Nov 172021

I will be catching up on the disgusting Sacramento Bee article tomorrow. Suffice to say, calling them whores for the left may not be a strong enough insult. Parents – Stay Strong, the Bee, the Left, the Teacher’s Union, Gavin Newsom, Joe Biden and others are literally fighting to keep control of the minds of your children. This is also why the FBI has abused its’ resources to label parents protesting at leftist school boards as terrorists… While Antifa and BLM are given a free pass to riot.

However, sometimes those on the right can’t help themselves. Enter one-time Presidential Candidate Julianne Benzel who also ran against Congressman Tom McClintock at one point as well.

Benzel got her 15 minutes of fame when she got herself in Hot Water with the Rocklin Unified School District over the leftist inspired 2018 Gun Control Walkout. In a post from 2019 I lampooned Ms. Benzel’s Congressional Campaign.

Benzel did manage to get 12,000 votes in the primary against Brynne Kennedy and Tom McClintock. I am no fan of McClintock – but I believed that Benzel was trying to help the democrats by softening up McClintock for the well-funded Kennedy.

Benzel has recently been part of a local election oriented group that features several people I respect. I am not sure how they did not vet Ms. Benzel who has now apparently found a new outlet for her anger against the Rocklin Unified School District.

In 2020, with considerable effort, the Placer GOP (with some help from your intrepid blogger, but they did MOST of the work) led the effort that ousted Camille Maben, Rick Miller and a complete loser attorney Republican that rolled over and voted with Maben and Rick Miller. Miller was helped on to that board by the leftist charter school people and promptly went Mao-Tse-Tung.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

However, Julianne is going postal on the 5 Republican Roseville Joint Union High School District, the 5 Republican Rocklin USD and the 6-1 Placer County Office of Education. She is doing so as the Sacramento Bee has gone on a rampage Jihad against those boards and any others that refuse to teach racism to our children or force them to take injections of untested poison.

I have helped elect almost everyone in these two pictures – far beyond anything Benzel or any of her cohorts can claim. My first foray in to Placer County Elections as a consultant was 2004.

I see this event as an act of defiance against the State of California. That is what any rational person who understands the dynamic of the state of CA would conclude.

Instead, Benzel tries to equate these folks to Newsom and the French Laundry. What Benzel would have learned if she had a relationship with any of these people is what the State of California has done to circumvent court decisions:

#1 if districts do not comply with Emperor Newsolini – they will lose their funding. This has been threatened to several districts

#2 Newsolini and crew went to the INSURANCE CARRIERS of charter schools and school districts and pressured their corporate attorneys to agree that any district without a mask mandate would not have insurance coverage.

So – while Benzel is raging once again at a windmill, the rest of the story paints a completely different picture. Perhaps she should focus her ire on the communist agitators at the Sacramento Bee.

The truth is that I would not want to be a school board member anywhere. People like Benzel make it even worse with their misguided anger.

Next Up – your intrepid blogger is going to talk about the Sacramento Bee’s latest cheap shot. It appears that the Bee is in a contest with the LA times and the SF Chron to see who can get a free trip to Bejing.

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  4 Responses to “Julianne Benzel Update: On Heels of Disgusting Attack From Sacramento Bee, She Goes Off on Placer School Boards”

  1. I am no fan of McClintock <<<<< Well said Mr. Park. I joined the Tea Party movement in Grand Rapids, MI to support Justin Amash. Sadly, when he got to Washington, he went his own way and abandoned the Tea Party, the same way a carpetbagger from Southern California, Tom McClintock, did when he won the same kind of "safe seat" Jerry Ford had.

    Today, ten years after moving Roseville, CA, I have more passion to "save the USA from Communism" as a MAGA Steve Bannon "posse" member than I've had in my 76 years.

    Unless Tom McClintock gets 110% behind the MAGA movement, it's time to primary him.

  2. Greg – McClintock is an Army of one. The only way I would support a primary challenge is with someone credible and equally as conservative. That has yet to happen.

  3. LOL … what’s the real story? You’re no fan or a fan?

  4. Aaron … FYI – Tom turned me off almost 10 years ago when I went to a Town Hall and asked him, “What is your position on restoring the Glass-Steagall Act?” When Tom told me he was NOT familiar with the Glass-Steagall Act, I could not believe he was that dumb. Then, after dumbing me down, he rushed to the next question with no further discussion.

    About six months later, at a REALTOR function, I asked him the same question and he gave me the same dumb response. I could not believe he was that dumb so I asked a follow-up question, something he really hated. He dumbed me down again and cut me off.

    Just think how much better off our country would be today if the Glass-Steagall Act had never been revoked. Today, like just prior to the depression, the banks are out of control and the stock market keeps going up while the economy goes off the cliff. Tom could have pushed to restore the Glass-Steagall Act; but he made a conscious decision not to do it.

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