorts can claim. My first foray in to Placer County Elections as a consultant was 2004.

I see this event as an act of defiance against the State of California. That is what any rational person who understands the dynamic of the state of CA would conclude.

Instead, Benzel tries to equate these folks to Newsom and the French Laundry. What Benzel would have learned if she had a relationship with any of these people is what the State of California has done to circumvent court decisions:

#1 if districts do not comply with Emperor Newsolini – they will lose their funding. This has been threatened to several districts

#2 Newsolini and crew went to the INSURANCE CARRIERS of charter schools and school districts and pressured their corporate attorneys to agree that any district without a mask mandate would not have insurance coverage.

So – while Benzel is raging once again at a windmill, the rest of the story paints a completely different picture. Perhaps she should focus her ire on the communist agitators at the Sacramento Bee.

The truth is that I would not want to be a school board member anywhere. People like Benzel make it even worse with their misguided anger.

Next Up – your intrepid blogger is going to talk about the Sacramento Bee’s latest cheap shot. It appears that the Bee is in a contest with the LA times and the SF Chron to see who can get a free trip to Bejing.

Nov 142021

California has gone insane, and idiot companies like Scripps are making it worse.


Misty Tienken
November 9th 2021 (916) 260-7522

* * * NEWS RELEASE * * *
Scripps Health Violating State Regulations on the Mask Medical Exemptions
LA JOLLA, CA – Since October 1, 2021 Scripps Health has been fighting with Ms. Tienken in regards to their policies on wearing a mask per the mask mandate Governor Newsom put into effect on June 18th 2020. Within the mask mandate Governor Newsom added the current medical exemptions for those that could not wear a mask medically.

Here are the requirements according to the California Department of Public Health on their website:

Exemptions to masks requirements

The following individuals are exempt from wearing masks at all times:

• Persons younger than two years old. Very young children must not wear a mask because of the risk of suffocation.
• Persons with a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that prevents wearing a mask. This includes persons with a medical condition for whom wearing a mask could obstruct breathing or who are unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove a mask without assistance.
• Persons who are hearing impaired, or communicating with a person who is hearing impaired, where the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication.
• Persons for whom wearing a mask would create a risk to the person related to their work, as determined by local, state, or federal regulators or workplace safety guidelines.

On November 2nd at 12:50pm Wendy Sweet, Scripps Director of Patients Relations called Ms. Tienken and told her that Scripps will not allow her on the premise of any Scripps building without a mask, even with a medical exemption. When Ms. Tienken explained that the California Department of Public Health website, states that it’s illegal for Scripps to mandate a mask on those with medical exemptions. Mrs. Sweet repeated her words again 3x and stated that she talked to Ghazala Sharieff, MD, MBA, Corporate SVP, Chief Medical officer, Acute Care, and Clinical Excellence and that she refused to acknowledge the mask medical exemption.

Ms. Tienken asked Mrs. Sweet for a letter stipulating, that Scripps Health refuses to acknowledge the State regulations on the mask medical exemptions. Mrs. Sweet said she would send an email letter to Ms. Tienken clarifying Scripps positions on the matter. To this date, Scripps has yet to send the letter they promised Ms. Tienken. Ms. Tienken continues “Scripps health is purposely refusing to follow the regulations that are in place.” she further explains “This, clearly is a dereliction of duty, that is putting people’s health and lives at risk.

Misty Tienken currently is a fully vaccinated patient of Scripps Health and is immune compromised. She’s been battling Crohn’s Disease for 10 years and suffers from numerous other health issues that are complications of the Disease. She has a medical exemption, because she can’t breathe, becomes severely dizzy and loses consciousness. She’s been hospitalized many times over this and sent to a medical rehabilitation facility.

