Jul 122021

David Stafford Reade is Jessica Patterson’s campaign manager and is also Kevin Faulconer’s Grassroots coordinator.

The dramatic irony of David Stafford Reade decrying anonymous emails is hysterical. Mr. Reade has been the author of many anonymous attacks in the 20 years I have dealt with him.

That said, it is my belief that David Stafford Reade and/or people close to Reade recruited Ted Gaines to run in the recall to dilute votes off of Kiley.

Ted Gaines has infested office for over 20 years. 6 Years County Supervisor. 6 Years in the Assembly, 6 Years in the Senate, 3 Years in the BOE. He is also old and stale as the one-time rabid base he used to have has dissipated due to his indifference towards his district(s) and his long pattern of self-serving behavior including moving several times to facilitate runs for office for himself or his wife.

Gaines is from Placer County as is Kiley. So, the obvious play for the Faulconer Campaign is clear – Gaines is a judas goat to try and siphon support from the core of Kiley’s base.

In the last few years Gaines’ Chief of Staff was fired for grotesque sexual harassment, Beth Gaines was humiliated in an attempt to get elected El Dorado County Supervisor, the BOE was rocked by scandal while Gaines sat on the board and Gaines ended up being the last Republican member of the BOE. He has zero platform to run for governor, you’d have to be as drunk as Reade gets sometimes to think Gaines was running for any other reason than to screw Kiley.

It was put to me that Gaines was promised a ton of money (ostensibly from Faulconer donors and institutional donors with a vested interest in the status quo) so that Gaines would not have to work that hard to get re-elected to his final term in the BOE in 2022. Since Gaines is notorious for being entitled, lazy and having zero loyalty to anyone but himself, he was an ideal target for operatives who may or may not be David Stafford Reade.

P.S. Reade and Ashlee Titus’ business partner Thomas Hiltachk are working on another Faulconer-related project we will be talking about soon. Why do I mention Ashlee Titus? Her Husband David worked for Ted Gaines for many years. Thomas Hiltachk is the senior partner in the CAGOP’s Law Firm. The political cesspool is small and all of the players have multiple entanglements. If you think these connections had nothing to do with Gaines sudden appearance in the Governor race, think again.

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  2 Responses to “David Stafford Reade Update: Did He Recruit Ted Gaines in to the Recall to Screw Kiley?”

  1. Thank you, Aaron, for exposing this…..disgusting……this needs to be made available up and down the state…..will email you privately…..

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