Jul 282021

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This story came to me by way of a CRA activist in Palos Verdes.


There are three prominent reasons why the CRNC has been failing college students across the country and its core values. 

Primarily, the CRNC has engaged in corrupt behavior and has punished those who voiced concern. The leadership of CRNC has allowed this to happen for years without any steps to address clear internal issues. They even used under-handed tactics to defederate the pro-Trump California College Republicans (CCR) in support of a Never-Trumper group, California Federation of College Republicans (CFCR). To top it off, Chandler even hid finances from his own appointed treasurer-Chandler is the only name listed on the IRS filings for several years.

The CRNC has a long history of mismanaging money, and has even paid executives high salaries and even additional funds for unclear reasons. In addition, there has not been a single year where the CRNC has been profitable. The CRNC has always spent more money than it has received, while paying ridiculous fees for consulting and other issues. 

Lastly, the CRNC has leadership that runs counter to America First. The CRNC has sided with groups with concerning beliefs. From being Never-Trumpers to supporting The Lincoln Project, there is no clear sense of leadership even representing the interests of the GOP. The CRNC has morphed into an organization that doesn’t reflect values that conservatives hold.

Some time ago, Jessica Patterson abused the resources of the CAGOP to crow about a resolution to the issues between the two College Republican Groups. Well, apparently there is more to the story.

Some of Jessica Patterson’s buddies at the CSU Long Beach CR let the cat out of the bag

The article talks extensively about how the CCR (Cal College Republicans) was torched, while their charter was handed to the other CR group in California. If it was an isolated issue it would be easy to explain, but jut recently the leadership also took out the Louisiana CR organization as well.

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If you take the time to look at the document you will see the clear biases of the current leadership of the national college republicans. These were the people Jessica Patterson threw in with when she and her consultant handlers ran the CCR out of the CAGOP’s list of chartered organizations.

It makes you wonder.

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