Aug 022021

IF you need to send a proxy to Kevin Kiley – contact Steve Frank.

If you need to send a proxy to Doug Ose – use the following link:

Contact John Cox or Larry Elder through their respective websites.

In either case YOU MUST SEND A WET INK SIGNATURE AND THE FORM NEEDS TO BE CLEAN WITH NO CROSS OUTS. The campaigns will direct you in the rest of how they want the form(s) completed. PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS – THE PROXIES AND CREDENTIALS COMMITTEE IS COMPROMISED AND THEY WILL TRY TO DISCARD EVERY PROXY THEY CAN. Scott Winn, Corey Uhden and other paid consultants are on that committee in addition to the chairs of two counties that were caught violating state election law.

If you want to vote but are worried about the voting system PLEASE GET ON THE TRAINING:

There is no excuse, they have several dates and times:

DO NOT LET THE $50 POLL TAX THE CRP IS CHARGING STOP YOU – the campaigns will help if it is that big of a deal. We need all Republicans that care about the party to be on that meeting on 8-7.

We will deal with the control agents in the CAGOP that instituted the $50 poll tax later. They did this in order to try to deter you from participating just like what happened years ago…

Stay Informed!

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  12 Responses to “CAGOP URGENT UPDATE: If you had trouble with system in Feb, PLEASE PROXY OR GET ON TO THE TRAINING. PAY YOUR CRP POLL TAX TOO”

  1. Delegates voting on endorsement:

    Ose 255,
    Kiley 383,
    Faulconer 340,
    Elder 499.

    No one else qualified. Cox was closest with 131.

    If you think the grassroots movement is a joke, think again. We will continue marching forward until we drop.

  2. If Mac Young’s numbers are correct we are hopelessly split. The best thing to do is vote no endorsement (on the final ballot) and not give the Democrat Party any ammo to attack a candidate. Stay focused on the mission—Recall Newsom!!!

    (if those numbers are correct…that is 1477 delegates…almost the whole voting body)

  3. One other thing that is clear about Mac’s numbers is Faulconer cant get the endorsement if they are correct. The conservatives will stick together and if on a second or third round Kiley is out…those votes will likely go Elder or go ‘No Endorsement’ (it will take about 850+- to get to 60%). I just don’t see it for Faulconer….(if his numbers are correct)

  4. Those votes are from about 800 delegates who nominated multiple candidates, so really only a little more than half of the delegates voted.

  5. If its a regular meeting of the GOP State Committee (special convention) I believe 50% of delegates or their proxy holders have to attend. It will be interesting to see if they have a quorum…..If not this whole meeting may be a mute point as a waste of money and our time.

  6. Fellow patriots: All of this was put in motion months ago prior to the Republican Party knowing whether or not there would be a strong Democrat (such as Villagarosa) in the race. Now that we know there is no strong Democrat, the party does not need to endorse anyone. We should focus on turning out the vote for YES on recalling Gavin Newsom (the most dishonest Governor California has ever had). The special endorsement Zoom will be an opportunity to hear from each of the four candidates who were nominated. The party just hired field directors to work all over the state to make sure we get rid of Newsom. This costs money and your $50 will go to a very good cause. Every penny will be spend on the recall. For the replacement candidate, vote your conscience and we WILL have a Republican Governor! God bless California!

  7. Damn it Gregory…your on the board…Why the nonsense then? You want to charge us $50 bucks each so that a few of the candidate can blovate about themselves???? All the CRP leaders are doing is giving the Dems ‘Ammo’ to shoot against the recall. All the Delegates already know whom they are supporting, or at least nearly all. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND RESORCES!!!!! When it comes to CRP leadership…Forest Gump with say ‘Stupid is as Stupid does’……

  8. 810 unique delegates participated

  9. It almost sounds like Gregory Gandrud (who sent out emails endorsing Jessica Patterson) is now on the “no endorsement” team because Faulconer has little to no chance for an endorsement anymore. Almost like his tune changed when it didn’t benefit him…

  10. How can you tell when Greg Gandrud lies?
    He posts on Right on Daily.

    Gandrud isn’t a patriot, he’s a sell out.

    If Jessica Patterson stops to quickly, Gandrud will suffocate.

  11. We do not need to endorse anyone in this recall. It is not necessary. Let the voters decide on who they want to replace Newsom. I agree, emphasis needs to be on “Yes” to recall Newsom. Knowing California, native that I am, getting that “Yes” vote will not be easy. Republicans be smart for ONCE!

  12. And what the hell was (and why) was Gandrud’s speech at the Convention broadcasted from Biden’s Oval Office???? Did you see that? Was it a fake prop? What a ‘smiling’ Bag of Wind!!!!!

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