Currently, she’s unwilling to comply to Scripps Orwellian, unjustified, and illegal demands that could potentially put her health and life at risk. Ms. Tienken states “If masks are such a great deterrent, then why did the California Department of Public Health send out a health order on July 26th, 2021, that states: Current requirements of staff in healthcare settings, such as universal mask requirements for all staff are not proving sufficient to prevent transmission of Delta.” Ms. Tienken continues, “If the health order is correct, then why have a mask mandate at all? Especially, for those of us that are medically at risk, if we wore one. Scripps is wrong. They know they are, and they refuse to acknowledge it.

Nov 022021

Courtney La Paul Williams has been a very bad boy. “Major” Williams has not done his paperwork. The mid-year report was due to the secretary of state three months ago. It makes one wonder what is going on? Don’t Major’s supporters deserve an explanation of what was done with the money donated? (Especially since Courtney LaPaul Major Williams did not file for election)

It is becoming more and more apparent that there’s something Major does not want anyone to know and it equally appears that Major is willing to forego the law to keep that secret. At this point Major has racked up at least $1800 in fines and it’s increasing by $20 every day.

I am wondering if Major had too many chargebacks from his previous credit card processor that put him in the red? One possible explanation for Major’s refusal to obey the law is that you can’t file a report with a negative Cash on Hand balance.

Perhaps it is more serious than that? There appears to be a nice little LLC scam where donors thought they were giving to the Major Williams for Governor campaign but in reality the money was headed for that LLC.

It’s public record that Major Williams has an open FPPC complaint initiated by the Commission, with two additional ones added to the original. It is unusual when the FPPC starts looking at a campaign without any prompting! This means there is something seriously wrong.

It appears that Major Williams is a leading candidate for “Grifter of The Year” from the Right On Daily blog.

Nov 012021


The Sacramento Bee is famous for being a whore for the left. They used to call Congressman John Doolittle ultra right-wing until he got in trouble (later proven innocent) in the Jack Abramoff scandal. When Doolittle was in trouble, they changed their description of him because they realized that calling Doolittle by that moniker actually helped him in the district.

They refer to Tom McClintock as R-Elk Grove to remind people that he does not live in CA-04.

The disgusting rag attempted to put Courage Worldwide out of business relying on a couple of angry former employees. Courage is one of the premier charities that fights sex trafficking.

This is what the Sacramento Bee is.

Hannah Holzer wrote a hit piece against the re-districting plan that was labeled opinion. This is a good thing as her piece was full of errors, deceptions and sentence abortions and may as well have been written by Scott Alvord as part of his next amazon best-seller.

A little background on Hannah Holzer. (If you read Right On Daily, I’ve been loving and squeezing Scott Alvord for years now)

By descriptions from locals in Placer County – she was a spoiled rotten rich girl from Granite Bay. (Is she a neighbor of Crazy Suzy?) It has been put to me that she got a career in the socialist leftist media right out of her brainwashing at UC Davis.

It appears to be an apt description as googling her “articles” reveals that she is a Mask-Nazi who loves to attack local businesses that don’t abuse their customers. She parrots Joe Biden talking points (which means she can’t complete a sentence) in her articles and demonstrates very little creativity or research in what she writes. She ought to get a job with the Chinese Embassy.

Holzer has also distinguished herself, attacking any school board member that does anything other than fill kids full of chemicals and gag them in masks. She has basically called for boycotting businesses and school districts that don’t adhere to extreme leftist Covid psychosis.

She has attacked William Jessup University – where Alvord is still an adjunct.

She attacked the City of Roseville, The Rocklin School Board, Called for legalizing jaywalking, race-baited, called for gun control related somehow to a murder in Rocklin, and attacked Destiny Church.

Perhaps this is why she felt the need to stick up for Scott Alvord, they are ideologically aligned.

So let’s dive in to Mz. Holzer’s “article”:

Dubious redistricting scheme lets Placer County supervisors handpick their voters. There’s your title. This is the first lie, but indicates that Mz. Holzer listened to someone that does not know how Placer County does districts (ahem, Alvord?) Mz. Willey could have gotten up off of her lazy entitled Millenial ass and looked on line and studied the process and the history of it.

