Aug 172021

The venerable old California Republican Assembly. They have long been known as the conscience of the California Republican Party.

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Sometimes, such as their endorsement of the libertarian Larry Elder, they stray. It makes sense that a group like this would be populated with opinionated people who like to fight with each other a lot.

I’ve been told by more than one person that the CRA is gearing up for their latest donnybrook. Please stop. Having been in several CRA donnybrooks, I can still picture the dozens of good people run out the door by the fights. IT does not matter how right you think you are, the GOP is at 23% in California. Please try to resolve the differences without fratricide!

So, there are a group of CRA Units that disdain the new membership system and are fighting against it. Luddites have been a part of the CRA the entire time I have been familiar with the organization.

I’ve heard varied opinions about the effectiveness of Johnnie Morgan. Morgan got his start in CRA leadership because I recruited him to run against Bill Cardoza for National Committeeman and he beat Cardoza. The one thing I can say for certain, third terms in any office or organization are problematic.

Under Johnnie’s leadership the CRA appears to be growing again. They are a landing place for the remnants of Tea Party and Trump groups. IN Bakersfield, the once Mighty Bakersfield CRA unit is back with some 177 legitimate and real members.

Gone are the days of zombie paper units. (I fought those for years and it was a group of them that helped run me out of the CRA) For that alone, Johnnie deserves a medal.

The other thing that I find interesting is that people said to consist of John Paul White and someone who may or may not be Ben Chapman have been fighting against new CRA units in Orange County.

In Kern County, the allegedly conservative Shannon Grove has been fighting CRA’s resurgence in that area.

One of the best indicators an organization is moving is when there is active opposition, and this is a clear indicator that the CRA is on the right track.

So to the CRA – you have a good thing going, now deal with the drama internally and keep moving forward.

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  3 Responses to “Dear CRA – Now That You Are Growing Again, DON’T SCREW IT UP!”

  1. While I was a member of the CRA I loved the members…but hated the infighting and backstabbing. Two things they need to do is undo all the stupid ‘banned for life’ and focus on defeating Democrats….Not each other. (In my not so humble opinion)

  2. They. are all RINO’S, there is not 1 of them is a 1. Patriot 1st, Conservative 2nd and Republican 3rd. Not 1 of them, perhaps 1 and myself who have a real desire to make change in California, real change, not more talk, more committees, more tax payer events which just feed more expensive food and wine and not address the real problems we have.
    Identitying a problem is not what “We” need, we already know what we want is you to tell us YOUR solution and how it will be paid for? Do you RINO’S get that?
    It’s tax payer $ you are spending therefore it is those tax payer you should be spending it on!!
    No matter what other issues we have in California, there is 1 absolute issue we have and NINE of you are addressing it. WE NEED NEW WATER!!!!
    Now I have worked the problem out in my County of Ventura, project cost will be $3B and produce 50 million gallons of new water per day. This State has $75B with a projected $50B from Federal Government, which means my project cost is a mere “drop in the Ocean”.
    We, do not need politicians, we need Project Managers like myself to fix the problems and instead of division/diversity and using skin color, start acting like AMERICAN’S!!!!


  3. CA is “special.” The best a Republican can do is to is ensure the optimum available Republican(s) reach the general election. That objective must be the driving force for our voting in a primary. Sometimes the only winning choice may require holding your nose when voting. If CRA is pragmatic, it will grow.

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