Jul 112021

Embedded above is a facebook and a twitter post from the recall folks. I 100% understand their enthusiasm and desire to help a candidate.

When I worked for Steve Frank’s CAGOP Chair Campaign – Mr’s Heatlie and Netter wanted to endorse Steve Frank. Members of their board held back as their focus was rightly on the recall itself.

Somehow, they forgot that restraint when it came to the current situation.

Endorsing Kevin Kiley is actually far more deleterious to the recall itself. Why?

  1. It diverts focus from recalling Gavin Newsom. The recall appears to be trailing in polling significantly. The recall itself is getting lost in the slew of candidates running.
  2. It exposes the Recall itself to legal liability as there are rules that are broad suggesting they could get fined by campaign finance regulators for violating the rules of a recall committee
  3. It will allow Gavin Newsom to accuse them of a “Republican Conspiracy” to elect Kevin Kiley.

Unfortunately, the recall crew can’t un-ring the bell of what they did. Mike Netter and Orrin Heatlie did an event with Kiley today at the capitol. (in 90-100 degree morning temps!) This further compromises the recall effort from the non-partisan look you want for it.

So, juxtapose Heatlie and Netter at a rally with Kevin Kiley and this recent post…

The recall crew are in a mess of their own making and even while trying to walk back the still in effect endorsement of Kevin Kiley they send mixed messages with the two most noteworthy people being at the capitol.

The best thing for Recall Gavin Newsom to do is rescind the endorsement to protect the recall itself.

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  2 Responses to “Right On Daily Advice Column: Dear Recall Leaders, Walk it ALL THE WAY BACK…”

  1. I understand the enthusiasm, Kiley is great. Focus right now needs to be placed on question #1 on the ballot. Do you want to replace Gavin? We need millions to vote for that. I don’t understand why the rush now to get behind one person? Question #2 will sort itself out on 9/14. The winner only needs the most votes.

  2. This endorsement was stupidly at its finest. Ballots our out in the mail in a month. If the recall fails because of this there will be hell to pay…and it is very likely could destroy Kiley’s future. Right now, with a September recall, the most likely to replace Newsom are Faulconer, Cox and maybe Jenner (but I hope not). Kiley might want to step back and think about things…he is young with a bright future. And this stupidly could kill it.

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