Aug 162021

There is always a certain reticence to support a celebrity candidate. Jesse Ventura and Arnold were unmitigated disasters as Governors. Frankly, since Ronald Reagan there has not been a celebrity Governor that has been worth a damn.

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You’ve had people like Heath Shuler and Fred Thompson who were in the federal government that were effective. However, being a legislator is very different than being an executive politician.

I’m a Libertarian, Dammit.

What does Larry Elder believe? We’ve heard his celebrity show for years – but even in the very short time he has been a candidate for governor, we’ve seen some Arnold-esque flip flops.

So does Larry Elder think Boys should use Girl’s restrooms or not?

What does being a libertarian actually mean to Larry Elder?

So did President Trump lose the election fair and square or not?

Elder has had to “clarify” several things he has said – a clear sign of a candidate who is in serious need of finishing and seasoning.

Elder has also been systematically demanding Republican Groups toss other candidates and give him sole billing. It worked on the SDGOP who kicked the other top GOP candidates out of a recent event in favor of Elder. This was also something that Arnold did.

I know Kevin Kiley. I know Doug Ose. This is why I endorsed them both. I know they both have experience and consistent records. I think I know Larry Elder – but the behavior of his campaign is giving me serious pause.

If Larry Elder serves only one purpose – killing off Kevin Faulconer that the establishment that attempted to shove him down our throats, I will give him due credit for that.

However, the price of killing Faulconer may be extreme to California. The legislature is going to close ranks and override his vetoes. None of his appointees will see the right time of day and my guess is he will be a 16 month disaster if elected.

One of the reasons for the California morass is indeed its’ culture, a culture that values appearances more than substance. (This is something I don’t miss now that I live in Nevada) In most states, Larry Elder would not be viable nor taken seriously. Even the ultra-conservative CRA, dominated by members from Southern California endorsed Larry Elder on the 5th ballot 105-51 (the 51 is the combined total of alternatives).

Watch his interviews, see how he struggles to answer basic questions about policy. It will remind you of Arnold in 2003. Let the buyer beware.

Some people see a savior. I see Arnold.

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  20 Responses to “My Commentary on Larry Elder – Let the Buyer Beware”

  1. Indeed, let the buyer beware.

    For my part, I have endorsed Kevin Kiley for Governor.

  2. Looking at it from a different perspective: we need Kevin’s vote and legislative experience in Sac where he is needed. If he won as Gov, we would possibly lose that conservative vote. As Gov, the only power he would have is veto power. But if he stays in the legislature and Elder as Gov it is a win win for conservatives. I like Kevin, although I recently saw his voting record, which appeared dismal. He’s still young and he can run again later. We need a unifying voice and name recognition to win.

  3. Aaron, what you so accurate wrote I’ve also heard from
    reliable sources, what do you know about Larry’s stand on the life issue,
    has he contributed financially to Republican candidates, been instrumental
    on electing and re-electing Republicans, moreover Conservatives…?
    A lot of people have asked me the above, please reply.

  4. CG – says he is pro life. My research indicates he is not strong on the issue though.

    Has no record of aiding the recall or GOP candidates at any level.

  5. People are fearful of an Arnold redux and that is why they are supporting of Elder. Maybe Elder is more to the right like Ron Paul compared to Gary Johnson as an example.

  6. I do not trust Elder. I invited him to speak at our Feather River Tea Party Patriots in Yuba City, CA, before he became a candidate for governor. He replied he is too expensive. I asked, “How expensive?” To date, he has not responded. My husband and I support Kevin Kiley 100%.

  7. In the unlikely event Question 1 is a ‘Yes’ and Question 2 is a Republican, rather than Paffrath, it would be wise to consider the candidate on September 14th that will have the most statewide appeal in November of ’22. That is not Elder.

  8. As to the worry that any void will be felt in the legislature will be felt if Kiley is elected please be assured that Mr Gallager will step up and take that job. He has been deeply in step all along and will have the earvof Mr. Kiley and we the people.

  9. Whatever happens, trust Kalifornians to March off a cliff with their choice.

  10. Well, it was on the news today (KFBK) that Ose had a heart attack Sunday evening and has pulled out (they also said he was having problems raising money…dont know why they fell that had to add that). But that will make Kiley’s stock go up in the North State areas.

  11. When I checked on Kevin Kiley, it said he supported “trump hater” John Kasich. That’s all I need to know. Larry Elder has my vote.

  12. Obviously ALL of you have not watched the hour long interview of Larry Elder done by the LA TIMES! Larry Elder was unbelievably SPECTACULAR and even had the LA Times bowing down because he honestly answered every question, added more clarification, and refused to let them get away with their traditional liberal Garbage! There are No More Unanswered Questions! Larry Elder has been given to us by God and we Must Work Hard To Make Certain He Is Elected! Faulkner is a Rhino and worse than Gavin Newsom if you do your required research on his San Diego Record! Kevin Kiley is Great but he does not have the state name recognition we so desperately need. Pray for Ose because he did pull out after his heart attack Sunday. Please Get To Work To Get Newsom Out and Elder In!

  13. Elder is scripted. He can’t debate because it’s not on a script. The more I see of him the less I like him!

  14. I am LEAVING CA!!!! I QUIT!!! 64 YEARS later still Screwed up!!!

  15. He told SF Republicans he was too expensive but he did speak at the huge Calvary Church in San Jose I assume for free when several conservative groups promoted. Doesn’t know policy as well as Kiley but I like that he is his own man and doesn’t try and please anyone. He lives his life as wants. He punches back hard to the left. He has a street fighter in him. I question why he proposed to a former 10,000$ night hooker. But he has the best chance at least to vote on question 1. Yes on 1! He is encouraging a lot of apathetic voters.

  16. Demonstrative, zero minimum wage, hides from answering the real questions, as Arnold, a closet Dem- Larry a chip on his shoulder bit of a Newsom clone… does not believe women are able to understand politics as men are. COME ON PEOPLE Must I Go On

  17. The fact that the LA Times published an article calling him the “Black face of White Supremacy” says all you need to know. The power of having a strong black conservative as the governor of the biggest and most liberal state in the Union is immeasurable. Larry has my vote.

  18. Kevin Kiley is another Republican who is of the Kamala Harris family. Larry Elder is a pot smoking libertarian and not Republican. Larry Elder will be historic and a necessary change for the failed blue state of California. Stop going by party.

  19. Didn’t Kiley endorse Jessica Patterson? I’ve never moved from my position of her as the @CAGOP leader. She’s a bum and he supported her. He’s not the only one. Literally, every politician who wants a future from Marie Waldron to Brian Jones (my reps) betrayed us.

    I look at Kiley in the same mold. They care more for their own careers, yet tell us the opposite. They’re there for us. Nothing but a damn lie.

    Does that mean I dislike or wouldn’t support Kiley? It’s down to Kiley and Elder for me with Elder having my vote. I like Barbara Todd’s comment and that’s a win/win.

    If anything, if Elder can win this while destroying Kevin Faulconer, then it’s worth it.

  20. Oops, meant to say, yes, I would support Kiley down the road but he has to answer the question why he endorsed Jessica Patterson. Truth is, too many talk values but then rationalize away those values. The fact he supported a center-left worthless excuse of the CAGOP chair is not the conservative I want today.

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