Oct 082021

IT appears that Scott Alvord has worn thin on almost everyone in local government. He has talked openly about running against Bonnie Gore and ostensibly selling his soul to the police officers union.

Shanti Landon is running for Placer County Supervisor in District 2, where Alvord is guaranteed to find himself. Alvord will have competition in Paul Joiner. Joiner, who is not a mask nazi democrat like Scott Alvord, is running in Sup D2 as the pro-sheriff deputy union candidate.

Poor Scott. Soon to be termed out and has no office to jump up to. Maybe he can call the California Redistricting Commission and get them to draw up a Dem Assembly District for him?

In the meantime – check out Map Option B here:

Savvy observers will realize right off that all three suggested maps take the same slice of Roseville in to Sup D2. Find the maps on the Placer County Website.

Also – it appears that Placer County will rid itself of Jim Holmes as Map C will fail the lawsuit test and it is the only one that protects Holmes.

With Map B, Rocklin will get its’ own district finally (Yes, Loomis, and Penryn will be a part of it, too).

You will see that Sup D4 is almost identical and Sup D1 shrinks slightly. This sets up a tough re-election for the biggest fraud in Placer County Suzanne Jones who railed against Nepotism and is employing a family member as a district director.

With this map as well, you finally get Auburn unified (95602 and 95603) in to one district as well.

Map B just makes sense and as a bonus cures two of the biggest political issues in Placer County – Jim Holmes who would likely get hammered by Cindy Gustafson if he tried to run and Scott Alvord, the would-be Mr. Roseville who is stuck in Lincoln.

This is a hearty well-done to the Placer County Board of Supervisors! Now do the job right and adopt Map B!

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