Jul 232021

EMBEDDED HERE IS A COPY OF THE CAGOP By-Laws. They have been hidden from the website in light of the scrutiny.

I have written that the CAGOP is corrupt and overrun with consultants. Today – the CAGOP’s “By-Laws” committee, packed with consultants threw out the other three bylaw amendments with little or no discussion showing that the meeting was only about Kevin Faulconer and the anticipated pay-day that the CAGOP was going to get from mortgaging the party to him.

In the meantime, my friend and CAGOP Treasurer Greg Gandrud was bragging about the $1.8 Million Warchest the CAGOP has. Omitted from Greg’s glowing report was that the consultants that have rigged the process in the CAGOP are coveting that money to support Kevin Faulconer and of course that the Democrats have something like 20 Million of their own. (And Gavino Newsolini has 30 Million)

Well, they did do something. They still rigged the by-laws

Did you know that David Stafford Reade is on the By-Laws Committee? Yup. He actually abstained on the final vote, but that did not prevent him from influencing the process on the final Faulconer Jam Down By-Law Amendment. There were three other paid consultants for Faulconer on the committee as well! IN total, 4 people had to abstain including the crazed Frances Barrazza as well.

I was sent a robotic phone call cut by Doug Ose.

There was another email from “Delegate Dialogue” that was devastatingly effective.

I was told that John Cox was going to do some sort of publicity stunt – he did – right at the front door of the CAGOP Headquarters.

The CAGOP’s antics have garnered media attention and Her Majesty ran and hid in her spider hole rather than talk to the media.

The divisive potential of such a move was on display Thursday when Republican candidate John Cox, a businessman who lost to Newsom in 2018, accused the party of rigging the nomination process in favor of one of his rivals, Kevin Faulconer, the former San Diego mayor. Faulconer had been seeking the nomination but his campaign now says Faulconer no longer believes it’s in the party’s interest to back a single candidate.

Party Chair Jessica Millan Patterson has previously said the party should get behind one candidate, but a spokeswoman didn’t comment Thursday on whether that’s still her position. One of her allies, U.S. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, wants the party to unite but is largely staying out of the process, according to an aide who was not authorized to discuss his thinking publicly.

Anne Dunsmore, the campaign manager for the pro-recall group Rescue California, opposes a nomination and believes the best way to win the recall is to allow multiple candidates to motivate different swaths of voters to remove Newsom. Plus, the party could make the wrong bet.

Do not forget that the CAGOP has a lot of money riding on rigging an endorsement of Kevin Faulconer. I’ve laid out the reasons why I am of that opinion several times, but in short it gives the handful of donors Faulconer has a vehicle to pump millions through the party while the consultants and the party take their cuts.

Stephen Puetz, Faulconer’s campaign manager, told The Associated Press an endorsement would only divide the party at a critical time. With no other prominent Democrat on the replacement ballot, Republicans have less of a need to unite behind one person, he said. Still, Faulconer will still seek the party’s support if the executive committee allows a nomination vote at a state convention in August, Puetz said.

Faulconer’s campaign team is starting to sweat. Perhaps they recognize the toxic situation.

The CAGOP’s executive committee in violation of the by-laws has been put up to ratifying the Rules Committee Report. The Rules committee has basically said you need 200 delegate signatures to qualify and of the handful of candidates that can get 200 signatures, you need 60% of the delegates present on 8-7 to get endorsed. Note: there are 1400 delegates and the control agents, by ramming down this by-law effectively limited the number of eligible candidates to no more than 7.

Will “No Endorsement” be an option on the upcoming ballot?

Why is there no link to register for the 8-7-2021 convention on the CAGOP’s Website?

Where is the link to the “delegate signature” form and the “unique link” for a delegate to sign a candidate’s request paperwork?

Kevin Kiley, John Cox and/or Doug Ose need to get qualified for the CAGOP endorsement so that Faulconer can be stopped.

We will continue tracking the actions of the consultants and control agents seeking to mortgage the CAGOP to Faulconer.

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