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Good Lord. I have been getting intel that Larry Elder is going down in flames. I am wondering if this guy was some sort of plant. (((Please note the url has changed to – please change your bookmarks.)))

Kevin Kiley has a whole bunch of Chinese supporters from all over California and they all think Elder is owned by the CCP. Elder has a ton of Chinese in his operation. He lauded Betty Chu, who seems to be one heck of an American, but some think she is compromised.

One person that has survived Elder’s campaign purges is Ying Ma. It appears from her social media that she is some sort of anti-communist, but sources have been reading her stuff (I have to take their word for this as I don’t read Chinese) and they believe that she is identifying with vassals of the CCP.

And then of course there is one of my favorite all time commies – Peter Kuo Kuo. My favorite photo is the photo of him in the empty aircraft factory or the other one where he is signing some sort of contract in China. But the all-time great is the JDX Coin, Jade backed bitcoin thing. Why am I not surprised to see anything come of these?

Quick note about the alleged conservative Peter Kuo. He re-appointed the deposed Chair of the Yuba GOP, Stephen Heter. Heter was found to have installed himself as the only signer on the Yuba GOP bank account and was alleged to have drained the Yuba GOP’s money in to his own campaign for supervisor in 2020. IT appears that Scott Winn or David Stafford Reade gave Kuo Kuo the order and he did his duty.

Normally, Kuo would follow Winn and Reade in to Faulconer land. Whilst Reade and Winn hope the Recall fails so they can run Fookner up the flagpole for a 15th bite at the apple – Kuo Kuo fell off the wagon and followed the China Crew on to the Elder Train. Curious.

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And I can’t get past all the Chinese people that think Elder is in the bag for the CCP. There have been separate and independent efforts all over California on behalf of Kiley by that community including the billboards in Kiley’s old stomping grounds in the Bay Area.

Of further note is that it is a not so secret secret that someone within the Salem Media Group has put the word out that the Salem Crew are not supposed to bag on Larry Elder. While I passed on a chance to interview Alexandra Datig, I’d guess my wife who worked for Salem until June of 2020 would have gotten fired because I don’t like Larry Elder that much. The Salem Media group rumor has been widely circulated and has not been dispelled

Nothing coming out about Elder surprises me except the CCP stuff.

I got some info from Riverside County – so let’s clear something up. Larry Elder’s crew demanded San Diego and Orange un-invite Kiley which they both did. (Repeat: Fred Whitaker, the OC GOP Chair is as weak as they come) I believe the event in San Diego was a group independent of the Cent Com.

However, in Riverside County – someone from Elder’s campaign called AFTER Elder No-Call-no-showed to the Riverside GOP event that Elder was to attend. They claimed Elder had food poisoning. Yet, 36 hours later, Elder was out in the desert with a bunch of wealthy GOP Donors for a luncheon event. (The desert refers to eastern riverside county aka the Palm Springs area)

It was put to me that Don Dix (Riverside’s GOP Chair) has told several people that had he been called by Elder, he’d have told him he’d never uninvite any Republican Candidate for Governor from an event.

The recall is going to fail badly. The CAGOP and their consultant suitors will blame conservatives. The conservative base is supporting Kiley. Elder in this case is a celebrity epic fail. The national media will hail the recall’s failure as some sort of referendum… on what?

California is 44% Dem and 23% Rep. The dem incumbent has $100 Million on his side. The “best” Republican is a disaster. I hope Kevin Kiley runs against Faulconer in the 2022 primary. It would force the consultant class to go after a member of the club and would wreck their credibility.

Meantime – Californians will get treated like Australians once Gavin goes on a post recall revenge rampage.

Thanks, Larry. Or perhaps, Thanks China.

P.S. I will continue attacking Faulconer and his crew until they are buried. Cox took a s–t in the woods and does not need me to help him off the cliff. (But Fred Davis made a fortune)

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  12 Responses to “As the Recall Spirals Down the Toilet, Elder Goes to China?”

  1. That’s an unsubstantiated, very thinly sourced smear job on Larry Elder.

    You may prefer Kiley, with no chance of winning, even if the recall succeeds, but parroting Kiley supporters claim that Elder “is owned by the CCP” is borderline defamatory, even though Elder is a public figure.

  2. LOL. As I read this negative attack on Larry Elder I remembered an interview (years ago) with James, the Ragin Cajun, Carville when he was asked, “Can you make a mistake with running a negative campaign? To which Carville replied, “Yes, not starting early enough.”

    Having already mailed my vote (as I suspect many others have), I would say you’ve violated the Carville negative campaign advice and you’re a day late and a dollar short.

