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An opposing effort to the official recall was participated in by Marc Ang. He penned a blistering Op Ed, that is linked here.

I supported the main effort over the effort Marc participated in but Marc made some valid points. I vehemently disagree with his decision to leave the GOP – I fight on as a Republican and I continue to make the lives of the CAGOP leadership a living hell.

For a national party that speaks so much about being for the common man, these days, the Republicans in California are still stuck in elitism. This dying breed in Orange County simply cannot engage with those in Los Angeles that are experiencing the real effects of Democratic overreach. This Gascon campaign is the perfect example.

I engage with many of these elitists in Orange County and hear their concerns. While they are well meaning donors, digging into the details is not their strong suit. They waste their time on minutiae details like complaining why Larry Elder has a live-in girlfriend, which is none of their business. Or writing blank checks to college kids who end up becoming Democrats in the end, or funding any candidate that is black and espouses something conservative, but without researching their background.

It’s funny but Republicans are acting like the Democrats they claim to hate. They are not practicing what they preach.  Republican efforts are not run as a business. They don’t hold behaviors and results accountable. That’s why a consultancy like this can continue to drain money from the movement with no results needed. 

They refuse to do normal things or engage with normal brands, sequestering themselves into micro communities that never touch the average person. Then they wonder why they lose elections big. They operate under too many rules. In a grassroots group, I was berated for sharing a picture with a girl in a bikini. Their priorities are whack when the ship is sinking.

They’ve lost the entertainment industry and now the churches. That’s on you, Republicans. You refuse to engage with the media or effect any change in the institutions that are impactful to the culture. You refuse to look at yourselves in church and examine your own hypocrisy. That is why your kids have been alienated and many of you are lonely.  Maybe you should stop critiquing others’ lives and Karening, when you can look at yourself and your own efforts and audit the results. Maybe you should not be so obsessed with the titles and the glory which mean nothing in the end.

I was at a conservative fundraiser last night with Jesse Waters as the keynote speaker. He spent a good part of his talk, about the glory of being around President Trump. I get that it fired up the crowd. But I was bored. I do not like the sycophantry. I like results more. Democrats donate like conservatives. Republicans donate like liberals. Donors do not do their research and they just want to feel good, so consultancy firms and this crazy woman running “Recall George Gascon” get to run around wild. Maybe make the ones closest to you accountable for results first, and we can start winning elections?

Then came Heather Carbone.

Until recently, Carbone operated a Facebook page, Defend the LAPD. The Recall Gascón campaign was started there. After filing the paperwork in March, organizers had 160 days to obtain at least 579,062 valid signatures from registered L.A. County voters. Collecting such a large cache is no easy task. To succeed, organizers needed to raise between five million and eight million dollars to fund a small army of signature gatherers. But the campaign waited until the 160-day clock had already started before raising money and hiring professional consultants. This time-consuming gaffe garnered media coverage but little in the way of actual signatures.

A second story talks about the internal failures and the control issues of the proponent of the recall. This is more balanced and places blame where it should have been placed – an all too often phenomena of the founder of the movement having piss poor boundaries and becoming the movement.

But the campaign had bigger problems. After an impressive start, fundraising stalled. Police unions had spent millions to prevent Gascón’s election in the first place and balked at spending more to recall him, partly because their internal polling showed removing Gascón would be a tough sell. But they were also put off by the campaign’s infighting. A cryptically worded press release from the sheriff’s deputies union, ALADS, said the union was aware of “at least four different groups involved in the effort to recall Gascón. Are they working in harmony toward a common goal? No comment.” Adds a prosecutor involved with the first campaign, “Heather had all kinds of fights with the unions. It didn’t help that the LAPPL [the LAPD’s union] issued a cease and desist letter to her.” On September 16, with only 200,000 signatures gathered, the campaign announced they were forming a new PAC and yet another campaign, Recall District Attorney George Gascón, and letting the clock run out on the old petition. The new group’s organizers include all the same names from the first group—Andrade, Owen, Cooley, Zine, and former deputy DA Sam Dordulian—minus one: Carbone.


I took a few shots at the group Marc Ang was a part of during the recall effort but the common thread to everything I saw was the proponent of the recall being its’ biggest liability – Heather Carbone.

“I would not comment on any sort of personnel matters,” says Cooley. “A lot of people contributed to a lot of good things in the first effort. It got started late because it was strictly a grassroots, volunteer, Facebook kind of thing. It took a while to get the professionals. That will not happen with this effort.”

Those professionals include Tim Lineberger, the campaign spokesman, and Jeff Corless, the new campaign strategist. Both were hired while Carbone was still in charge, and both worked on Larry Elder’s campaign to recall Governor Newsom. They are staying on with the campaign and were recently joined by a new campaign manager, Gregory Foster.

I hope they get that loser.

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