Aug 162021

There is always a certain reticence to support a celebrity candidate. Jesse Ventura and Arnold were unmitigated disasters as Governors. Frankly, since Ronald Reagan there has not been a celebrity Governor that has been worth a damn.

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You’ve had people like Heath Shuler and Fred Thompson who were in the federal government that were effective. However, being a legislator is very different than being an executive politician.

I’m a Libertarian, Dammit.

What does Larry Elder believe? We’ve heard his celebrity show for years – but even in the very short time he has been a candidate for governor, we’ve seen some Arnold-esque flip flops.

So does Larry Elder think Boys should use Girl’s restrooms or not?

What does being a libertarian actually mean to Larry Elder?

So did President Trump lose the election fair and square or not?

Elder has had to “clarify” several things he has said – a clear sign of a candidate who is in serious need of finishing and seasoning.

Elder has also been systematically demanding Republican Groups toss other candidates and give him sole billing. It worked on the SDGOP who kicked the other top GOP candidates out of a recent event in favor of Elder. This was also something that Arnold did.

I know Kevin Kiley. I know Doug Ose. This is why I endorsed them both. I know they both have experience and consistent records. I think I know Larry Elder – but the behavior of his campaign is giving me serious pause.

If Larry Elder serves only one purpose – killing off Kevin Faulconer that the establishment that attempted to shove him down our throats, I will give him due credit for that.

However, the price of killing Faulconer may be extreme to California. The legislature is going to close ranks and override his vetoes. None of his appointees will see the right time of day and my guess is he will be a 16 month disaster if elected.

One of the reasons for the California morass is indeed its’ culture, a culture that values appearances more than substance. (This is something I don’t miss now that I live in Nevada) In most states, Larry Elder would not be viable nor taken seriously. Even the ultra-conservative CRA, dominated by members from Southern California endorsed Larry Elder on the 5th ballot 105-51 (the 51 is the combined total of alternatives).

Watch his interviews, see how he struggles to answer basic questions about policy. It will remind you of Arnold in 2003. Let the buyer beware.

Some people see a savior. I see Arnold.

Aug 072021

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Please note 236 Proxies were submitted and several were contested by the consultant-dominated Proxies and Credentials Committee. I am aware of at least 10 legitimate proxies they tried to stuff. Is anyone surprised as the members include staffers, Faulconer Consultants and the Chairs of Two Counties that violated election law? IT appears they were only able to justify tossing 8 of them.

Steve Frank was right. When I ran Steve’s campaign we agreed that a key theme of our campaign was to directly confront the insider game that has relegated the CAGOP to permanent minority status. It was clear that many delegates did not vote or chose Patterson over Frank because of personality issues and not real issues. Today’s result proves that.

Here is the bottom line – Kevin Faulconer’s team were feverishly trying to twist proxies. IT was only when they realized they were going to be unable to control the outcome that they had to relent and allow what happened today to happen. Faulconer had to have the CAGOP endorsement and control of the mechanisms in order to be viable. For that, I am grateful to Larry Elder for getting in, this made it much easier to stop the consultants trying the whore the CAGOP out to Meg Whitman 2.0.

The CAGOP staff are huge losers. Their collusion with Faulconer was proven in spades. Even after the 90-10 vote, Faulconer sent out an email with a video in it that was pre-prepared after his crew had worked with the staff to triage the rebellion against the insider Jam Down. The CAGOP’s staff also had a pre-scripted email prepared that went out within minutes.

As long as your intrepid blogger is here, they will not be able to save face. They know what they were doing and they got embarrassed and held accountable.

They should have cancelled the meeting altogether. IT cost $50 for 35 minutes of crap. You get phone sex for .75 to .99 a minute these days and it cost $1.25 a minute for the CAGOP Jam-Down failure meeting.