  3. Aaron Park, the CIA can use you!
    Voted early and advised family members and friends to do so,
    for Kevin Kiley

  4. Kiley purchased you, Right

  5. John Kasich hates President Trump so much he spoke at the 2020 Democratic National Convention and supported candidate Joseph Biden. Kevin Kiley supported John Kasich for President and won’t tell us who he voted for. I am a President Trump MEGA Republican and, when I connect the dots, I could never vote for Kevin Kiley. Without the MEGA movement, the Republican Party will go back to its’ “go along to get along” ways.

  6. Blogger’s Note:the classic extension of guilt argument follows… yeesh

    John Kasich hates President Trump so much he spoke at the 2020 Democratic National Convention and supported candidate Joseph Biden. Kevin Kiley supported John Kasich for President and won’t tell us who he voted for. I am a President Trump MEGA Republican and, when I connect the dots, I could never vote for Kevin Kiley. Without the MEGA movement, the Republican Party will go back to its’ “go along to get along” ways.

  7. I started following you because you had worked on Steve Frank’s campaign for CAGOP chair so you had a blessing of sorts. However, you lost your credibility with your veiled attack on Betty Tom Chu. I have known this wonderful woman for more than 18 years from when she was on the Monterey Park City Council and later running against Judy Chu for Congress. She has consistently supported conservative candidates for office (myself included when I ran for Assembly against Judy Chu). Maybe you got your Chus mixed up or maybe this is just a veiled racial attack on both Larry Elder and Mrs. Chu. Maybe you yourself are in the bag for the CCP since the computer you use was probably made in China.

    Blogger’s note: you had to know we’d never agree on everything. Sad to see one disagreement elicit this response

  8. Blogger’s Note:the classic extension of guilt argument follows… yeesh <— ROFLMAO … it was up for your review; but you decided to double post it as a "cheap shot" to save face.

  9. Trump 2020 delegates who still LOVE STILL OUR PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP are aware of Kevin Kiley’s initial support of Kasich and are all-out supporting Kevin.
    Taking the liberty of using just one name because she has posted her thoughts on this: Susan Walsh….you probably can’t find a more ardent supporter of President DJT or Kevin Kiley (unless it’s me) than Susan Walsh.

  10. You people and your attacks on Larry Elder are probably the WORST thing to happen to Kevin Kiley! I supported him in the beginning. But if he allows like this. When he is obviously losing in the election. ( No one but Elder has double digit support) I will never vote if he runs in ’22. Even if Elder is a total f up. (Which I’m not expecting) And I won’t be the only one to do so. Democrat tactics don’t serve well in a Republican fueled electron…

    Blogger’s Note – I don’t work for Kiley. You never supported Kiley. I’ve seen people say stuff like this for years – one of the oldest tactics in the political book. Kinda fits the motif of Elder’s crew.

  11. Frankly I dont give a damn which becomes the next Governor….Any of them in better than Newsom!!!!

  12. It still absolutely astonished me, the “blind (cult-like) loyalty” of Larry Elder “fans” (because “voters” usually employ some level of objectivity) who CLAIM to be long-time listeners BUT… seem to have missed just about every episode of his show in this last year, since President Trump challenged SB27 in court, Larry speaking in-depth on that decision on his show several times, and what specifically it defined.

    There also the several instances (especially his Feb 4, 2021 show, which seems to have now conveniently disappeared from YouTube but, can be found under Newsweek & MediaMatters) where Larry speaks of his lack of desire to serve in public office, that he feels “if” he did decide to, he shouldn’t have to “run” or campaign but, be given the position to serve in as compensation for volunteering… or of course, not having the temperament for public office.

    Coincidental to my earlier mention of Larry’s shows on President Trump’s 2020 court decision details on SB27… how come none of his “avid listeners” caught on that it ONLY applied to regular cycle Gubernatorial races; which exposes Larry’s effectively fraudulent “fight to be on the ballot” as a mere publicity stunt to rather deceitfully kick off his campaign… he said he’d never run… knowing again (mentioned on his show) how a late entry “celebrity” Conservative candidate could detrimentally divide the CA Conservative vote, and have severe consequences for years following.

    I’ve never seen one Hollywood “celebrity” Mainstream Media employee wield so much control over the minds of his followers, not even Rush… of course, REAL Conservatives understand Rush would NEVER take advantage of hard working, dedicated people like those who made the Recall possible… whom Larry refused to help and, again, STILL soars in the minds of his followers as he walks over them to try and get elected off of other’s work.

    I guess it all goes to “selective listening” by Larry’s avid “fans” but, THIS 17-year former listener as of the end of July 2021, DOES remember his words because I listen for CONTENT, CONTEXT & CHARACTER in critical analysis..,. something Larry’s selective listeners don’t appear familiar with.

    Larry is NOT good for California, the evidence is all around us… for those who haven’t thrown their votes away on him, will you LISTEN or, learn the lesson later..?

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