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Believe it. Julie Haft, Andy Garakhani and Richard Sherman are the “leadership” of the LAGOP. Howard Hakes is one of the money men there and he is reputed to be close to the latest candidate recruitment failure.

So you will see the date of 2-18-2020. This is before the covid shutdowns. Follow along with me as I post her announcement email:

Where are Republican black women? A question that has lingered in our minds for centuries without much representation, but this past Thursday, September 30, 2021 our very own Michelle Lyons bravely STOOD UP by declaring herself a Republican Congressional Candidate for Long Beach. If Michelle Lyons wins she will become the first Black Republican from California.
As many of our readers know, Michelle Lyons is the daughter of Chef Marilyn and Attorney Michael Lyons. Michelle Lyons is also a business owner of a modeling school and a political journalist who occasionally writes for Inglewood Today.
What you may not know is that she was raised by her Republican father and she worked for a Republican newspaper in 2008, “The Washington Times”. Michelle, herself, always considered herself neutral. She had been registered as an independent for 20 years even though after she left The Washington Times, she began to associate more with Democrats.
Blogger’s Note: That Obama post does not look very neutral or independent at all. (P.S. I left the typos in her announcement email, too)
“I originally thought about running as an independent, but America is too polarizing right now. I felt I had to choose a side and I chose the side that aligns with my conservative core values: faith, family and freedom,” said Michelle.
Faith Family and Kamala, baby.
On Thursday, September 30th her message roared because over 250 people attended her launch. Including a jazz band, swing dancers, models dressed in 20’s fashion and a Great Gasby Photobooth.
“I feel like I am at the right place at the right time. This feels destined because honestly a Black Republican woman other than Condaleeza Rice is long overdue in California. We have to get back to some basics, the conservative values that Ladera Heights and Windsor Hills are built on… faith, family and freedom. Family values are shrinking in California and inflation and taxation are making business and home ownership nearly impossible,” said Michelle.
Four other speakers spoke at her launch, all co-signing that Michelle is right person to lead her district. James Mai, Founder of AAPI, Karina Manuela, Representative of Hispanic Republican Assembly LA, Daniella Bloom host of America’s Voices and Amy Bohn Executive Director of PERK.
“No one in Congress looks like us, but there are millions of young professionals who look like us, think like us and share our values. They just don’t know they are conservative Republicans. I didn’t know I was a conservative Republican until my business was shut down in 2020, and I started to ask questions,” added Karina Manuela.
Michelle Lyons is now preparing for the primary in June 2022, but she believes with God and Family by her side anything is possible. To get more information at Michelle, her upcoming events or to contribute go to her campaign go to her website at www.michellelyonsforcongress.com
Please also note that the $5 Million Grifter Joe Collins was present at the event. Collins has been living the high life running against Maxine Waters and getting his tail whipped by 65+ points.
Did I say Maxine Waters?
Wait. That is less than a year ago. AUNTIE MAXINE WATERS? And look at the other socialist luminaries she is celebrating!
Perhaps Collins was unaware that Maxine Waters is Michelle Lyon’s Aunt?
Perhaps Julie Haft, Andy Garakhani and Richard Sherman are a pack of villiage idiots that saw a chance to get the convention delegates from #CA47 and forgot to vet their latest stooge.
Similar to Joe Collins, anyone that gives Michelle Lyons a dime is a fool.
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  3 Responses to “#CA47 Update: Desperate for More Control, the LAGOP Leadership Faceplant. Their Latest Wonder Candidate Celebrated Maxine Waters Win in Nov 2020?”

  1. Another Klacik. Just what we needed. At the moment, we have Tim Scott, Burgess Owens and Byron Donalds as the only black Republicans in all of Congress. Can we get more? Of course, but they should be from redder districts and be vetted like anyone else. It’s just unfortunate that Republicans from many states let Dems into the party this easily and think they’ve got the next hot ticket.

    I’m in Nevada and there’s this army deserting clown named Mack Joseph Miller who has a laundry list of scandals and failed campaigns for office. He threw a tantrum at a local government meeting recently, got arrested and is using pity points to get the nod for Lt. Governor. He’s our answer to Joe Collins.

  2. I don’t know how well off Howard Hakes is, but I did sit at a table once with him at a Trump event. It was right up front and I was told most of the couples there were billionaires. I asked him what he does and he said he owns the Toyota Dealerships in the LA area. So he must have some deep pockets.

  3. Perhaps Howard should try and work on getting rid of Josh Newman. Or perhaps run against Josh Newman. 🙂

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