Aug 242021

Anyone with a brain that is following California Politics knows that Newsolini and his harlots in the state media have gone berserk. I am not a Larry Elder fan, but I have decided to lay off of Elder because even Joe Biden can see what the state media is trying to do in a desperate attempt to forestall the invetible.

I believe that Kevin Kiley should be the governor, not another damn celebrity.

Then there is the curious case of Kevin Faulconer. I had been tipped off last week that the consultants that stand to lose a ton of money if the recall carries and someone not named Kevin Faulconer succeeds on Question 2 hatched a new plan.

Remember, most of the CAGOP’s staff are Kevin Faulconer alumni. Most of Faulconer’s staff also worked for Meg Whitman in 2010 and had been operating that same playbook until the recall came along.

We’ve been blistering Faulconer, his staff and his lackeys at the CAGOP for months. They had it all planned out, right down to the millions in coordinated independent expenditures, the wholesale purchase of the CAGOP, a slew of legislative endorsements and of course the puppet-master himself Kevin McCarthy in his corner.

Their new plan? Tank the recall so that Kevin can position himself as the adult in the room for 2022. The first evidence of this out in the open was Faulconer’s TV ad during the Charger-abomination pre-season game.  The Ad looked like a standard Governor campaign ad and MADE NO MENTION OF VOTE YES ON RECALL.

A recent email from Top Faulconer booster and former CAGOP Chair Ron Nehring made no mention of Faulconer or the Recall. However, most of Nehring’s emails to date had been all about Faulconer. Quite the interesting changeup 3 weeks from election day.

Let’s take another look at the corruption that surrounds Kevin Faulconer.

There have been fewer questions about Faulconer’s dealings on the Kearny Mesa property though it has been hit with significant challenges. The city’s independent budget analyst noted in a February memo that, like other troubled city acquisitions, issues surfaced that “were not foreseen by staff or presented for consideration” when the City Council approved the lease.

Indeed, the city has made more than $3 million in rent payments on the so-called Othello property since the City Council gave the go-ahead on plans to use the industrial property as a maintenance yard for the city’s fire truck fleet in April 2017.  At the time, city officials estimated renovations would cost $6.5 million. They have later decided the price tag is closer to $14.8 million but have yet to start work on the property despite earlier hopes that construction might start this summer. The city moved some employees to the property, so it hasn’t sat idle, but it has yet to fulfill the purpose the city intended – and it’s unclear when exactly it might.

There is more than just 101 Ash St. Kevin Faulconer’s leadership in San Diego is suspect at best.

The 101 Ash investigation conducted by a San Francisco law firm emphasized the city’s failure to seek an independent assessment of the building’s true condition upfront, or to conduct its own formal inspection before the City Council approved a 20-year, $128 million lease-to-own deal. Doing so would have revealed a slew of needed repairs. Instead, Thompson dubbed the building in excellent condition in presentations to the City Council in fall 2016.

In 2018, city officials asked the City Council for another $30 million to accommodate more city staffers at a building already a year behind schedule. That same year, the Union-Tribune repeatedly highlighted the $18,000 a day the city was spending to lease a building it. The stories seemed to trigger panic at City Hall.

After the bad press, documents obtained by VOSD suggest renovations were rushed and mismanaged. As the work continued, asbestos repeatedly shook loose, triggering the attention of the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District.

This is all on Kevin Faulconer’s watch.
City employees began moving into the building in December 2019 only to scramble to move out a month later after the county issued a notice of public nuisance. City workers haven’t returned, and a consultant this summer made an initial estimate that 101 Ash could need $115 million in repairs that could take up to four years to complete. In September, after an avalanche of legal claims and questions about the transaction, including millions of dollars in costs the city can’t fully account for, Faulconer decided to stop paying monthly rent on the building, a decision that Cisterra and investors in the lease are challenging. The city has also filed suit against Cisterra and lenders in hopes of confirming it doesn’t have to pay rent on a building it can’t use and has hinted it will battle contractors who worked on 101 Ash in court.
This is the kind of person that has many of the major  consultants in his pocket and who was to have been ceded the CAGOP on a silver platter.

In 2016 this is what Kevin Faulconer said to a San Diego TV station, ““I could never vote for Trump,” said Faulconer on Election Night. “His divisive rhetoric is unacceptable and I just could never support him.”

As for being a real Republican, his communications person said this, “After a KPBS profile of Faulconer’s background was published, Manolatos sent an email expressing his displeasure with it for linking Faulconer with the Republican Party.

“If you think Kevin is a conservative, toe-the-line Republican—and it appears you do based on the multiple GOP references and lack of balance—please show me the evidence,” he wrote.

Fascinating. Is Kevin Faulconer Meg Whitman 2.0?

Then there is this pay to play stuff – to be continued

Read even more on Ash Street Here.

And then there is this work of art:

Kevin Faulconer is the pro-choice, pro-same-sex marriage, climate-change acknowledging, Mexico-embracing, Spanish-speaking mayor of San Diego who didn’t vote for President Trump.

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  3 Responses to “The Revenge of the CAGOP and Kevin Faulconer: Torpedo the Recall to Set Up 2022???”

  1. Interesting article … Longshot Recall Candidate Kiley May Emerge as a GOP Leader … including the comments.

  2. GOP Assembly Caucus Leader…BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

    Thanks to Jessica Patterson, et al…The GOP Assembly Members will be caucusing in a phone booth next session….

  3. Pat, I agree, Patterson needs to go. She simply is not a leader!

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