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The following piece is provided by Right on Daily as a public service. It is full of facts with my opinions interspersed within. If you are offended, please email crytothefbi@cagop.org to register your complaint.

Here is the bottom line – Kevin Faulconer has to have the CAGOP endorsement. He needs the bulk mail permit, the multiple accounts the CAGOP has in order for his small donor list to be able to max out multiple times and he needs the special rates a political party get on advertisements. Since he is not Meg Whitman, he has to have control of the party apparatus (as in what’s left of it) in order to maximize his resources. It is also my belief that a lot of the same insider consultants we’ve been writing about for years have tens of thousands of dollars riding on this campaign as well.

Faulconer’s campaign manager Stephen Puetz who I have known to be a platform destroying liberal for the 20 years I’ve seen him around politics, claimed in a public statement that Faulconer thinks a CAGOP endorsement would be divisive. Obviously his comment was parsed consultant speak as Faulconer had a coordinated drill ready to go with the CAGOP Executive committee (7 of the 56 members present are paid by faulconer’s campaign) and had the 200 signatures to qualify for said divisive endorsement quickly.

#1 Kevin Faulconer is chemically dependent upon proxies. The proxies and credentials committee has been loaded with consultants – including several of Faulconer’s paid staff. There were 7 paid staff on the Executive Committee that helped jam down the by-law change and four on the rules committee as well.

IF you are not gathering proxies, you are going to lose. https://cagop.my.salesforce.com/sfc/p/#3i000000CsCG/a/3i000000DO3T/odmEehF8pS4Y9yuu_.sdco5t7z8tk_z58ebqGAgEb.M

Use that link and download the form. THE DEADLINE IS 8-7 YOU MAY NEED TO OVERNIGHT THE FORM TO YOUR PREFERRED CANDIDATE. THEY REQUIRE A WET INK SIGNATURE – MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO CROSS OUTS AND THE FORM IS COMPLETE. Scott Winn, Corey Uhden and others professionally paid to gather proxies are on the committee. Also, the chairs of two counties proven to have organized in violation of the CAGOP By-Laws are on that committee. They will be hunting for any excuse to deny proxies they believe are for Elder and Kiley.

Scott Winn, Corey Uhden, David Stafford Reade and others gathered over 300 proxies for Jessica Patterson in February. They will do the same for Faulconer. GET TO WORK.

#2 GO NOMINATE EVERY SINGLE GOP CANDIDATE. The corrupt leadership of the CAGOP are using the same voting system and software that yielded a ton of issues and complaints. The more candidates that qualify for the endorsement, the worse the system will perform and the more it will expose the methods and motivations of the staff. (Note, several of the CAGOP staff are connected to or alumni of Kevin Faulconer)

Please use this link to track the nomination. Please get your personalized email from the CAGOP with the PIN Number to nominate every candidate you know and/or are comfortable with: https://www.cagop.org/s/recall-endorsement/results

As of the typing of this blog, we have Faulconer, Kiley and Elder qualified. Doug Ose is at 158 nominations and needs 200. John Cox is at 83. The more candidates that qualify for the endorsement, the better.

#3 If I was advising the candidates – I’d tell them to spend 8 minutes on themselves and 2 minutes attacking the insider game and corruption on behalf of Kevin Faulconer. Faulconer is in deep trouble over the Ash Street Debacle and the insider machinations that the consultants and the CAGOP insiders have been pulling are absurd. The staffers and consultants that will be on the sham convention meeting on 8-7 need to be humiliated for what they have done. The CAGOP used to mean something, it is now a whore of political insiders and we deserve better.

#4 CAMPAIGNS – THAT MEANS YOU KILEY AND ELDER (and PERHAPS OSE AND COX) PAY PEOPLE’S $50 TO ATTEND THE CONVENTION. When Steve Frank lost in Feb, I know of dozens of his supporters that did not attend the convention because they did not want to pay their $75 just to vote for officers. Many of the over 150 votes I had identified that did not register to vote for Steve are Larry Elder supporters. My fear is that the lack of coordination between Elder and Kiley will leave dozens of votes on the table. This also dovetails with Proxies – the people that bailed on Steve Frank need to get their proxies in to the hands of Elder or Kiley asap and those campaigns need to pay many of their way onto the meeting.

