Sep 182021

Two College Republican Clubs Emailed your intrepid blogger. It looks like the leadership was brow-beat in to sending a second release after the first well-circulated release blasting Jessica Patterson for her failure.

This sure beats a couple of weenies calling the cops on your intrepid blogger, but it also shows the glass jaw of the oligarchy of controlled failure. Don’t worry kids, your intrepid blogger has your back. The leadership of the CAGOP hate me more than pretty much anyone else in politics for exposing corruption and ineptitude. I’ve been told if I was homeless and they had a dozen cheeseburgers in the passenger seat they’d drive right by me. Just remember who you are dealing with and it will all be put in perspective – there is no making nice with these people once you’ve crossed them. That is my message to the kids that sent this second release, you will gain nothing from it at all.

There are some master meme makers in the California College Republicans.

This is the meme of Controlled Failure. Well done by the kids on this one

Keep ’em coming kids… You have a GenX Fan #REALTALK #MEMEWARS

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  One Response to “More College GOP VS CAGOP Drama. Looks Like Watkins / Patterson Slammed the LockBox on Some of the Kids”

  1. Face it Park…You’re a menace to RINO’s

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