If the CAGOP was serious about actually listening to the delegates – they’d have cleaned up Tehama County, Glenn County, and Yuba County’s failure to organize. (because they actually attacked Modoc County) They’d have gone after the illegally appointed 22 delegates in LA County in violation of their own by-laws. They’d have followed up on paperwork submitted by dead county parties for additional delegates they were not entitled to. The CAGOP had been in process to sell itself to Kevin Faulconer for over a year. This is why they had to cheat in Feb against Steve Frank, even as Patterson won by a large margin.

This is also why they had to rig the process to set up today’s meeting. The CAGOP’s executive committee meeting to ratify the 12 member Rules Committee Junta’s almost rubber stamp of the wishes of her majesty and her consultant court of squires was part of the plan. If Her Majesty actually followed the rules, the By-Laws should have been changed by the body.

No Executive Committee sham, today does not happen.

The yes vote was on a substitute motion to Not Endorse versus having the sham endorsement process.

Don’t celebrate too long. If the recall fails, these same people will blame the rank-and-file GOP Activist. They will engage in abusive and bully tactics to impose their will.

Hell hath no fury like a consultant who loses a win bonus and a lot of them had money riding on completing the whoring of the CAGOP to Faulconer. Remember, Jessica Patterson has a list of everyone she thought voted for Steve Frank (and the election vendor probably provided it to her as well) and she and her crew will retaliate against the disloyal.

When Meg Whitman lost, many of the same people retaliated against the same Conservatives they told to go to hell in the primary. It is classic narcissistic abuse, abuse people, shun them and then when you still don’t get your own way blame the abuse victims. The same people that ran Whitman in to an iceberg are in the shadows behind Faulconer.

If the recall carries, whomever the replacement is (Elder, Kiley, Ose, Cox) will get tepid at best support from these people who will be trying to arrange things for 2026. This is how they operate.

It is nice to savor the victory. Tell Steve Frank thank you for having the courage to stand up to these people. (Remember I got paid to help Steve Frank, and the FBI being called on me was an unexpected bonus by the CAGOP Staff) Tell Harmeet and Shawn thank you for coming out hard and late against this. There are other insiders I spoke to on condition of anonymity as the revolt against the jam down had started even before the rigged executive committee meeting. They fear retaliation as those in the faulconer and CAGOP crew have a long, documented history.

So, today – we have forestalled the whoring out of the CAGOP. How long we are able to stop it remains to be seen…

P.S. I have endorsed Kiley and Ose. I am not being paid by a campaign. I have been clear in my disdain for Faulconer, I have never met him, my disdain is for the people he hired and their tactics. Thank you for reading.

Aug 062021

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No additional comment needed from your intrepid blogger. I have now received this a dozen times from concerned delegates.


Intrepid Blogger,

We are authors of the bylaw change that allowed for tomorrow’s endorsement vote in the recall election. This bylaw was proposed months before we knew how many strong Republicans would qualify for the ballot.

We write to let you know that we have heard the compelling arguments of both those in favor of the California Republican Party endorsing, and those not endorsing a candidate for Governor in this recall election.

We have arrived at the conclusion that the CAGOP should not endorse.

To be clear, any of our GOP candidates would be superior to Gavin Newsom. We believe that the voters should decide his replacement, which will not only ensure a higher turn-out of recall proponents, but give Newsom’s successor the best chance of reelection in 2022.

With this in mind, we suggest that the first vote tomorrow should be to issue no endorsement and conclude the proceedings.

The polls are showing that the recall is in a statistical tie, and we cannot afford to discourage voters who are passionate about a particular candidate, yet may not vote because their favored candidate didn’t receive the endorsement.

The recall of Gavin Newsom will only succeed if we can sustain the motivation of every Californian to mail in their ballot, and the CAGOP tipping the scale may deter some voters.

We are sure you have a favorite candidate that you would like to see endorsed, but if we can’t get voters to turn out for question one, question two won’t matter. As we all know, any of our candidates is better than Gavin Newsom.

We hope you can support our motion to not endorse tomorrow. Let’s unite to defeat Gavin Newsom!

