Sep 162021

So, um the recall went down by something like 20-25 points on the final tally and this is what the idiots at the CAGOP staff send out:

Take a look at the email Jessica Patterson and Brian Watkins sent out. I wonder if team Faulconer wrote this for them too…

I could find more competent staff and consultants from the SPCA, but I digress.

Dear Brian and Jessica – you guys should resign and find new careers.

Don’t worry folks, team Faulconer is reloading for a third run at purchasing the CAGOP. Coming to a convention near you.

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  3 Responses to “After Getting This Email a Dozen Times – The CAGOP Staff Are Idiots. “Be a Goldfish””

  1. I think it is far worse than you realize. Had the CRP board endorsed, it would have gone to moderate Faulconer. Faulconer got only 8.5% of the vote. But the conservative base of the Party showed up for Elder with 47.2% of the vote. This is what happens when the minority, the ‘moderates’ (Fresno and Santa Clara) control the Party via Proxies and put the actual Delegates aside. The vast majority of Republicans are conservatives, as shown but the Elder vote. The CRP has been failing for over two decades now. Why? Because the moderates want us to be like Democrats and have just about zero leadership skills–but they have gained control by gathering up proxies. Our current chair is just a puppet of the Fresno Bunch. If we want to ever win again we need to return to what Republicans are suppose to be and quit being controlled by the moderate minority.

  2. Well, it’s apparently right to be Right. If you’re comfortable sniping at the work of those who actually govern, crying, “foul” at the results of every legitimate election you lose and pursuing the ideal of political purity, then the Republicans are doomed to remain an afterthought. In elections the vast majority of voters are nonplused by political purity and consistently choose the “center” position. Republicans need not worry about Democrats if they can persuade Independents.

  3. Fstop…For over two decades the moderates have cried ‘We have to be more moderate’ to win elections. So have we won elections?….NO! We have to be MORE REPUBLICAN to win elections… And stop apologizing that we are Republicans! Its call leadership, having the command presence to stand for what you believe in and inspire others to do the same and follow/support our candidates. I am done with the ‘Wishy Washy Center’ foolishness….

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