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The September 2021 CAGOP Convention was indeed the worst attended I have ever heard of since my first CAGOP Convention in 1999.

There were about 500 bodies and 300 proxies. I believe that someday there will be more proxies than bodies at a convention. That day could be sooner than I’d have imagined. On that subject, Tom Hudson, everyone’s favorite windmill charger took an amendment to limit proxies to one per person (at that Associates only ones eligible to carry) to the floor and it was just a few votes short of a majority.

One of the major issues of the convention was Andy Garakhani, forever known as Andy Gimmecandy. Gimmecandy was said to be having anger outbursts the whole weekend. He was said to have stomped out of the proxies and credentials committee meeting when the Yuba County issue was brought up. (Remember Yuba was one of three county parties given delegates by the crooked CAGOP Leadership despite violating California Election Law)

Drew Mercy, a legislative staffer (and a friend of mine) is the chair of the committee. No legislative staffer or consultant should have any position of responsibility in anything state party, but I digress. Mercy and his crew ignored requests from the new and legitimate leadership of the Yuba GOP to undo the illegally selected delegates. Remember also, that Glenn and Tehama are in the same boat, but have both been given a pass because there was no effort to undo the cabals in those counties. Also note that illegitimate members of both Glenn and Tehama are on the proxies and credentials committee – while the same CAGOP Leadership talk about election integrity.

The crooked CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson is alleged to be in line to become RNC Chair. This is the underpinning of the systemic and gross violations of CAGOP By-Laws and election law. Kevin McCarthy is alleged to be trying to line up all of his proxies in party leadership positions everywhere. While the same leaders talk about election integrity.

Perhaps the Yuba GOP issue can become a national issue – especially with the insiders reloading to re-sell what is left of the CAGOP to Faulconer once again. What did Patterson and crew do to Yuba? Told them to go to hell multiple times and is making them wait until April for a hearing and even should they prevail, the 6 illegitimate delegates will be able to fill out their full term due to the delays. Imagine what kind of game playing and corruption will come to the RNC should McCarthy succeed in anointing Patterson.

(P.S. More specific details about McCarthy-Patterson coming later)

So – for those of you scoring at home, the summary of CAGOP Corruption under Jessica Patterson:

22 illegally appointed delegates in LA County Districts in violation of CAGOP By-Laws
Tehama / Glenn continuing to have delegates appointed in violation of state law
Yuba County
Several County Parties that got bonus delegates with zero oversight from the committee
Proxies and Credentials populated with conflicted delegates and consultants (and allowing bad proxies to stand at that)
CAGOP Committees run by political consultants and staffers
3 separate attempts to rig CAGOP Endorsement for Kevin Faulconer

Perhaps this is why Jessica Patterson was getting roundly booed from the floor of the convention repeatedly.

Of further note – the CAGOP Rules Committee, controlled 100% by Patterson loyalist consultants, staffers, donors and insiders killed all meaningful proposed CAGOP By-Law amendment proposals.

They killed Rule 10 to restore the permanent charter of the CCR – California College Republicans. I believe this is because the rival organization is aligned with Kevin McCarthy.

They killed a rule change that would have made county party secretaries automatic delegates similar to Treasurers. It is clear that they want to keep the party small and moribund in order to control it.

(and they were talking about election integrity at the same time)

In my opinion the most egregious issue was the re-election of GOP insider and mega donor Howard Hakes. I have written about my low opinion of Hakes and his apparent superiority complex and dismissive treatment of any convention attendees he thinks are beneath him. IN the case of the election Hakes beat David Hernandez 48-35.

With a margin like that why did it take 6 RECOUNTS? Did they change votes? Did Andy G. bully people in to changing votes? Why was Andy Gimmecandy running around the empty convention in a panic while the LA Regional Meeting was in session?

WHY DID IT TAKE 6 RECOUNTS to get a result?

Oh, and how many of the 22 delegates appointed to LA County Districts in clear violation of State Party By-Laws voted in that race?\

(and they were talking about election integrity the entire weekend)

From the dais, Jessica Patterson (the erstwhile future RNC Chair) said we can’t mention the “F” word because it will decrease voter turnout. Perhaps the Party of Election Integrity making a mockery of its’ own rules is the fraud that Jessica Patterson does not want to mention?

6 recounts.

Garbage delegates from Yuba County.

Rules Committee outcome pre scripted and determined.

Consultant-run proxies and credentials committee.

A party at 23% and falling. Quite the resume for RNC Chairwoman.

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  10 Responses to “CAGOP Update: September 2021 Convention is a Flop + Usual Control Games to Rig the Outcome”

  1. One proxy is the right number. We only have two hands.

  2. Spoke with someone from the Election Integrity Project, who told me that there were multiple examples of fraud through out the state in the recall election. An hour later I heard Jessica say to the LA Caucus there were no examples of fraud. I guess if you close your eyes and keep repeating the lie about no fraud you believe it and so do your minions. BTW Andy Gimmycandy was in the LA Caucus trying to act like a tall person with influence and rudely telling volunteers what to do so the Interns wouldn’t be overwhelmed–so for the largest county in the state why can’t they have more than 2 people working registration. We were told that there were 85 people attending the caucus but only 83 votes total? Good old golden rule: he who has the gold (Hakes) rules.

  3. You forgot to mention jailed stalker Omar Navarro was walking the halls with no badge, seemed to be frequenting the Collage booth a lot and trying to get the newbies to buy him drinks on the 40th floor.

  4. It did not take 6 recounts to get the results of the Howard Hakes election. It took one count, with four people onlooking (two from Hernandez’s team), and Hakes won the election with 50 some votes to 30 some votes. Ask anybody who was there. I am so clueless as to where you are getting your information from. This is why nobody takes you guys seriously, and this is why you guys should NOT be in power of ANY political party – county or state.

  5. Knowing that this convention would just be business as usual, I decided to spend time with my kids. I did left my proxy in the good hands of my friend Tom Weissmiller.

  6. Jessica Patterson and Kevin McCarthy need to go, both are apart of the swamp.

  7. Wow!! ‘Givemecandy’ reads this blog…. Now I did’t expect that!!!! LOL

  8. Garakhani ran out of the proxies and credentials committee meeting quickly after blatantly lying. The smug look on his face and clear lying pissed off the room, many of which had no idea about the corruption of the situation or the suppression of Yuba County. Really was an ugly look, especially after he abandoned other staff to deal with the angry mob in the room. He’s an embarrassment.

  9. Our party is shrinking day by day. Maybe we need to stop listening to the consultants of note and start with a new playbook and perhaps buy some time with some out of state consultants. Yes, I know I have to work with some of these people in the status quo and I am not going to tear into some of them in detail, but our strategy is not working.

    1. Door knocking and registering voters in swing constituencies.
    2. Issue advocacy. We need to start funding advertisements like why our kids are not learning and why crime is going up. We also need to express our solutions in an easy to digest format.

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