Jul 292021

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Remember Gray Davis? We used to joke about the toll booth at the door of his office. Looks the same for Gavin Newsom and Kevin Faulconer

From 2011 through 2018, the nonprofit has paid Siebel Newsom more than $290,000 per year — $2.3 million in all — for her leadership work and for creating three documentary films on social justice themes, according to the nonprofit’s tax returns.

That’s more than 20% of the $10.4 million it received from contributors. The Newsoms’ tax returns and financial disclosure forms show she has continued to draw a salary since her husband became governor.

Many donations came from California philanthropists, venture capitalists and people who inherited great wealth.

But in recent years, as Newsom’s political star ascended, records show his wife’s nonprofit received more than $800,000 from a dozen corporations that regularly lobby state government on matters affecting their financial bottom lines. In 2015, the year Newsom announced he would run for governor, The Representation Project’s contributions increased by 30% to almost $1.6 million.

Did you know that Kevin Faulconer’s wife has an event planning business? How much you want to bet a bunch of his major donors have used her services?

Pacific Gas & Electric, then facing multiple state investigations for its role in sparking a series of devastating wildfires, was acknowledged as a “champion donor,” indicating a $25,000 donation, according to the program.

AT&T and Comcast, heavily-regulated telecoms that hoped to retain their market dominance in California, each gave $10,000.

Another donor was the Kaiser Permanente health care system, an opponent of a proposal to create a “single-payer” health plan for the state, which the new governor campaigned on. Kaiser’s president at the time, the late Bernard Tyson, was on the event’s host committee.

So was John Fisher, heir to the Gap clothing fortune and owner of the Oakland Athletics baseball team, which wanted state permits for a new stadium.

The flow of corporate donations to Newsom’s wife’s nonprofit that night are part of a pattern, a Sacramento Bee investigation found.


Apparently if you wanted to throw a big bash in Downtown San Diego, Katherine Faulconer was the person to call.

Stuart, who navigated the wingding through the city’s often daunting bureaucracy, runs the couple’s lucrative Restaurant Events business.

The firm arranges with city officials for hard-to-get block closings, police protection, and other city services to accommodate downtown parties whose corporate sponsors are well heeled enough to be able to afford Stuart’s sizable fees.
Katherine Stuart (Faulconer) is Kevin Faulconer’s wife. Perhaps I need to take a look at Faulconer’s donors and see how many have business with the City and Mrs. Faulconer. No rational person could conclude that Faulconer did not influence decisions of city staff with regard to some of these events.
Information I have shows that Mrs. Faulconer’s business has grown in a similar manner to Mz Newsolini’s since their respective husbands have been in office. The details will follow more soon…
He also barred top administration officials, including his wife, from accepting gifts from lobbyists. The moves were intended to reflect Newsom’s “commitment to an administration that exceeds California’s already strong legal standards,” his top aides wrote in a letter to staff announcing the rules.
Newsom hasn’t addressed his wife’s nonprofit.
The Newsoms refused multiple requests to be interviewed for this story through The Representation Project and through spokespeople for the governor’s office and campaign.
I am shocked, I tell you shocked to find out a couple of democrats appear to be abusing their office to make money. Replacing Newsolini with Faulconer is like treating Cancer With Botulsim. The California Republican Party is about to endorse this guy through a rigged process, they must be truly suicidal.
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  2 Responses to “Recall Update: Gavin Newsom Pay for Play Scheme: His “First Partner’s” Charitable Fundraising Exposed, And Then There is Faulconer too…”

  1. How can we contact CAGOP delegates to tell them who we want them to endorse for CA Gov?

  2. Alicia I am one, but I am voting to endorse no one and leave it up the the voters. This endorsement ‘tom foolery’ is only going to hurt the ‘Yes’ to recall votes and give the Democrats ‘ammo’ to stop the recall.

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