Oct 302021

The CAGOP has been a colossal failure. You have to judge it by the results – only massive injections of pass-through money from the National Party (think Kevin McCarthy) got us half the lost Congressional Seats Back from the 2018 disaster. Otherwise the registration numbers keep falling and the legislative caucus can fit in a special-ed bus.

Insider info indicates that the CAGOP has a black list and are actively working in a vain attempt to retaliate against your intrepid blogger, Steve Frank and others. This behavior tells you that they are not leaders and deserve the scrutiny now more than ever.

Your intrepid blogger has been watching the tweets and emails from the CAGOP – in addition to the mail I am still getting from the CAGOP. The message is clear, ignore the failure at the ballot box and concentrate on all these feel-good measures.

Lindsey Stetson has long been viewed as a doppelganger of Jessica Patterson, and now she is showing up at Trailfailures events, CAGOP events and is delivering pre-canned content to the 10-15 people that attend said events. Your intrepid blogger has seen this sort of pattern for years – everything the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure does is positioning for the next paycheck. I have no doubt that the rumors I started hearing 2 years ago are coming in to fruition. The timing delay was created when Ronna McDaniel unexpectedly ran for re-election as RNC Chair, putting the timetable back 2 years.

Think of how Jessica Patterson became Jessica Millan Patterson. Her maiden name was seldom, if ever used before the Chief Controlled Failure Officer Kevin McCarthy got her to run against Travis Allen. Why? Pander-Bear 101 baby. She is a Latina, bow to her. What ever happened to the GOP being the party of people regardless of backgrounds? I remember when I first got involved in this stuff that race was a bonus if you were not white, but now it is the first or second consideration in recruiting. How is that not racist? These sorts of moral failures are common when the metric is control and paycheck protection.

I have been told by at least a dozen people now that Jessica Patterson is being positioned and talked up by the Chief Controlled Failure Officer Kevin McCarthy to replace Ronna McDaniel. These conversations started 2 years ago and have intensified.

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However, pay attention – currently her Majesty is the Chair of Chairs at the RNC. Next Step is the RNC itself.

When Her Majesty is crowned in DC, then she needs one of the members of her court to come behind in the province she is leaving for her ascendancy. Look at who her majesty is favoring. Track the movements and communication.

Then posit this for another reason why these people are so fragile and aggressive to protect their turf:

Jessica Patterson, Sarah Nelson, Bryan Watkins, Rebecca Luby, Katie Wheeler, Molly Parnell and some others are all alleged to be making over $150K a year off of the CRP directly or indirectly. I’ve been told there are more – but with these 6 I’ve seen their names all over the CAGOP and related entities’ reports suggesting this number is easily proven. Never in the 20+ years I have been around the CAGOP have I seen this many gigantic salaries. Add in Andy Gimmecandy, David Stafford Reade, and the host of others making consulting fees that could be triple this number, and you could have 20-30 people hauling in $150K – $1MM a year off of the Controlled Failure of the CAGOP.

Please note – I am not alleging any of the above are breaking the law. What I am alleging is an insider game and absurd salaries absent results. Paying cronies and insiders regardless of results is bad business and certainly not consistent with Republican Values. When the moral disconnect exists at the top of leadership in any organization, it fails.

Further, if the CAGOP was registering voters and winning elections then 90% of the basis of my complaints would evaporate and it would be down to a personality squabble (which would be easily resolved). I could care less how much people make if there are results.

Finally, layer over the abusive behavior against conservative activists exhibited by most of the insiders and you have the complete package. Jessica Patterson is a never-trumper and her resume as a political operative reads like the ingredient panel of purple Jell-O. Lindsey Stetson has been on the endorsement list of every leftist Republican ever shoved in front of us all. It is what it is.

Perhaps going forward the dissidents within the CAGOP will recruit a candidate that delegates can not disregard with personality based excuses. Then we may be able to have a real debate about the future of the CAGOP and why millions of dollars in salaries that keep getting the same results should be gotten rid of.

P.S. and then there is Kevin Faulconer’s campaign too…

Millions in salaries got us this.

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  4 Responses to “CAGOP Update: The Deck Chairs Are Being Re-Arranged, Jessica Patterson Being Positioned for RNC Chair and Lindsey Stetson Being Positioned for CAGOP?”

  1. Aaron what is missing from this report is the ‘Abernathy Machine’ (the Bill Thomas crowd of Bakersfield). Yes you speak of Kevin McCarthy….but this has been under way since the 1990s. I remember meeting Congressman Thomas in his office in Washington then whisked away by Roman Buhler (Luis Buhler’s brother) into another room where they (Thomas’s staff) basically told me ‘Where the bear pops in the woods’ and how bad conservatives are. McCarthy replaced Thomas (his boss) in Congress and they are now reaping the rewards of 20 years of undermining the CAGOP that has doomed us too the position we are in. Sending Patterson to Washington is just putting more of their ‘key figures’ in place.

  2. How many members of “The Lincoln Project” are friend and colleagues of Patterson?
    Fortunately, McCarthy will NEVER muster the votes to be Speaker, so Patterson’s career ends with him.

  3. Some are saying people outside of California will have more pull than Jessica. Should try and interview some of the RNC members outside of California to see if the hypothesis is true. CRP is a joke and other states see it.

  4. I attend all the RNC meetings across the country. We already know the next RNC chair and it is not Jessica. You may want to actually attend some of the meetings to see what little significance CA has at these meetings. Do you even know the work being done in other states by the RNC? Do you know how much money is allocated to CA from the RNC and the money and resources allocated to other states. I respected these blogs and actually enjoyed reading them to continue to read the dirt from CA. But since moving to Texas I see how when Ca people comment on things outside their state how off base they are. I encourage you to come to the next RNC meeting to see the chain of leadership that is set forth.

    Blogger’s Note – this commenter apparently does not talk to the political consultant and operative class. While I agree with her take on California’s stature in the national scene, do note that the next speaker of the house is from Bakersfield.

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