So now, just 10 words in to her article, Holzer looks like a moron. This is what happens when you suck down the commie lib koolaid from a lab in UC Davis. While she mentions the planning commission later in the article as the preparer of the lines, it is 10 paragraphs down from her title. This is an unethical practice in journalism that was perfected by CNN and MSNBC, both outlets I’d guess that Hannah is auditioning for. The headline is as about as fake as Kamala Harris.

Now let’s quote Hannah right here as the Moron-a-thon continues:

Also in contrast to the process in Roseville, the Planning Commission is expected to submit its proposed map to the Board of Supervisors for approval in December. The board doesn’t have to accept the commission’s recommendation. That means the Placer County supervisors, many of whom are running for reelection next year, will effectively be able to draw their own districts.

Let me break the news to Hannah – Not once since I have been aware of Placer County Politics has the Board Drawn their own lines. So, once again Holzer is deceiving her readers with her laziness and deliberate word-smithing. Honest journalism would have pointed out what happened in the past instead of declaring that the Board of Supervisors would take matters in to their own hands. (This is probably what Jim Holmes wants, by the way)

Holzer also implies that the Planning Commission does not know what they are doing. Good Lord. The people on the Planning Commission should sue her.

Here is another deceptive lie by Holzer:

Other members of the public raised concerns about a lack of meaningful community input. From a county of nearly 400,000, officials received only 240 community survey responses.

Note the way the sentence is constructed. Only an attorney trying to get a guilty felon off would construct a sentence like this. The Planning Commission used all kinds of public venues of communication to get the word out and 240 responses is actually more than I have ever seen on this issue. The way Holzer wrote the sentence was a deliberate attack to try to rile people up and imply that the process has been rigged, when the exact opposite is true!

However, the Coup d’etat (note the French word there Mz. Holzer as I know you like the French)  is that Mzzzz. Holzer never mentions that the MAIN controversy is being generated by Jim Holmes. Again, the lazy entitled Millennial UC Davis Graduate must have seen that Holmes is a registered NPP thus disqualifying him from the Holzer advocacy plan.

Allow me to help Mz. Holzer do the research she was too lazy to do. At the bottom of this blog are links to our articles about the process, that are inconvenient for her dishonest and moronic narrative. If she wanted to attack the process, she should have advocated for the most liberal incumbent on the board while trying to attack Bonnie Gore (Holzer implied that Gore had something to do with the three maps that draw Alvord out of D1 – this had to have come from Alvord himself as he appears to be the only one that believes that absurdity.)

According to a blog post by self-described GOP political operative and longtime Placer County resident Aaron Park, strategically drawing a chunk of western Roseville into Lincoln’s district would mean Gore does not have to face supervisorial hopeful Scott Alvord, a Roseville city councilman and one of the few elected Democrats in the county. Park pointed out gleefully that the proposed maps would put Alvord in District 2. “Supervisor Maps Are Out!” he wrote, adding, “All Three Put Scott Alvord in Sup D2 LOL.”

Note the term “Strategically Drawing”. Journalistic Harlotry. I hope everyone in Placer County Government – including the democrat County Staffers busting their collective tails on this re-districting project see how the Bee just railroaded them.

It is also amazing that Jim Holmes’ Map C also has Alvord in Sup D2. Maybe that is another reason why Holzer left him out of her hit piece.

Finally, again Holzer demonstrates her laziness as my Lexis-Nexis report is 150 pages. No need to self-describe, I’yam what I’yam. Holzer is going to find out what I am all about, welcome to Right on Daily Hannah Holzer, it is time for this operative to operate on you.

P.S. Scott Alvord, if you think a Bee hit piece is going to help you, it is probably time for you to move to San Francisco County they own you and they should feed you (when not tripping over the fruits of social justice)…

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