Jul 142021

Um John – you should have stuck to the 12,000 person State Legislature

It’s funny, the first time I took a paycheck from John Cox I had people close to me tell me they did not like him. At least I got paid. My checks cleared, but a lot of other vendors did not. In addition, John Cox hired a yes man without an original thought in his head (Fred Davis) whose contribution to the California body politic was the bear gag. This is because Cox was tired of his former advisors telling him the things he needed to do to actually win the election.

In the 25 years I have done politics, there has been a rule. Every candidate with a wrapped tour bus has lost. Worse, Mr. Cox’ tour bus looks like an escaped meth addict from the county fair.

Darrell Issa is completely wrong for blaming John Cox for the shellacking the CAGOP took in 2018, it was Issa’s buddies promoting Faulconer that were the architects of that. However, Issa had to make that assertion because he was shilling for Faulconer in this letter.

That said, the rest of the indictment of Cox is astounding. In fact, having worked for him I can vouch for his erratic behavior, that is a 100% true statement.

Cox ran for President in 2008!? What the hell?

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Three separate times he attempted to expand the state legislature to 12,000 members.

Darrell Issa was indeed true to attack Cox for his bizarre behavior and twisted messaging. Cox does not want to do the heavy lifting of a campaign, which is why a charlatan like Fred Davis could ingratiate himself to him, rent him a bear and let Cox feed his ego with 30 person meetings in lieu of raising the millions needed.

Could you imagine John Cox as a State GOP Chair? I’d imagine he’d be marginally better than Issa’s hero Jessica Patterson – but that is a very low bar dipped in a cesspool of corruption.

I sincerely hope John Cox is marginalized in to the ash heap of history after this idiotic recall campaign stunt.

P.S. if any of you reading have dirt on John Cox, I want to burn his political house down to the ground. Please email me at aaron@rightondailyblog.com. Its’ Party Time.

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  1. I got the letter also, frankly it looked to have David Stafford Reade’s ‘fingerprints’ all over it. Its the kind of smut Reade does.

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