Jul 152021
  • Jason Roe, the longtime San Diego-based GOP political consultant who was for years a key strategist for former Mayor Kevin Faulconer, has left his role as the executive director of the Michigan Republican Party, where he has feuded since taking the job with Trump loyalists who took exception to critical comments he made of the former president. (Detroit Free Press)

It looks like Jason Roe has the Faulconer Disease well. According to the following article:

In 2013, Kevin Faulconer ran for Mayor of San Diego—against Nathan Fletcher, the husband of the infamous Assemblywoman Lorena Fletcher—she authored AB 5, to kill California jobs.  During that campaign he noted he started life as a Democrat, then proceeded to run on a Democrat Platform—open borders, amnesty, pro-choice,

In 2016 this is what Kevin Faulconer said to a San Diego TV station, ““I could never vote for Trump,” said Faulconer on Election Night. “His divisive rhetoric is unacceptable and I just could never support him.”

As for being a real Republican, his communications person said this, “After a KPBS profile of Faulconer’s background was published, Manolatos sent an email expressing his displeasure with it for linking Faulconer with the Republican Party.

“If you think Kevin is a conservative, toe-the-line Republican—and it appears you do based on the multiple GOP references and lack of balance—please show me the evidence,” he wrote.

This is the prototypical candidate for the corrupt CAGOP establishment to promote.

Jason Roe worked for Faulconer for years before he and Duane Dichara split their partnership and went their separate ways. My guess is he is headed back to San Diego.

Then there is this about recent Recall entry Ted Gaines: Article here


I understand it when rich people have too much money, so they run for Governor.  And< I accept famous people running for Governor, who have no knowledge or experience in California policy, politics or issues, like e Schwarzenegger think being known equates to being a leader.

But Board of Equalization member Ted Gaines, a former Supervisor, Assemblyman and State Senator announced he is running for Governor.  If you never hear of him that is because you do not come from the Placer part of the State.  He has no statewide support, hard time raising money, comes into the race with less than 70 days before the election.  He has no team, has raised no money for the race—and sat on the sidelines while the grassroots statewide got the petitions signed.  I could not find a quote from him asking people to get involved in the Recall—or he actively supported it.

So why get in the race?  Assemblyman Kevin Kiley. Unlike the other candidates, Kiley KNOWS Sacramento policy and politics, has statewide grassroot support, cannot be bought and is building momentum to be the front runner against Faulconer. he took on the Governor in speeches, books and lawsuits–while the others sat back–or were not even paying attention to the Recall, until the volunteers made it happen. Kiley is not parachuting into this race–he has been on the front lines from the beginning.

The goal, it appears is to take votes from Kiley, to help the open borders candidate, Kevin Faulconer.  Divide the conservatives, and help the Schwarzenegger/Whitman wing of the Republican Party.  For someone who has prided himself on being a conservative, this makes no sense.  But, these are the games played. This is why people are disgusted with politics and the Republican Party in California.

In my next HOTT, I will explain how the CRP is skimming money from the REAL Recall, to build staff and finance the Faulconer campaign.  Did you receive TWO snail mail pieces, like I did on Monday from the CRP begging for money, implying the money was going toward the Recall—but instead is going into the General Fund?

It appears I was not alone in my perception of Gaines’ entry. David Stafford Reade has his fingers in everything, with all this stuff to control it is no surprise he still drinks heavily despite getting three DUI in his past. (Reade is Jessica Patterson’s campaign manager and Kevin Faulconer’s “grassroots” coordinator)

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  4 Responses to “Recall Update: Team Faulconer Member Jason Roe Run Out of Michigan. More on Gaines Entry and Faulconer’s Issues”

  1. Can Kiley win? Will you becoming working on the Kiley Campaign?

  2. Kevin Kiley is the only one that is absolutely qualified, read his background. He is already in Sacramento, knows the ways. We need to back one candidate! and that is Kevin Kiley.

  3. Oh i am behind Kiley For governor. Just wondering is there enough time to get his name around before the election date?.

  4. The bigger problem is not if ‘someone can win?’….Its what will happen if Faulconer wins…. Faulconer winning will further empower David Stafford Reade and the nightmare he brings to the Republican Party will continue.

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