Nov 022021

Courtney La Paul Williams has been a very bad boy. “Major” Williams has not done his paperwork. The mid-year report was due to the secretary of state three months ago. It makes one wonder what is going on? Don’t Major’s supporters deserve an explanation of what was done with the money donated? (Especially since Courtney LaPaul Major Williams did not file for election)

It is becoming more and more apparent that there’s something Major does not want anyone to know and it equally appears that Major is willing to forego the law to keep that secret. At this point Major has racked up at least $1800 in fines and it’s increasing by $20 every day.

I am wondering if Major had too many chargebacks from his previous credit card processor that put him in the red? One possible explanation for Major’s refusal to obey the law is that you can’t file a report with a negative Cash on Hand balance.

Perhaps it is more serious than that? There appears to be a nice little LLC scam where donors thought they were giving to the Major Williams for Governor campaign but in reality the money was headed for that LLC.

It’s public record that Major Williams has an open FPPC complaint initiated by the Commission, with two additional ones added to the original. It is unusual when the FPPC starts looking at a campaign without any prompting! This means there is something seriously wrong.

It appears that Major Williams is a leading candidate for “Grifter of The Year” from the Right On Daily blog.

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  7 Responses to “Grifter of the Year? Major Williams is majorly absent. (Hint, No Campaign Finance Report Filed Yet!)”

  1. And to think, there are GOP donors who give candidates like Major any money at all because they really want to get a black Republican into office. Williams knows that they’ll buy into his BS and ignore any questionable details about his past. It’s the Jeff Johnson method, as seen in the 1992 political comedy, “The Distinguished Gentleman” starring Eddie Murphy.

    On the other hand, Virginia’s new Lt. Governor is the type of candidate that should be backed and promoted in more winnable areas, especially in California. It’s better to “Winsome” than have “Major” losses.

  2. No bigger grifter than sex podcaster- sex columnist turned CD 12 candidate DeAnna Lorraine

  3. The winner is still sex podcaster- sex columnist DeAnna Lorraine

  4. Patriot,

    She’s the west coast version of Laura Loomer. I remember seeing her failed campaign. She kept pushing the religious angle…in San Francisco of all places. She failed. Hard. A lot of people in the Alt-Right grifter circles do this fake religious act to make themselves look appealing to actual religious folk to get that money.

    There was a post by Gab CEO Andrew Torba, with a pic of himself, Delaware candidate Laura Witzke and e-celeb Milo Yiannopolis. It was about how they found Christ and it was so phony. These types are a bunch of agitators, fraudsters and narcissists using religion for their own reasons. None of them good.

  5. I just don’t ‘get it’…I met DeAnna Lorraine several times. I never though she was particularly ‘hot or attractive’. To me she was just a normal, everyday, female, and if I was single (which I am not) I would not have even flirted with her. I just don’t see how so many men think she is so ‘hot’??? (Maybe I have higher standards….I don’t know). Was she a ‘Grifter’?…of course—she had zero chance in that race. Bottom line is we need to find solid Republican candidates, even in districts like San Francisco, because we need to build the party everywhere in the state.

  6. Charlie, one thing about DeAnna was that she didn’t even live in the district. Republicans complain about Maxine Waters living outside her district and rightfully so. The problem is that while Mad Max is a few miles away from South Central, living in a ritzier neighborhood in LA, DeAnna is a San Diego resident running in San Francisco. That’s nine counties, 7.5 hours or 500 miles difference.

  7. Adam the real problem with DeAnna is you don’t run someone that runs online internet sex advice scam for public office. We need candidates that the votes will admire and trust grow the party. (in all districts, winnable or not)

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