Aug 262021

Courtney LaPaul Williams. Yes – he is running for Governor, telling people to write him in… while fundraising. But Courtney LaPaul has a Major problem. He is ripping people off and is hiding the money. He is basically two months late on filing his campaign finance reports. (((Please note the url has changed to – please change your bookmarks.)))

This is a major no-no and is typically only done by candidates with stuff to hide.

In the land of political grifters, some fall harder than others. Take Major Williams for instance. He raised over $300k last year but has yet to now file a semi-annual report for the first half of 2021.  

Let’s look at the possible reasons why.

First off, he spends lavishly on his campaign. $2500 limo rentals for one. He did this on multiple occasions! There are Bodyguards as well.

Why does he need these? No other candidate needs them. Could it be he’s financing a lifestyle he otherwise couldn’t afford unless he was campaigning for office? We call these types of people political grifters: living off their campaign contributions tax-free no less as campaigns don’t pay taxes. Wonder what the IRS and FTB would have to say about this?

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Perhaps Courtney LaPaul is going to become a rapper again?

His campaign’s credit card processor, Anedot, terminated his account several weeks back. This isn’t something that’s done lightly. You really have to screw up for them to do this. Sometimes, it involves a lot of chargebacks\refunds which make the underwriters nervous. We won’t mention the other possibilities, but none are good. This is all speculation mind you but his credit card processing cancellation was a fact. He has a new processor that I’ve never heard of.

I’d bet this new processor was chosen because they don’t vet their customers.

A check of public records shows he’s been through two treasurers since he started his campaign. The First one was short lived and the other ended a a while ago. He’s now acting as his own treasurer. That sounds a lot like Bill Brough. I Wonder what sort of behavior ended that relationship? Usually, it’s because of questionable spending activity on the part of the candidate and treasurers have enough to worry about and don’t need a candidate going rouge on them. But, who knows for sure.

Meanwhile, he has yet to file his mid-year report. Not a good sign. If he’s really on his own now, he’s got to be flailing at this point.

Like we said, he has “major” problems. Pun intended.

But then there is this – recent facebook posting:

Courtney LaPaul should have paid attention to Susan.

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  1. LOL … do you realize Farrakhan is a Baptist? BEST Preaching EVER! Farrakhan Speaks at Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church …

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