Jul 162021

Your intrepid blogger is hard at work tracking the actions of political insiders…

The CAGOP is operating with a slew of By-Law Violations. If someone wanted to pierce the corporate veil and take down the CAGOP – they could easily. Let’s list them on the way to laying out the jam-down of a Faulconer endorsement that is rigged and set up to happen in early August.

  1. The LAGOP unilaterally filled 22 vacant districts with nominees in violation of the CAGOP By-Laws that have a clear system for doing so. The 22 illegal delegates voted for Jessica Patterson for Chair and will all vote to endorse Kevin Faulconer.
  2. The Tehama GOP did not meet and did not organize. Jessica Patterson put its’ chair on the CAGOP Proxies and Credentials Committee after the voracity of the Tehama GOP was challenged. The Tehama Treasurer was seated in violation of state election law and CAGOP By-Laws. Only the Chair of a Defunct committee carries forward.
  3. The Glenn GOP did not meet, but did have three people elected. Tehama had none. Not meeting to organize is a violation of election law. The CAGOP allowed the 6 delegates to be seated – all voted for Jessica Patterson. Then Patterson appointed the Chair of the Fake Glenn GOP to the Proxies and Credentials Committee
  4. Jessica Patterson appointed Scott Winn (who has been a regular feature on this blog), Corey Uhden and other paid political consultants with a direct financial interest in the outcome of CAGOP elections to the proxies and credentials committee. Winn and Uhden were both paid to harvest proxies and were then put in charge of validating the very proxies they harvested.
  5. The Yuba GOP was taken over by the good guys after the exposure of David Stafford Reade staffer Stephen Reynoso Heter was exposed repeatedly. Note to worry though, the 5 delegates (none of whom live in Yuba County) will all vote for Faulconer and did vote for Jessica Patterson.
  6. Rumors indicate that the CAGOP’s staff are attempting to negotiate the Modoc Situation as they stripped Modoc of their delegates, not because Modoc did anything different than Glenn or Tehama – but because Modoc would have supported the opponents to the regime. The CAGOP’s staff broke the law once again when they stripped the Chair of Modoc of his delegate status, yet allowed Heter, Ryan Edson and Michael Holdsclaw to remain as chairs of their bogus and defunct committees.
  7. Several Counties submitted paperwork for “bonus delegates”. These include Glenn, Santa Cruz and Alameda (there were many others, but I am focusing on these) Alameda and Santa Cruz whose committees are moribund got 3 bonus delegates each. Even after calling the FBI on me, the CAGOP’s staff refused to answer questions about these dubious delegates, finally admitting they take the counties’ word for it. Given that Luis Buhler, David Stafford Reade and others have reputations for bending the rules (whatever happened to law and order or election integrity?) I told Steve Frank there were at least 20 fraudulent delegates from Counties that submitted garbage paperwork without the actual items in place they were claiming. The most obvious example is Glenn County who did not meet, and had only 3 people file for election – getting a 6th delegate.

So there are a built in 50-60 fraudulent delegates prepared to vote for Kevin Faulconer once David Reade, Tom Ross, Jeff Randle and the others filching thousands off of the machine get their way with the jam-down. Given that no more than 1200 will vote – this fraud stakes Faulconer to 4-5% of the vote right out of the gate.

What is the Jam-Down? This is sidestepping the CAGOP’s By-Laws once again to amend them in violation of the by-laws in order to facilitate a 50% threshold endorsement. But wait, there’s more – every candidate HAS TO GET 200 DELEGATE SIGNATURES just to be eligible. This is the provision of the feckless Fred Whitaker by-law amendment that is not getting attention. Since a delegate can only sign for one candidate, this effectively limits the universe to 7 candidates maximum for a potential endorsement.

We started covering the jam down email from the CAGOP here

The CAGOP Rules Committee is meeting on 7-23 to address the Faulconer Jam-Down By-Law Amendment with three other proposals. They are not addressing the illegal delegates and the numerous violations of the CAGOP By-Laws.

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Well, there is a problem – 3 of the By-Law amendments were sat on by her majesty in violation of the 3 day notice provision in the by-laws.

There is a second problem – the Faulconer Jam-Down By-Law and the other three whose time had expired the three day mandate were only sent to a portion of the rules committee and not the entire rules committee.

So, there are two more blatant By-Law violations to go along with the corruption of the proxies and credentials committee and at least 50 delegates whose presence is attributable to fraud. (fraud is a violation of the by-laws of the CRP)

So, on 7-23 the rules committee will “meet” but the peasants will not be allowed to comment during the proceedings. Also note that the rules committee is populated with country clubbers and squishes, 100% appointed by her majesty.

Then once the Rules Committee rubber stamps the wishes of David Stafford Reade (who works for both CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson AND Faulconer), then the next day the CAGOP Executive Committee 50% of whose members are appointed by the corrupt CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson will meet to codify these by-law amendments. Thomas Hiltack, Chuck Bell and Ashlee Titus all work for the CAGOP’s law firm. Ashlee is paid by the CAGOP and Hiltack has been fingered as the partner to David Stafford Reade on the Executive Director Project that was formed to control or neutralize county parties. How relying on a law-firm with this sort of conflict of interest passes any legitimacy test is beyond me as one of the three attorneys mentioned said that their interpretation of the bylaws allows the executive committee to usurp the entire body to modify the by-laws.

That is kind of like giving Jesse James the keys to the bank or asking Jack the Ripper to babysit.

In addition, when her majesty called the executive committee meeting people had 34 minutes notice (she called it at 11:26PM on the exact day to have 40 days elapse on 7-24).

I have some theories why the CAGOP’s leadership are whoring out the CAGOP to Faulconer and they all lead back to money. The CAGOP will get kickbacks from the money the handful of donors Faulconer has will run through the party. These donors will be able to donate 3-4 additional times direct to the party.

Kevin Faulconer can not win without the CAGOP endorsement because he needs the cut rate advertising that is allowed with such an arrangement and it will also allow those donors to pour money in.

There is also what I believe to be a sinister angle. The CAGOP leadership that are whoring out the CAGOP to Faulconer did not support the recall and came kicking and screaming only when it appeared to be eminent to qualify. I believe they want the recall to fail. By flipping off the grassroots and telling them to get lost, then jamming down the CAGOP endorsement they accomplish two goals: money to make up for Patterson’s failure to raise enough money to pay the CAGOP’s basic bills and they get to kill the pesky recall that upset their plans for 2022.

So when the Consultants and Insiders have rigged the process next weekend – the next step is a meeting on 8-7 via zoom where they use the same corrupted, unreliable electronic voting that disenfranchised dozens of delegates.

Here’s the summary:

Hire staff with personal connections to Kevin Faulconer
Enable Delegate Fraud on a Large Scale
Hide Behind a Law Firm with a 20 year relationship with the CAGOP to make a by-law judgement you want them to
Rig the process
Layer on more By-Law Violations
Vote Electronically

Then Kevin Faulconer gets endorsed.

And don’t you dare tell them how upset you are or the FBI will show up at your door.


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  One Response to “Recall Update: Let’s Track Some Corruption, Faulconer and the CAGOP. What Party Leaders Are Preparing to do to You”

  1. There are several of us who have been requesting appointments to seats in our completely vacant Assembly Districts and Precincts but the LAGOP is not having any of this Republican representation. I am thinking of starting a support group for victims of Julie Haff, Richard Sherman, Andy Gimmecandy, etc.
    How can this much corruption go uncontested?

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