The consultants that control the CAGOP know what they are doing and instituted registration fees as a deterrent to non staffers and non consultants from attending. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER IF YOU ARE A DELEGATE: https://www.cagop.org/s/convention?utm_medium=email&utm_source=mc&utm_campaign=20210730_213156_nominationportal_c_cagop&utm_content=cagop_p2


#5 RECORD THE MEETING. SCREENSHOT EVERY ISSUE WITH THE PROCESS. The only way the consultants and control agents can be held accountable is constant exposure – this is why I talk about these people by name. Andy Garakhani, David Stafford Reade and others thrive off of living in the shadows controlling outcomes.

#6 NO ENDORSEMENT WILL NOT BE AN OPTION UNITL THERE ARE ONLY TWO CANDIDATES LEFT. If you are supporting anyone not named Kevin Faulconer pay attention to this. If your guy drops off YOU MUST STAY ON UNTIL THE END SO YOU CAN VOTE FOR NO ENDORSEMENT. The CAGOP’s staff will attempt to drag the process out in hopes that non faulconer supporters leave the call.

The Kiley and Elder Campaign need to make sure their delegates (and Ose / Cox should they make it over the line) are informed that they need to stay and vote in opposition to faulconer until the process is complete.

Here is the example of the collapsing ballot so you understand:

OSE, COX, KILEY, ELDER and FAULCONER are on the first ballot. There is a vote.

Cox finishes fifth, he’s gone

OSE, KILEY, ELDER and FAULCONER advance. Then there is another vote. COX DELEGATES NEED TO STAY AND VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE (not named Faulconer) AT THIS ROUND.

Ose finishes fourth, he’s gone

KILEY, ELDER and FAULCONER advance, then there is another vote. COX AND OSE DELEGATES NEED TO STAY AND VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE (not named Faulconer) AT THIS ROUND.

Kiley finishes third, he’s gone.


The non faulconer candidates need to make sure their people STAY ON THE CALL. They need to pay people in to the convention. They need to gather as many proxies as they can. Then they need to coordinate and make their delegates understand the collapsing ballot per my above example.

If the GOP team works together, we can save the recall from a divisive endorsement and stop the CAGOP insiders and consultants from forcing Arnold/Whitman 3.0 down our throats. It is going to be hard enough to get the recall over the line… (unless the idiot governor issues a lockdown) and we do not need to commit political suicide by endorsing ANY candidate.

Remember, I type this having endorsed both Kevin Kiley and Doug Ose for Governor.

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  6 Responses to “Right on Daily Opinion and Fact Piece: CAGOP Endorsing Convention Coming Up 8-7, How to Stop the Faulconer Jam Down”

  1. No need to endorse. Let the chips fall where they may.

    Having said that, Corey Uhden is a douchebag. That guys makes me sick. What a piece of shit.

  2. This is one of the best reports you have ever written! Thanks (Yolo Delegate)

  3. Mac – the candidates need to organize in order to stop Faulconer in order to “not endorse”.

  4. Aaron, I think the key here is to reach out to the County Chairs and the Rural County Chair Group, to they can contact all their delegates. Cant do much about the Caucus appointed delegates….they are political hanger straps and part of the problem.

  5. Thanks for this clarification. I will be out of town on Aug 7 but made sure my proxy got in the right hands for voting.

    Thanks for all you do.

  6. Aaron thank you for the great and detailed analysis, I’ve contributed and endorsed Kevin Kiley, so I’m rooting for him. However more important on the ballot is question 1 and when talking with neighbors during my daily walks, mailman, my PT, and visiting nurse, 99% are saying they don’t know ANY of the 45+ candidates so they’re voting NO on the recall.
    Sad…? Yes
    What’s your take…!

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