Harmeet K. Dhillon, RNC Committeewoman
Shawn Steel, RNC Committeeman


Aug 052021

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Well it appears that Kevin Faulconer’s coronation is not going smoothly. Faulconer is languishing in Single Digits on the Replacement Question despite having the entire CAGOP establishment completely in the bag for him.

David Stafford Reade, Scott Winn, Andy Gimmecandy (of rage on a older hispanic woman fame), Corey Uhden and the cast of flying monkeys are twisting proxy votes as I type this. They very well could overturn the will of the rank and file CAGOP member who want the party to stay neutral. How many people have Faulconer’s crew bullied or lied to, in order to get their votes?

Enter Suzette Martinez-Valladares and her assistant Brian Shroyer.

So, it has been put to me by more than one person that a lot of people are involved in Suzette’s operation to help her buddy Jessica Patterson and Kevin Faulconer. Jessica Patterson is allegedly neutral in the governor race even as all of her friends are working for him, she has manipulated the CAGOP rules to help him and one could conclude that there is a direct connection between her $250,000 salary and the promised flow of money post Faulconer endorsement.

Suzette Martinez-Valladares is the Assemblymember in AD38. She was elected by a fluke of the top two, drawing Lucie Volotzky also a Republican in the runoff. It appears that her election to the assembly has gone to her head, which is also absent the fact that AD38 is a plurality Democrat district and one needs friends in that circumstance.

Perhaps the dollar signs from the Faulconer cesspool was the tie-breaker.

Your intepid blogger has learned that Suzette and Bryan have threatened the entire staff with termination if they do not vote for Kevin Faulconer on Saturday.

It gets better, several staff (something like 4-5 of them) have been dispatched DURING BUSINESS HOURS to gather proxies for Andy Gimmecandy / Scott Winn in order to be able to rig the endorsement vote for Kevin Faulconer.

Proxy Voting is inherently corrupt. This is one of the reasons. It is rife with abuse and if the allegations are true – and note a lot of people know about this Staffer-Uber routine that was run out of Valladares’ office – this proxy drill has attracted some illegal activity. Item one is absuing taxpayer funds to gather Faulconer proxies and two is a potential labor law violation from threatening staff to take a course of action against their will.

With regard to Bryan Shroyer, he should know better than to participate in this. He has been in the building a long time. I have been told a lot of stories about Shroyer, most of them bad and this is the latest in that string.

IT is my opinion that this needs to be investigated by the appropriate body and Mr. Shroyer should probably consider retiring if indeed he participated in this. Suzette? She already has one foot out the door of the Assembly given the way she has been behaving since her election. Just wow.

Please also note: Votes will be made public, just another way the CAGOP Staff and Kevin Faulconer’s goons can ensure compliance.

Aug 022021

IF you need to send a proxy to Kevin Kiley – contact Steve Frank.

If you need to send a proxy to Doug Ose – use the following link:

Contact John Cox or Larry Elder through their respective websites.

In either case YOU MUST SEND A WET INK SIGNATURE AND THE FORM NEEDS TO BE CLEAN WITH NO CROSS OUTS. The campaigns will direct you in the rest of how they want the form(s) completed. PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS – THE PROXIES AND CREDENTIALS COMMITTEE IS COMPROMISED AND THEY WILL TRY TO DISCARD EVERY PROXY THEY CAN. Scott Winn, Corey Uhden and other paid consultants are on that committee in addition to the chairs of two counties that were caught violating state election law.

If you want to vote but are worried about the voting system PLEASE GET ON THE TRAINING:

There is no excuse, they have several dates and times:

DO NOT LET THE $50 POLL TAX THE CRP IS CHARGING STOP YOU – the campaigns will help if it is that big of a deal. We need all Republicans that care about the party to be on that meeting on 8-7.

We will deal with the control agents in the CAGOP that instituted the $50 poll tax later. They did this in order to try to deter you from participating just like what happened years ago…