Sep 152021

Leave it to Allen Wilson to put it succinctly. He is a long time CAGOP activist that did NOT drink the elder Kool-Aid. Most discerning GOP activists backed Kevin Kiley.

So the Recall came and went. I had been telling people 10 days out that the recall was down 12-16. It appears by the time the final tally is in, that the margin will be 20-22.

It is my opinion that a few people need to be called out. Those would be the people that recruited Larry Elder to run for Governor. Elder himself is completely oblivious to his failure proudly declaring on election night, “I have become a political force in California”. Mr. Elder – John Cox took a shit in the woods in 2018 and did better than you did. Put a sock in it.

Elder committed one of the most colossal blunders I have ever seen in politics – telling Mark Levin he’d replace Dianne Feinstein with a Republican. With a 50-50 Senate this was a dog whistle for Newsolini and his $100 Million in aggregate support to draw 1 Million apathetic partisan democrats to give their ballots to harvesters (or mail them in).

When Kevin Faulconer comes back to purchase the CAGOP a third time, he and his crew are going to abusively accuse any Republican to the right of Susan Collins of complicity in the Elder Scheme and only he, the democrat lite can save the CAGOP from the abyss. The CAGOP is in the abyss and they just don’t know it.

Kevin Faulconer’s people, the consultants, staffers and leeches are going to attack every Conservative they can. Kevin Kiley – you are also on the menu for this den of thieves. These bullies did the same stuff in 2010 when Meg Whitman hit the political iceberg.

The crew behind Faulconer and the CAGOP did not support the recall, then they hijacked it for profit once it was clear it was legitimate, ran it in to the ground and will escape blaming the very people they mocked with the whole thing started. There is a psychological term for this pattern.

Now – let’s talk about Larry Elder and the people that thrust him upon us.

No rational person denies that there is a chasm in place of leadership in the California Republican Party. Several people try to step in to it all the time, it usually does not go well. The crew of people behind Faulconer also control the CAGOP and none of them want a thing to do with anything grassroots. Anytime a grassroots effort is started, then what is left of that crew attack and kill it.

This time the Recall took fire and qualified. Recognizing there were no “Ronald Reagan” candidates – a few people that may or may not have included Gina Gleason, most certainly included Ginny Sands and Pastor Jack Hibbs took it upon themselves to try to find a savior for California.

Reverend Hibbs of all people should have known that we already have a savior, that he preaches about every week.

Larry Elder turned out to be another in a long line of un-vetted conservative darling train-wrecks. I still remember the idiot Joe Miller that lost to Murkowski who ran as a write-in, or Christine O’Donnell. The cavalcade of stupidity that screwed the GOP out of retaking the US Senate in 2010 and 2012 was reincarnated in 2021.

I was told that Larry Elder’s opposition research file was like three-mile-island. IT was. They did not even get to 1/3 of it I have been told. We will find out more when Elder tries again in 2022.

Too many celebrity disasters, except this time Gavin Newsolini had the right combination of hair-gel and LSD to wreck havoc. A lot of his ammo was provided by Elder.

Just sit back and watch. The democrats are going to go on a frenzied orgy of destruction. The consultants and staffers promoting Faulconer are going to join them.

I am sure glad I live in Nevada now and I get to lob artillery shells from 5100 feet in to Sacramento…

P.S. The biggest GOP winner was Kevin Kiley – not because most of his supporters panic voted for Larry Elder at the last minute, but because Kiley distinguished himself from the morass. I am pretty sure that the Faulconer / CAGOP Crew are going to try to isolate and marginalize him rather than trying to embrace him as they should.

I am proud of the job Kevin Kiley did. This was who I hoped he was when he first won election. Go look at his stuff, you will agree.

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  6 Responses to “So Nuclear Winter is Here. Faulconer (and crew) Lurk, Elder Abuse, Recriminations and the Rise of Kevin Kiley”

  1. And to whom were we the electorate supposed to turn? I saw no one else trying to turn the water into wine. The “regular” republicans are beginning to understand that there is “something” wrong with the Grand Old Party in California: It doesn’t support American conservative ideals anymore! It could take years to repair that defect. We don’t have years. So while I didn’t think Larry Elder is Superman if he had been elected all he had to do in the one year gifted to him would have been to successfully conduct a forensic audit of the California voting apparatus. But here’s the punchline. We could fault ALL the candidates for coming short of being the Prince Charming of politics. WHOEVER ran was never going to win because San Fran Nan the high priestess of Dominion voting systems was NEVER going to let it happen. The GOP and anyone else would do well to remember that before throwing rocks in this fragile glass house!!!

    Blogger’s Note: Larry Elder supports Gay Marriage, is soft on Abortion and smokes weed. Please lecture people about values somewhere else.

  2. People want the soul food of a very right winged candidate. I know Reagan did advocate for bold colors, but we are not in Reagan era California anymore. I think Kevin Kiley voting for garbage like SB9 pissed off a good amount of us where I went for Elder. Candidates wanting to run for statewide races need to be careful of the Democrat poop they vote for in the legislature or congress.

  3. This Recall debacle will go down as the CAGOP’s Invasion of Iraq and War in Afganistan…

  4. Response to Linda:

    It gets old with the phrase “…conduct a forensic audit of the California voting apparatus…” because prior to 2020 and Trump NO one moan and groan about the security of our elections. We have crappy candidates who like, Larry Elder, scares the wits out of the voters so have to choose between the worse of two evils.

    Please stop whining and start converting and have a conversation with an ordinary voter outside of your echo chamber!!!

  5. Kevin Who?

    The professional, not the pot-smoker that had an ex-hooker live in girlfriend. The other Kevin is the squishy mayor of San Diego

  6. Is Kevin Kiley going to run to succeed termed-out Jim Neilson next year?

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